How to wash the vagina of your love doll?


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Chapter 1

Are you thinking how to wash the vagina of your doll? So here hope the article will do some help for you.

There are most TPE sex doll on the market, so following words are for TPE love doll vagina washing. There are 2 kinds of Vagina for most of the doll, removable one and fix one, if you think which to buy, you can check this blog, ” Which vagina type to choose,  built-in vagina or replaceable vagina ?”

If the vagina of your sex dolls can be moved, that is easy to say, when you need to clean up, you can take the vagina directly and wash it and dry it. Also you can turn the vagina inside to outside, most of the removable vagina with great flexibility, but different factory also with different work, you need check it first

Also most of them are immovable, and they are directly built inside the doll body, It looks more realistic, but the washing is a big problem for most customers,

It’s better to use a condom, then it’s much easy to wash,

if don't want ,then you have to prepare tool to clean the vagina in the shop where you buy sex dolls. Of course, some stores will send it directly to you. Some need you to buy, for all of our dolls, we will ship the tools together, if you buy the doll from other store,  you can buy the tool from our store: Clean kit

And please remember to dry your dolls after washing, you can use the baby powder which also can used for the doll,

If you need also can buy it from our store “Baby powder”.

Love doll,



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