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This is a story about Patch a little dog,do you know why he was called

Patch? it was it was because he was white all over except for a black patch around his

right eye.Do you have a little doggy ?if so you can pretend this story is about your doggy .


One day Patch's owners were going on holiday.They arranged for Patch to go to the kennels to be looked after, Patch didn't like the other dogs they were too noisy and he was very unhappy.

                     The next day Patch started digging near the fence,he dug a hole so deep he was able to escape under the fence. he walked for miles and miles until he came to a barn near a farm.Playing together in the barn was Molly the mole,Loppy the rabbit and Snowy the lamb,they were having a game of tig and Patch asked if he could join in with them.

                   They were having a lovely time when suddenly Molly fell down a hole in the ground. Loppy went to look for her and he fell down.Patch started digging to make the hole bigger but  he got stuck he started barking and the farmer and his wife came running .The farmer tried to pull him out but couldn't,they sent for the firefighters who pushed and pulled and pulled and pushed,but instead of pulling him out they pushed him down the hole.

                             Molly burrowed that far she made a tunnel and came up near a fun fair but still hadn't found Patch. She went towards the big wheel, where she saw a boy and a girl getting on .She climbed on to the girl's knee, the wheel started to go round and when she got to the top she heard a dog barking below it was Path with Loppy who had followed her from the farm Path waited until the wheel came down to a stop.they all went back to the farm and the farmer's wife gave them all an orange drink and a cream cake





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