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 Hey, everyone.. I'm new here.. The name's Hajara. You can call me Hajo or Phidz,though. Below is my book. This is the second place I'm posting it. It's also on Wattpad app, username there is Hajara4598. Appreciate if y'all take some time out of your schedules to read my book... Thanks a lot.

                                      CLOSE CLIP......

A one night stand was all it took her to get pregnant... What could possibly make him fall in love,still remains a mystery. 

I'm pregnant. " I said, straight to the point. 

"Congrats. Who's the father? " he asked, carefree.  

"It's your baby. " I said. I watched as his face transited to a heartless reaction. 

"Liar. You're fired, Miss.  Get out of my office. " he shouted. "and go look for the father of that thing you're carrying. "

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Chapter one.

   ~Cassandra's POV~

"Cassandra,to my office now!" I heard through the intercom.

"Yes,boss." I replied. 

This is how my life has been for the past three years. My name is Cassandra Malhorey and I work as a secretary to a stuck up,self obsessed, bastard of a boss; Mr. Jerry Clinton. He's famed for his playboy ways.well,what can I say? He has enough money to waste. Him being a cassanova isn't the problem,it's him bringing it to the office that annoys me.         

Back to me, I happen to be the second child of two children, I have an older brother; Mark, who is happily married and has three kids. My dad died of kidney failure last year. We're what you call,an average family.

I kept walking till I got to his office, I knocked and entered. On his table was Britney; the office slut. They were obviously doing some stupid shit right before I walked in. 

"Britney,excuse us." he ordered.

"But Jerry.." she,on first name basis. 

"I'll see you later." he said,dismissing her. She walked out,throwing daggers at me. 

"Hey biatch,it's not my fault" I wanted to say but I just pretended not to see her. 

"Miss Malhorey, I called you to tell you that we'll be leaving for France in the next two days,for a business meeting,of course. You are to pack all you need as we'll be staying there for two weeks. Understood?"

"Yes, boss."

"You may take your leave." he said.


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Chapter two.

~ Jerry's POV ~

As my secretary walked out of my office, my phone rang..

"Hello,mum." I said,as soon as I picked.

"Son,how are you?" 

"I'm good."

"You have any plans for tonight?"she asked.

"Not really." 

"Well, I'll take that as a no. Christine's bringing her daughter for dinner tonight. Mind joining us?" she asked. Not again,this woman and her ways. Always planning to get me hooked up with someone. 

"Mom, I've told you countless number of times, I am not interested in dating anyone, talk more getting married. If this is one of your ploys, please drop it."

"Is it bad for a mother to want to see her son?" she sobbed.

"You know your tears always get me. Fine,I'll be there. What time?"

"Seven pm. Hope to see you soon."she laughed. Thumbs up to my dad for getting married to a pro at theatre arts. At times I wonder how he copes with her because her skills are top-notch. That's my mom for you. 

"Okay. Bye,till I get there." 

This trip is a business trip designed specially for signing and supervising a project for the commencement of my new branch in France and also a short break which I need. You know,being a billionaire, I have to work my arse off to still lead the business market.

Today's been quite hectic and I need a nice way to cool off. I picked up my phone to call my bestfriend and partner in crime; Eddy Lockwood. 

"Bro, wassup?"

"I'm good. Anything good?"he asked.

"Nothing much,just my mom and her usual "trying to get me hooked up with someone" ways. "

"Haha, bro. Get ready to be married. With the way she's going, I bet you'll be married in a year."

"Marriage? You of all people know that's not an option for me,now. She's invited me for dinner. "

"Oo...and I planned going to the club with you this night. You know,to ease off the stress."

"That's exactly why I called. We could make it after the dinner."

"Bro, give your mom the time she needs. We'll make it tommorrow night. Have some things to attend to now. "

"Okay,if you say so. " 

My name is Jerry Clinton; Playboy Billionaire, Bachelor of the year. 

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