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Welcome to Life is Like...this is my first attempt to write a story that focuses on the trials and tribulations I, friends and many others had to endure in our past lives or recent challenges. 

Hopefully, everyone finds at least one character to connect with on the spectrum of diversity, sexuality, and/or personality. 

I plan on releasing a 3-5 page chapter on every Tuesday, or Thursday. Characters Pov will fluctuant on the account of the plot of the chapter or the Arc of the story. Characters will be a blend of Actors and other people in the spotlight on modern time, with a combination of characters that are created up in my head. 

I don't want to bore you any longer so this will be the closing.

"Life gave them lemons...but somehow they ended up with apple juice,"

Warning Notice: 

This here is the slight warning, this story well have sex, drugs, foul language, and violence. 

If you do not prefer to read anything in that area I advise you to stay away, and leave all rude remarks in your head. 

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Table of Context.

Please visit this page for information on recent updates that are to come to the series. If a chapter is not uploaded in a week always cheek the table of content to for information on why it was not updated and when to expect the update. 

Arc one: The Time We Destroyed the Summer.

Chapter 1: Life is like a Seed. 

Chapter 2: Life is like 

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Cast of Characters.

Here is the character page where I will update on the cast of characters that are brought into the story.

Main Character's of the first Arc

Characters created by me: Frenchie, C.K., Thane, and Cochise.

Florence: Miley Cyrus.

Hazel: Harry Styles.

LoLo: Logan Lerman.

Em's: Emma Watson.

All the main characters are friends while at the same time just as in real life, you always have a second group of friend(s) that are only yours. Names are still adjusted or fully switched for the characters. All characters based off of actual people are not based on their personalities and beliefs on the account that I do not know them first hand, besides what are portrayed. 

Secondary Characters:

Z: Zayn Malik

Payno: Liam Payne

Nialler: Nial Horan

Tommo: Louis Tomlinson

Little Redd: Emma Stone

Ari: Ariana Grande 

Hozier: Andrew Hozier-Bryne

Ekko: Mikky Ekko

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Life is like a seed.

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