Can Playing Games Improve Your Life


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We have all seen the applications, games, and advertisements that promise to make us smarter and better. There are hundreds of various programs, which can be bought for enormous money and those, which may be downloaded for free.

These games are created to improve your physical and mental health, daily performance or just to entertain yourself while waiting in a queue or heading to work. But can virtual or casino games, from sites you can see if you click the link, change your life for the better? Let us find that out.


Improvement of problem-solving skills

If you prohibit children to play computer games, think about this: recent studies have shown that games can actually improve solving both local and global problems, as well as boost strategic thinking.

For example, Sim City, one of the most popular games ever launched, allows players to think several steps ahead like how tax rates will influence the city growth. Many games teach players resource management and to develop other important skills that can be applied in real life. Another not so obvious advantage is that many games are based on real events and encourage players to learn more about the history of that period.


Building relationships

While some skeptics say that video games distant people from one another, scientists prove that everything is the opposite. First of all, games teach players how to cooperate with each other. Through the game people learn how to be nice to others, to work and to follow mutually accepted rules. Video games give a fertile soil for building strong relationships based on mutual hobbies and interests.

Another study shows that playing games may actually heal emotional traumas. Video games can engage players in real-life patterns and situations, which can shape the brains and behavior of participants. If an insecure or emotionally unstable person plays with a more confident gamer, negative memories may be replaced with positive actions and expectations.


Bonus: Board games can improve love life

We were more than thrilled to find out that both video, casino, and board games can improve relationships between partners. When a casual game is shared between two people that love each other, oxytocin is released. It is a hormone that enters our bloodstream when hugging or kissing. So when sharing a game, players can become closers and improve relationships.


Decreases stress levels and anxiety

While some people say that games can trigger aggression and depression, the latest studies show that they can actually lower stress levels. The benefits of virtual games are able to help us to slow down after a difficult day at work or an unpleasant argument.

There are even studies, which proved that games can cure post-traumatic disorders and make people more relaxed and calmer. Of course, this doesn’t concern aggressive and fast games like shooters.


Use virtual games for your own good

There are thousands of hundreds of people, who are head over heels in love with games and see their benefits. However, there are also many of those, who believe that games are not able to improve your life. So where is the truth?

We believe that playing games can’t be completely positive or negative. Everything depends on whether you are able to play responsibly or not. Read the advantages above and play your favorite games remembering that the real world is always much brighter than the virtual one.



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