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How to travel in Gabala?

Gabalatours is a Gabala Tour agency in Gabala city, Azerbaijan. Gabalatours offer affordable tour packages in Gabala. Gabala tour begins with a pick up from a hotel in Baku and we'll go straight to Gabala. 

Nohur Lake, with a stunning view to the Caucasus mountains, is one of the most beautiful places in Gabala. The visitors are distracted by the Majesty of Lake Nohur.

You can also grab a cruise and catamaran, and admire the local countryside. Hotel Gabala Chenot is situated on the north shore of the lake. While the lake at the end of the trails is a little difficult to reach, you can get here by car. Bridge to Lake Nohur is on the Baku-Gabala highway, near the town of Nohurqishlag.

This mountain waterfall is a breathtaking place to visit, and is situated in Gabala 's village of Vandam. The name of the Waterfall of Seven Beauties (Yeddi Gozal) originates from the name of the 7 mountain roads that will connect to the waterfall.

The Tufandag Mountain Resort gives its guests an incomparable elegance and peace in a natural environment. Tufandag Mountain Resort, designed like a gem in the crown of the rocky hills, is a must-see place for nature lovers and sports fans alike.

You'll also find plenty of helpful details regarding the itinerary, locations you 're going to travel, to get an understanding of economic , social and natural knowledge beforehand. Gabala is an historic city with a interesting and historic past, and is the charming city of Azerbaijan. Gabala area is a popular and historic tourist destination owing to its excellent position and rich facilities

Gabala Tour

Address: Gabala city., Haydar Aliyev str.

Phone: + 994 70 817 81 18



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