How to translate Marriage Certificate from Arabic to English


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 How to translate Marriage Certificate from Arabic to English

A marriage certificate is an official document that certifies that two people have undertaken a marriage ceremony. The government usually gives the document. You may need to translate your marriage certificate if you come from a non-English speaking country. The US immigration department will need to ascertain that you are married before they approve your application. Here is how to translate Marriage Certificate from Arabic to English:


Certified translators

Most certified translators have the necessary expertise on how to translate marriage certificate to English and it is essential to involve one who will ensure quality. The process will entail checking that the technical terminologies used are appropriate, efficiency in terms of the time taken doing the translation while also maintaining utmost secrecy and confidentiality.


It is vital to ensure that the translated document does not change meaning from the original certificate as it may lead to misrepresentations and inefficiencies. This is the most important factor in translating a marriage certificate. After the translation, a proofreader should go through the document to ensure that even the smallest details are not overlooked. It should also be noted that while working with the hard copy, the materials to be used should be officially accepted.

Additionally, the address need not be translated; the abbreviations should be written in full to avoid any ambiguity. Any special reference or title should also be included, such as the title Prince, which is common in the Arabian countries. In case of any error in the original document, the same should not be corrected in the translated certificate, but the translator may note the same. The goal is to ensure that the translated document is as accurate as possible compared to the original document.


The translator must then also certify by providing a statement of certification. The statement should have their names and signature. The document should also include the issuing authority, date, place, and the reference number appearing. The final certificate should then be notarized if that will be a requirement. Some of the translation agencies may also offer the Foreign and Commonwealth office document legalization service if needed.

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