The Gift of Love


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Chapter 1


I sit here looking for that something or that someone, I need, the one. All these guys just walk past me like a ghost. Looking at them but I never saying anything to them except for my best friend Christina. I sit out side of the school on a bench looking at one guy, he has been my crush since the eighth grade, Tim Maxwell. He was wearing his football jersey, I think that is the only reason why I go to the football games any more just to see him, I finally memorized his number on his jersey so I could find him, number 47.  It should have been easy to spot him though he is the quarterback, but a game like this is very confusing.

He looked away from his group and spotted me, I shot my look down from his. I look up a little and I see him smiling and he went back to talking to his group. He must have heard a joke, because he never would smile at a girl like me. I can hear him from a distance saying, "Okay I will see you guys later."

I hear footsteps moving away, but when I look he was there standing right in front of me, "I saw you looking my way."

I laugh, "I'm sorry I was-"

He smiles his white teeth showing, "Don't worry about it. I'm Tim."

"I know who you are Tim, I'm Alexis."

I can feel his ocean blue eyes looking at me, "Hi Alexis, is it okay if I call you Alex?"

"Yeah of course my best friend Christina calls me that all the time."

"So I have a huge math test tomorrow and I was-"

"I know you have a math test. I am in the same math class as you. I have four classes with you and that includes math."

He looks at me shocked, "I'm sorry I never noticed you were there. But would you like to go to my house and study for the test? We still have two more hours so you can think if you want to come over. Trust me we would only be studying, I promise."

I laugh at him, "Okay I'll go if you could give me a ride home."

He smiles and takes a second to think, "Alright deal." He starts to walk away, "I'll see you in class then?"

I smile, "I would hope so."

I can hear his feet shuffling away. Then I hear footsteps moving at fast pace, "Oh my god Alex you just talked to Tim and nothing bad happened. I'm so proud of you!"

The memories of every time I tried to talk to Tim was like, first time I was chased by a dog, second time I had an allergic reaction to macadamian nuts, and the last time before this time I was hit by a baseball. Those memories haunt me, "Thanks for reminding me on my horrible past!"

"Don't be all grumpy he wants to study with you! That's so exciting! If he tries to make out with you I will punch him!"

I laugh, "Christina I have been friends with you for eight years I know you would. Don't worry I know he won't, it will be professional."

She gives me a dirty look, "When are normal high school boys professional?"

I open my mouth and blurted out something without thinking, "I'm not you I don't know." She gives me a look of hurt like I just told her that her parents are dead, “Christina I’m so sorry don’t think I hate you it’s just…. I don’t date many people you know that.”

“I know you are just a little uptight but don’t take it like I hate you.” I can hear that she was trying to act like me.

We hear someone honking their car horn. Christina looks towards the honks and she pokes me in the arm, "Hey, Alex your dad is here to pick you up. You better get going, you know your dad isn't very patient.

I turn my head and I see my dad in his old beaten up 98' Jeep. I look towards her, "Why can't you drive me he brought that nasty Jeep."

She looks at me confused, "What? There is nothing wrong with the Jeep it was that old dinosaur truck that stinks."

"No, Christina the Jeep. The Jeep was the one that stinks remember, the skunk had babies in it."

"Oh, haha good luck, see you tomorrow."

I turn and look at my dads car and I started to walk towards it, "Christina don't forget that we are going to lunch tomorrow!"

I hear her yell from a distance, "I won't I promise!"

I open my dads car door and he looks at me, "Hi sweetie. How was your day?"

I looked towards him mad, "Just great dad. Why did you have to bring the Jeep? It is nasty and I am terrified that there are more skunks in there and they are just waiting to spray one of us!"

He looks at me sad. "Honey you loved the Jeep. This used to be your favorite vehichle.

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