The Hunter's Werewolf


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Being a werewolf isn't easy like it looks or sounds like especially being a female, living between two different worlds that are not normal for a regular teenager. Being a high school honor student to a secret life of a werewolf. Having the bloodlines of the oldest, strongest, and powerful pack of the whole country is going to be tough and very complicated at certain times. When your brother and his best friend are the newest and youngest alpha and beta, things will be flipped upside down also be very different from before. The two sisters of the alpha and beta will be next in line for the titles, if anything happens to the leaders by birthright the sisters will become the first and also the youngest in the werewolf leaders in history. They must learn the secret and history also train to protect their pack from the hunters and rogues who want to take care of them once and for all. Soon one of the girls will find herself breaking the pack rules and falling in love with the leader of the hunter's son.  

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