Working Girl Conversations


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Some of my words come and go. Some are remembered, most are forever forgotten. I just hope to keep the sensation alive.


This is a collection of poems that I've written in between the few minutes of breaks and free time in my work. The poems in this collection is composed of both English and Filipino texts.


Writing these brought comfort in the times that work has been exhausting to the point of me breaking. Hope that somehow, to the woman who will be reading these, you may find comfort for a quick break in your routine. Have a poem or two. Let's hear more women conversations in the workplace. It doesn't always end up with gossips. 



JM Salgado

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Melodies fly through my mind,

Opening the day with a wide smile

Braving the streets to fight through the early rush

With long strides, running and bumping arms,


An extra kick on the heels of the shiny shoes

Not minding what others might think

Hoping that today will be different

Giving a new chance for a new day to roll


When sweet victory comes,

Next step is a standing ovation

With arms raised to hold on the bars

Praying that the crowd would let in some air


Feeling sorry for the self won't be necessary

Because hundreds of cars would follow suit

Then as the man of the ride calls

Giving out tickets in different notes

You'll wait for your turn

And hope that he won't fight,

Inside the bus, riding the time

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Lunch Break


Unti-unting dinadalaw ng antok

Hikab ay sunud-sunod

Walang tigil sa pagpikit

Upang labanan ang panganib


May limang minutong natitira

Di na magkanda-ugaga

Kamay ng orasan patuloy sa pagtunog

Humihele, sumasabay sa paghimbing


Ngunit nang simulang pumikit 

Dilim lang ang nakapiling

Tumigil nang saglit, tibok ng pusong maliit

Namamaalam sa pag-alis

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