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Not near nor further but far

The time is tick for only

Is the time

Gallant loping Hurley barely 

Furry punk ridden freelancer

Upon fox riding git fee

Be rods

Harass calypso Egypt

Upon that which on

Caravan is cancelled

Upon this dunce unfairness

Belonged merry

Typist furlong and rebellion

Green which roast suckered 

Raspberry hint 

For days drenched midway longwise


Moment of modern moments

Time decrease whack 

With side of metal meat

Pounding the angle Wrangle

That feats the chirp

Triangle of metal sex

Running along confusing pier

Bacon not all mentions

Far nor near


Ok I admit it. There are no poems here. But there is poetic licence.


I still get paranoid about the mineleum  bug. 

People talk of it as if it never happened.

As if everything didn't collapse.

Why two kay

Why, when one speaks of, antifemnilisation, does one have two akcent the mail perspektive. We need a more rational attitude.

P.s. When I meant rational I meant rationail.


Can do. Will do.

Four minutes thirty three seconds.

It is a Can of beans. 

Heinz. (Pro tip: Heinz is a brand of canned beans from UK.)

Heinz Seeming like a small idol, or ritual thing from desert?

Standing there all human like. Like a can.

Of beans. Which can be eaten.

Eaten but not physical eating. More like metaphorical eating? 

Ok just eaten. (Or is it? Bwahahahahah.)

Thought construct

You think that, really

That is a thoughtful thing

Useful thought 


Think of the shape of the thought,

Usually scientists have found that 

Most thoughts are combinations of round and spiky.

Just many combos of it.

Yeah, man. Thoughts. They are conglomerate bankers.

"Atomic bomb" them. Yeah? 

No, it's not right to kill thoughts with weapons.

Disagree with Truman and Franklin D stance on 4.33.

Fluffy memory

How can mind memory show card

Of old slideshows for projector of mind,

Yet it does, so get it out of the way.

I memorise the memories, which produces it.

This Happens.


sleep whilst awake, sweat and indeterminate location.

The map keeps changing, the story is nothing.

Keeping on profoundly normally bad.

Does Q




Apple doesn't have a logo

Apple doesn't have a logo

Mc Donalds

I be loving McDonald's 

Replace the term "mc Donald's" with the pronoun "it"

I am eating "it" 

eating means lovin'

Le fin.


don't drink and drive



Disclaimer: these are not real terror plots, but the more stupid may believe they are. These are a healthy form of free expression of anger. No one is gonna get killed - so go away health and safety police.

1. Detonate several bombs at 5000 weddings across the world.

2. Plant a tiny explosive on a mini-bastard

3. Divert car traffic to the endless round-about crossing. Blow it up.

4. Plant a huge nuclear bomb in the center of the moon using a fracking oil drill to plant said bomb and then blow said thing up.

5. Kick a "bomb-in-footballs-clothing" down the road. Watch ensuing boom from remote webcam.

6. Challenging one: Ram truck into people ithout killing them. Just maiming. So they are permanently crippled.

7. Write angry list of terror plots.


Better form of numbness

Tis a better form of numbity,

Sire, it's better for your lungs,

Better for the people, 

Better Babylon.

Butter for your bread and turf,

Political statistick and Bucket of berts barley

Plus a yuuuuufimisem.

Ever heard of a word that could herd a bird to a bucket.

Ever nerd of curd and ways that it couldn't.

The magical world of imaginarium invites you to a mentality marathon.

Cough cough cough.

Nuke poems

"New waste clear for taken ifukishim" - folly

"O Donald Nuke-face." - fuuuuuck

"Not funny for humans." - review

"Not safe for work." - Fool.

It is a better form of numbness.


Trees are trees. Except when they are not. Then they are grass.


He speaks about


From his presidential position

Sometimes he accidentally gets things right -

Mostly he doesn't.


Minutes drifting like invisible ghosts

On a big stone wall, made of Certainium 

Smothering words, they are units

To be measured by the division of the long hand

Which wears a face, so inhuman, it ceased to be human when it came to exist - which incidentally, it came to exist in the time of infinity AD.

That long divisor hath none of it, for ef it knew et would schurely go insayne. 

What. Is. Time? It. Is. Minutes. I. Guess. This. Is. Correct. Anywho.


Poems are spelled like this - 

P o e m s

No word rhymes with poems.

poem that.


It is better when things are simple

When they do not change

Or show any more than one facet of themselves.

It is better when the tide doesnt go out.

These words should not be set in stone.

It is better when they do not go in.

They shouldn't convey meaning.

Evaluating each word as a shape 

Has more value than reading meanings

And half truths

A b c d e f g.......

These aren't disfigured by time.

What a truthful lie.

A chance to be snobbish.


Prose method for a beginning sentence as read by sent ants, what became of them whilst running along invisible lines. We began henceforth with the double you. You must hurry troublesome word (dipped in drippy black ink) to pitch along.

Good cocoon

Tis a good cocoon sire.

Tis a nutshell village.

A diorama.

The mini people

With little accessories 

Going about their ways

In coconut conversations.

The twig

Cool water persists trickling.

feather-like over pebbles, 

carrying along on its shimmering 


A twig.

Nothing complicated.

Just a twig.

   - shake spear.


"Ordinary is blessed

It is the most and least you can expect

At the same time." - confusesious of china

Also it is the opposite of the notion of "big"

Something like that.


"Why do you worry about cancer"

Leaving a pause requires time.

"Put more spaces in between words"

No I think they do not add anything.

"Ok so what would cancer be"

You can see visually more things bunched up.

"No you can control that."

Ok but I don't think poems should be this self reflective. It is worthless. Worthless in the human sense of not contributing to self. 

Developing the self. You know it. I don't do it well so face this.

Gritty reality list

1. Cars

2. Roads

3. Cars

4. Roads

5. Cars


7. Poo

You say you care

You don't

Know the pain of

Being a human being

Of having human things

Like a tortured 


With angst and 

Itchy skin


You are much less 


Than me.

I have emotions

Oh I'm so special.

But I am a intellectual

With special emotions.

I am a clever boi.

Mmmm das ist gut angst.

Swear words

Swearing is bad so never do it.

It is the limit. The bottom pit.

Instead of swearing just make up a word,

Write a poem.

Just do whatever but never 

F****ng swear.

(The above is not a swear because it technically 

Only alludes to that word.)

Gedichte im deutsch

(Das its meinen zuerst gedichte im deutsch so Es scheisse gramitik)

Mal eine Tag. Was ich laufen. Die Sonne was schön aber der Mond mehr schön. Jeh es wes al gong gut.

Aber denn einem Grammer Tier kommen Ange atson mir uspe.

Ich steht im its stomach. Es war Wasser aber.

"Nein macht aus Here" i Shouter von aus der stomach.

Es steht "nein ich bin Grammar Tier, ich bin Monster und etc."

Zu Kurt ein lange gedikte kurz, ich spelled wrong and benutzed deutsch Grammar Bad.


Professor pants

Prof pants was utterly nuts

He tried to invent a flying robut 

But when he assembled a giant thingamajig

Everyone said "wow that's big"

And it was a giant robot. It done an Irish jig.

Prof pants was as nutty as a nut job.

So he invented a door knob 

And everyone said

"How useful is a door knob. Well done"

"Good job prof good job."

Prof pants changed his name to "Rueben Weinstein".


What came first


Or egg?


by segment

Gotta "do"

Gotta "don't"

Won't or will

It is like the sun or moon

All if that




Chinese New Year

So is the 

Is so is

The is so is the is.


The train goes choo choo

Along rivers, 


And landmarks.

Along it goes,

Puffing smoke clouds

From its chimney

Puff puff 


Spare a dime

The time goes tick

For money keeps rollin

The hobos on the street

Can you spare him a dime?

Or some time

To acknowledge 

His material shortage paradigm.

Spare him a dime. Spare some time.

The environment problem

Our globe was once so green

During the time of creation foreseen

But now it is bad

A time of sad truth

The nature becomes angry

Because of our negligence 

It blows up volcanoes

And floods and frankensense 

It becomes like an angry behemoth

Because of cars, autos, oil and sloth

So next time you drive your car

Think of you the environment 

It will take you far.

Further than a car could.

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Self love

 I got bummed by my own words.

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Different numbers

 One is the first

Two - is the second 


2       -    (Notice the adjacency of one and two. That is what makes the whole number system work.)

Three - is - the fourth...... THIRD

Fith sixth etc...

(You guessed that you are reading numbers. Well done I suppose.)

Number seven can be counted. A slightly different technique is used when sevenths are.

Eight can also be counted, but it is more further along.

9 - can be split into two parts. 9a and 9b.

Fun fact: Number one has been attributed to the inventor of the "inverted 2" an esoteric version of the number two used by monks and ganjeeese nuts. Using the inverted "2" is not recommended by math people. So just don't. 

If you must use an inverted number, use a decimal. It So Good.

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