Pregnant With The Alpha's Triplets


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Alpha Jay

 I stood there in front of the Beta of the BloodMoon Pack, my hands shaking as he went to tell the Alpha.

He then came back outside and told the guards to take me to the Alpha's office.

I walked in the double doors as soon as I saw the Alpha, blackness came over me.

I woke up in a hospital bed.

"Alpha, she's awake", said the Beta; the Alpha replied "Thanks Josh".

The Alpha came in and asked me "What's your name and what are you doing on BloodMoon territory", "My name is Amelia but my friends call me Emily, I'm here because I ran away and I'm also the daughter of the Alpha of the DarkMoon Pack", I stated proudly.

.nice to meet you Amelia, I'm Alpha Jay and this is my beta Josh", he said.

He then told Josh to go get me some clothes an put them on his bed.

Jay them asked me "Why did you run away from your pack", I replied "I just turned 16 and wanted to find my mate", I then whispered "And I found him".

I hope you enjoy the first chapter 

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