Dissertation Writing: Facts and Fiction


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Facts and Fiction

Because Dissertation writing is not a process without challenges, a number of perceptions and notions exist which inform us about Dissertation writing before we even really know anything about it. Dissertation writing at dissertation writing service is a complex process requiring perseverance, discipline and hard work. Often, it can lead people to take in certain notions that may not be true.

One of the biggest misconceptions about Dissertation writing is that it is a horrible process. While some who have written theses may unequivocally stand behind this statement, the vast majority of Dissertation writers would say that Dissertation writing can be a horrible process, but it doesn’t need to be. Finding and seeking out help, planning ahead and working diligently on a realistic schedule are all factors which reduce the “horrible factor” and increase the fun. Dissertation writing can actually be fun if one follows the proper steps to do it. After all, what isn’t fun about finding out and exploring information that no one else has touched? To contribute new ideas to the world that no one has put into words is truly a meaningful experience that many people can enjoy if they put in the work.

Another major perception about Dissertation writing is that it is something only brilliant people with astronomic IQs can pursue. While it may be easier for brilliant people to initiate and complete a Dissertation, and brilliant people may put together a very nice Dissertation that may, in fact, be brilliant, IQ has nothing to do with the ability to follow through on a plan, be disciplined, persevere and work hard. These are the qualities required to successfully complete a Dissertation, not an IQ that even people in Mensa would shudder at. The desire to impress and be qualified is perfectly natural, but sometimes people take it too far. Some mistakenly believe, for example, that one must be an expert in one’s Dissertation topic prior to commencing Dissertation writing.

While some people believe that is necessary to already know the answers prior to commencing the Dissertation process, it is actually better to start off not knowing the answers. An inquisitive mind can take you much farther than one that is already made up. A Dissertation is about exploration and inquiry; not over-processed, trite statements which everyone else has used before. A Dissertation is like an individual - unique. No matter what people say about the necessity to have all the answers before starting your Dissertation topic, don’t believe it. Dissertation writing is for people who don’t have all the answers and revel in it.

Certainly, a number of myths and skewed truths pervade the reality of Dissertation writing. Ranging from the perception that Dissertation writing is a horrible process to the notion that Dissertation writers must have astronomical IQs to the idea that a person must have all the answers prior to writing a Dissertation, Dissertation writing has definitely generated its fair share of bad press. However, an honest look at the reality of Dissertation writing reveals that it is not at all horrible; rather it can open up a person in new and unexpected ways, challenging them beyond anticipation.

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