The Filipino Werewolf: Reborn Of The Devil


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A virgin....A stranger...The werewolves....their love and union triggered the unending war buried beneath the face of mankind in the Philippine Islands. The secret of the family started to evolved when Mary, the virgin, wanted to discover her true self.When the stranger visited their place, she fell in love with him for the first time. She secretly met the stranger and gave her soul to him that triggered the ancient war between the Azzo and the Azzwang clans. Both wanted to live in the world of mankind peacefully but conflicts killed them all.

The Filipino Werewolf is a story behind the Filipino belief about supernatural beings that loomed within the hearts of the Philippine Islands secretly brought by the Spanish Colonizers. The werewolf legend started from the Mayan civilization up to the discovery of the Philippines where the concept of the story was built.

WARNING! This book contains scenes of a sexual in nature, violence but it’s a vital part of the story. It is not intended for the easily offended or persons under eighteen years. You have been warned, so if you read on, it’s with your own accord, knowledge and motivation without the author’s liabilities. Thank you.

This book is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This book may not be resold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each reader.

If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

The names, characters, businesses, corporations, organizations, incidents, places and events in this book are products of the writer's imagination through his experiences or have been used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any similarities to real persons; living or dead, actual events, locales or organizations is purely coincidental and not intended by the author.

Fernando Lachica



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Prologue: Present Time


Blood is everywhere, soaking into the carpet, pooling and trickling through the cracks in the floorboards. I pull the dead body, wrap up with cloth, put inside the box and hide down under our bed. I tie up securely. I sit up unto the chair facing Mary, my loving wife. I look at her closely.

She’s not a sweet lovable woman for me after all, no she’s beautiful, and she’s mine. Even when I indulge my inner thoughts to her, still she cannot understand the meaning of true love. The love, which we shared from the time we’re married. For her, it was nothing more than just a human urges, to engage in such delicate thing, but she responded quietly every time… I loved her so much and no one can deny that, even the Almighty can attest that during our sacred vows, my love for her is stronger as ever.

“Why you’ve done this to me? Huh Mary? Why?” I shouted at her with rage. “I saw you last week together with a man in the carnival! You are not thinking that we’re married! I am your husband!” I move around the room, going round and round, trying to be free with my inner self. I look at her, still sitting in the chair with her make-up and shiny lip-gloss still intact on her kissable lips. Yes, she is pretty, I know, and that is the reason why I love her so much. And, why she could not love me? Our numerology foretells that we are compatible with each other, “Hell with numerologist! Ahhh, forget it!”

“Now, we are behind the close door, nobody can see us, we are all alone, you and I… You are there in a seat staring at me, huh, waiting with my warm embrace, with my true love, you are mine alone. Do you think I’m crazy? You are mine onlyyyyy!”

You remember the first time we met, in a party? No, in the forest, we danced all night and I kissed you…and…and you were so sweet…I hold you tightly in my arms…and why…now…you demolish my manhood with someone else! You are an evil woman! Ohhhhh…yes I fall in love with you Mary? It’s in the river….we met? Yes….the first time I saw you…in the river!!”

The doorbell rings…I hear…rings…yes...rings...I open the sealed door of my room slowly, going outside to the living room and peep in the curtain. No, this is impossible but how? This is my home…home where I build my love for Mary. Still, I have to face them.

“Yes, what can I do for you officer?”

There’s a report that Mary Smith, your wife…,” the officer said.

“Please come in officer…”

“Thank you. By the way, this is Mr. Dennis Ramirez, Mary’s brother.”

“Hi, how are you Dennis? Have a seat. Officer, please.”

“I’m fine Brando,” Dennis replied. “You know, Mary and I met last week, and she said, she’ll call me three days ago, to discuss some important matter. She didn’t call, that’s why I reported to the authorities.”

“Why is that so sudden to report to the authorities Dennis? I mean, why not calling me first and ask me the whereabouts of Mary? I’m his husband, remember?”

“Because… she said that you’re acting violently lately, and she told me she’s afraid of you. Brando, where’s Mary? I’ll talk to her. Where’s my sister?”

Mr. Brando Smith, where’s your wife…?” the officer asked.

 “You don’t have to ask me like that Officer, and even you Dennis. She’s my wife and I know where she is. This is my personal life and the two of you, don’t have to ask me like that in front of my face! Please go! , and don’t bother to come here again. Understood Dennis?”

“Okay Brando. Let’s go officer,” Dennis said with disgusting look.

You can’t fool me. And, why I have to tell them? Mary’s my wife and I’m her husband. Nobody can separate us. This is where we live. This is our home.

I return back to my room and be with Mary. She’s still sitting in a chair, eyes closed and nothing to worry about. I pour some wine in a glass and drink. I almost consume half-full when drowsiness engulfs me. I sleep like a log…




In the moonlight, the gravestones crouch like animals waiting to pounce. I sense the cemetery as I walk in silence. Darkness of the night reflects the moonlight shadow of the house. I have to unfold the mystery behind Mary’s disappearance and her child. I’m positive that Brando’s lying to me. I have to find out what happened to Mary. I knew that he loves Mary so much. I read the letter about Mary’s relationship with Brando. I have a feeling that he’s keeping Mary inside his room. I have to find out tonight.

I jump in the concrete fence and observe the surrounding. There’s a garden full of hanging plants at the backyard, a swimming pool adjacent to the garden, and a garage at the front right side of the house. Not a sign of “night watchers”, the dogs. I crawl in the garden for camouflaging myself. I see a lighted room, but I can’t go in, there’s no entrance directly to the living room. I turn around the other side going to the front façade of the house. I finger the edges of the window pane. It’s not lock. I break the glass with care. I slide myself inside the opening and I’m in…in the living room. I sit in the corner; observe the area, the living room where Mary lives, living with his crazy husband. Yes, Brando truly loved her, but why so mistrustful to Mary? I knew Mary…. She’s charming, dainty, sweet, and soft-spoken, with a beauty that can melt a man’s heart… Mary’s such a young girl then.

In another section of the living room are full of Mary’s pictures; different sizes, frames and materials. It’s some kind of a collection center. Truly, Brando’s crazy about Mary. I stand up beside the curtain and slowly tip toe going to the alley with four doors facing both ways. I estimate the lighted room where I spotted in the garden, ready to open the lock room, when suddenly… I feel pain on my nape…and darkness fell on me.

My consciousness return, I could not move, tied up in a chair, beside Mary. Yes, Mary…she’s tied up too, but, she’s not moving at all! That bastard----!!!

Brandooooo where are you coward! What have you done to Mary! Brandoooo…” I cry with my hearts out, to my sweet Mary, that doesn’t give me a chance to be with her for a long time. “I miss you so much Mary, forgive me... I love you…”



I’m so helpless in running from those winged-creatures…where am I? This place keeps on changing. Before, it’s full of multicolored flowers, white silky curtains all over the place and the fragrance of everlasting scent; then, it changes to those devil winged-creatures. Now, I am asking myself, for this place? What’s happening to me? Where am I, now? This place…I know this place…I was here before; the trees, the breeze…yes, I know…Hmmmmm------“

“Mary, Mary, can you hear me?” Dennis joyfully calls her.

I felt my heart beating…I hear somebody calling…Mary…yes…that’s my name…

“Lord, thank you you’re alive! Mary, wake up-----“

“Dennis?” Mary utter in a low voice. Mary unable to move, but she’s conscious now and she recall for what happened to her. Brando beat her…dragged her… humiliated her…Tears falling down on her checks continuously as she look into his brother’s eyes…”

“Mary, my little sister forgives me for not trusting you, I thought, you’re happily married with Brando. When we met last week, I was in doubt about what you’ve told me…”

Forget it Dennis… free yourself…and go. Any moment…Brando will come…don’t worry about me…God the father… will help me…free yourself…Dennis…Brando killed my child…”

“No, sister, no…” Dennis uses his last energy to free his hands and feet in the chair. He couldn’t and stumble down on the floor. He try with no success. He’s on that position when…the doorknob turns slowly. Brando comes inside the room. Silently, he straightens Dennis up on the floor and grabs a chair facing Dennis and Mary. He stands up and slaps Dennis in the face. Dennis grimace in pain.”

“Bastard, what have done to my sister and her child? What happened to her --- Brando?”

 “Dennis, Mary’s my wife and I have the right to do whatever I like. I owned her, remember? We were married in the eyes of God, our forefathers and in the eyes of humanity. I love your sister so much, but she did not love me the way I love her to be. What is the difference between me and other men out there? I’ve given her everything that she wants, I adore her more than my parents, I give to her

my being, everything…everything…and why?”

“You’re asking me why Brando? Maybe, I think because you’re an evil man, the Devil!”

More punches on Dennis face. Blood covers his face, he has much to receive coming from Brando. But, he never shows it. He has to compete with this devil man in front of him. He has to do whatever it takes to rescue Mary. How? He’s tied up on the chair… with nothing to compete about.

“Okay Brando, I think your jealous trait comes to the point that you’re wrong. Am I right? Be a true man. You’re brave because I was tied up on this chair?” Brando punches Dennis again on the face and kicks it hard, that the chair is broken. Dennis separated from the chair. Brando slowly approaches the slumped body of Dennis, but Brando didn’t notice that Dennis is only faking the scene. Dennis holds Brando’s neck with all his might. The two scrambles inside the room, while Mary’s thrown into the corner of the room near the bed. Mary knows where the pistol is…inside the drawer… near her position right now. She has its own gun starting Brando beats her up. She’ll use this now. But she’s tied up in the chair…she’s weak. Mary tries her best to move, to regain her strength. She’s been tied up for two days now without water and food. While Brando and Dennis fighting each other hand-to-hand, Mary finds a way to release herself up to help his brother Dennis. She frees herself with the aid of a scissor near her, and gets the loaded gun in the drawer.”

“Stop it Brando or I’ll blow your brains out! Stop it!” Mary’s pointing the gun at Brando and fires a shot in the ceiling and aims the gun again at Brando. Brando stops and suddenly receives multiple punches coming from Dennis. Brando’s sprawling in bed. Dennis ties Brando’s spreading hands and feet in bed. Remove his clothing all the way down; he’s naked…to the eyes of Mary, his wife and to Dennis, Mary’s brother.

“Now, Brando, look at you? You’re on your birthday suit! You’re brave, you idiot!” Dennis shouted at Brando with rage in his eyes. “Mary where’s the gun?” Mary hurriedly hand-in the gun to Dennis.

“Now, I have a gun on my possession, I have good news for the two of you.” Dennis aims the gun to Mary, which makes the latter trembling in surprise.

Mary come over here, near your husband…please----lie down beside him--“Dennis ties Mary’s hands and feet beside her husband, removes her clothing, all the way down. The two are naked, husband and wife…in the eyes of Dennis.

 “Before anything else, I have to regain my strength.” Dennis pours the wine in the glass; shot after shot while Brando and Mary looks at him. Dennis continues drinking. Brando makes a move to whisper over Mary’s right ear. She’s confused about Brando, about Dennis, about the recent happenings. She didn’t trust Brando anymore, for what he’d done to her. But, they’re on the same boat right now, a hostage, but still he’s my husband. And, why Dennis made such a move to tie her up in bed? She’s so confused. She looks at Brando, his eyes speaks for forgiveness. She knew that look. She shifts her head to the other side looking for Dennis, waiting for the revelation. Dennis goes out of the room, directly to the bathroom to wash himself. He rummages the fridge looking for something to eat. He finds a frozen beef meat. He cooks it. Again, Brando whisper into Mary’s ear while Dennis’s busy cooking his food.

“Love, I’m so sorry…you knew me isn’t it? I have a violent tendency if I’m jealous of you? I know that you’re angry with me about this thing, but I love you so much Mary. I thought this brother of yours, Dennis your other man, that I’ve done this for you. Please forgive, give me another chance.”

Mary only looks at him without saying a word. She knew her heart melts looking at him this way. She had enough for him. Yes, he loved Brando, that’s true, but a greedy love, a fatal one. He changed a lot since we lived outside the Azzo clan. I knew Brando’s character even before our marriage. But, I loved him too. He has a place in my heart, always. I gave him a leeway to change his character. Only, when he’s in dire rage, he’s so violent and that he loves me truly…it hurts to think this way…he killed my child…didn’t want it to live longer, as the inheritor of the past.

Dennis comes back inside the room smiling, locks the door, finds a chair and sits. He looks around, stands up, makes the air-conditioning unit to high cool, and slightly adjusts the lightings to a dimmer atmosphere. He changes his polo shirt and pants. Brando’s clothing fits so well for him. He sits down, looks at them in bed, and drinks a shot of wine, then talk.

“You’re stunned isn’t it? Why I am acting this way? Let me tell you both frankly, I am not Dennis Ramirez. I am not your brother Mary. My real name is Hugo Moreno.”

Hugo takes off the mask he’s wearing, put delicately on top of the table, and continues.

“Mary, Dennis and I were best friend. We worked together abroad, we lived in the same room, we ate together, and we played together, until one night, the feminine side of me jolted up upon him that he opposed at first, but later on, he got used to it. I loved your brother Mary, and where I knew him so well that even told me about you, your family, everything, which I liked it so much. Yes, I knew that I’m a bisexual in nature, when given a chance, but not all the time. I loved Dennis so much who made me mad when he talked to somebody or…or went with them. I am a jealous guy…Like you Brando, I can relate with your actions towards Mary. You’re so jealous when you saw us in the carnival, that you violently banged Mary, isn’t it Brando? Brando! Isn’t it?”

Hugo gets the knife in the kitchen, comes back inside the room and cut the flesh of Brando’s left thigh. Brando’s in pain while nothing he could do to stop Dennis. A while ago, he’s the master, now, Hugo is the hunter. Mary’s crying looking at the cut of Brando’s thigh, and she could not do anything neither. She asks Hugo about her brother, Dennis.

“You know Mary, when I saw your picture from Dennis I fall in love with you. You’re face so sweet and innocent. And, that’s why I am here for you. You see I carried by my emotions when you didn’t call me. I knew exactly what happened to you because Dennis told me about Brando’s violent character. I have a hint for the two of you when I came down here in your place. I’m so sorry Mary I killed Dennis…but I loved him so much…Oh, my Dennis…I am alone now…”

The anguished in Mary’s heart doubled when she heard Hugo’s confession. All she could do right now is to cry silently for him. This is too much for her to bear. People are crazy about love…they create havoc on someone else’s life…they ruined good people’s lives. Craziness of humanity bounds no limit….Hugo stops talking; only looking at the naked bodies of Brando and Mary. Silent fills the air, while the three of them looking each other in question.

Hugo starts to undress himself in front of two naked people tied up in bed. He approaches the bed, bend to Mary’s thigh, and kiss it passionately, his daunting lips running through Mary’s body, then stop. Hugo shifts his passion to Brando’s hairy chest. He kisses from chest going through Brando’s lips…Brando and Mary swiftly knots their hands to Hugo’s neck totally without recourse, strangling Hugo until his lifeless body slumps on top of the two. Brando pushes Hugo’s dead body unto the floor. They untie themselves, trying each other method; until Brando told Mary to come closer her feet, so that he can untie with his teeth, then, her hands. At last, Mary is free from bed, while Brando still on his position – tied up – struggling to be free.

“Mary unties me from this bed; hurry up….Mary, Mary!” Mary does not hear a word. She moves around to find the revolver. She found it under the mask. He points directly the gun to Brando and fires three times. Brando is bleeding, catching his breath…

Why…Mary…I love…you…”

“Now we’re even, you killed my child, now I’m free…I’m free to fly…ha…ha…ha…ha..ha…!!!



At the Police Station:

“Officer, please hurry up, I have stop Hugo.”

“Okay, okay Dennis I’ll try.” Dennis Ramirez followed Hugo from abroad up to the place of Mary. He has a full knowledge about the intention of Hugo to his sister. Now, he has to hurry up before everything goes wrong, to his sister. He does not care for Brando, he does not care for Hugo…but for Mary, he cares so much…

“Drive fast Officer, please….”



At Mary’s house:

“I’m free at last…I’m freeeeeee….fly like a butterfly…ha…ha…ha…”Mary is dancing joyfully inside the room over the three dead bodies, shouting her freedom, but nobody can hear her, only her blurry mind tells her to do. She found happiness now that Brando is dead…Hugo is dead…her brother Dennis… She found eternal peace through…


Still holding her dead child; the child’s face was blue, eyes bulging out. Soundless…Motionless…behind the closed door…silence that makes the four lifeless bodies finds the true meaning of love…in Heaven or Hell?




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Chapter 1: The Virgin


She had never thought that this moment will come, like the cool breeze of dawn softly touching her face. It seemed to her that the place had never gives an opportunity for her to love; a normal feeling that God bestowed on humans. Why is it so hard to fathom my deepest desire to know more about myself?

The darkness crept slowly as she wandered in the balcony of their house made of bamboo and palm leaves. She understood too well that they were different from other people living on that place; a mountainous place where nobody dared to live because of its remoteness.

She has a beautiful face, like the virgin of all virgins that knows nothing about earthly things. Perhaps she’s the Fairy of the Wild? But you can figure out that she’s sad, lonely and wanting for love. She’s a woman who has no right to love and be loved. What a beautiful name her mother gave to her, Mary.

“Tomorrow…you’re eighteen.” Her mother said while approaching her at the balcony.

So what if she’s a lady? Will it change anything and her future? In her mind, she could not tell her mother about what’s on her mind right now.

“What do you want for your birthday?”

She looked at her mother with the sadness in her eyes, “Is there anything you can give to me besides human’s fresh meat and bloody drinks?”

Mary’s mother, Virginia Ramirez suddenly left her without a word.

It’s almost dark when Mary’s father, Daniel Ramirez, arrived at the house coming from the farm. He tied the animal - a water buffalo which he used for farming - in the fence beside the house. He went upstairs and saw Mary was eating white rice and dried fish. He knew too well, that Mary won’t ask him to join in because they’re not consuming this kind of food.

Virgie… where are you?”

We’ll go now Daniel?” Virginia’s voice coming from their room.


“Mary, we’re going now,” Virginia said to her daughter while looking at Daniel. Mary didn’t move a bit to answer her mother. She kept busy herself eating in the table.

The couple went outside of their house going to the backyard. Here, they changed their forms slowly into werewolves. Their clothes were damaged while they’re transforming and they’re covered with werewolf hair. After a few minutes, they were ferocious beast wanted to eat human flesh. They hurriedly left to hunt their prey.

Along the main road, near the forest, not far from Mary’s house, a man was searching for his lost animal. He has a torch to light his way, and he’s fully innocent about this place.

The couple werewolves were aiming their claws and teeth, moving towards the man. Suddenly, the couple clawed the man’s head first, then his hands and feet. They brought the dismembered body to the midst of the forest.

They hastily ate the hands and feet. Open the head into two and ate it. Also, they open the body and took the intestines away. Left some amount of flesh for their daughter.

Mary’s saw what her parents were doing at that time. She wanted to run at once, but she could not. She kept on hiding while the couple werewolves left the place. She questioned herself, “Why is it like this? Why they’re both followers of Satan? And why I followed them?” Mary’s silently cried and left the place.



An energetic Brando Ramirez was preparing to leave while playing the car keys in his right hand, walking briskly towards his newly purchased sport car. He’s happy for his whole life because his parents had amassed wealth of their forefathers. A land so huge for them to managed and developed into another wealth for the future.

Where are you going son?” His mother Yolanda Ramirez asked. Brando kissed his mother’s check, answering back, “Just roaming around Ma.”

“Don’t do anything foolish and don’t be late for our supper son,” Yolanda warned her son.

“Yes mother and bye!”

Brando happily went outside the house, like he would like to fly to their garage. He chose the red Ferrari car to use. The guard opened the gate when he spotted Brando’s car and gave respect by saluting him. Brando went outside the Village and accelerated his car to full power.

Carla Villa waited for Brando outside their gate when the latter arrived, “I thought you’re not coming,” Carla said pointing her finger to Brando.

Damn it, believe me, I’ll never forget. Remember, I love you?”

Yes, but last time I waited for you and you didn’t come, remember?” Carla retorted.


“Okay, okay…come on now, you’re spoiling my day...go...go...”

While on the car heading North of the subdivision, Brando asked Carla, “By the way, what we want first? Eating or roaming around the forest?”

“Both, we going eat and roam at the same time. We’re going to do that, don’t we?”

“Both? How come?”

“Yes, we’re going to the place that one before, that place you brought me there. We can eat each other and go to heaven.”

Brando just smile when he noticed what she meant by that…same old story. He brought Carla at the motel that he used to bring his women. The workers knew him and his purpose too.

Brando locked the door at once, kissed Carla on the lips, and they both undressed hurriedly. They went ahead with their intentions on the bed, and reached the climax of satisfaction.




Randy Ramos used the huge tree to hide his identity when visiting Mary secretly. He had been there so many times. He loved Mary, but could not reveal his identity. He had no courage to face Mary’s parents, Daniel Ramirez and Yolanda Ramirez.

“Mother, I am going to the river to wash our clothes.” Mary said to her mother, “Yes, but do not stay there for long.”

“Yes mother.”

Randy saw Mary’s leaving, he smiled, and hurriedly followed her. When they’re near the river, Randy appeared before Mary.

“Good morning Mary.”

“Hello Randy, how are you?” asked Mary.

“I’m fine Mary. I want to go with you….in the river.”

Why? Are you washing your clothes too?”

”No, I’m not washing my clothes…I want to talk to you.”

“About what Randy?”

“About my love for you, about…you and I…”

Sorry, Randy…don’t bother to talk to me again. I cannot love you or anybody else.”

“But why Mary?”

“Don’t ask me again, go and find another woman for you!!” Mary shouted at him.

Randy left her without a word; his heart was trampled by a thousand giants. He could not understand why Mary hated him so much.

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Chapter 2: The Man

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