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Chapter 1- Welcome!

"You wouldn't believe how hard it is having someone like Sakura as your sister," Hina groaned whilst shoving a ball of rice in her mouth. "There's no way I can be better than her in anything, I was born into a losing battle."

"You haven't met my sister, she's lovely but thinks she's the next big genius and won't let any of us forget it," Yuki commented, twirling a strand of hazelnut coloured hair around her finger. "What about you Satomi, how's your sister?"

Satomi nodded her head understandingly. "Mines annoying too, I guess that's just sisters for-"

"HEY! Come watch me play basketball, I've learnt some crazy new tricks. Even Satomi's gonna be impressed this time!"

A tall boy with incredibly messy brown hair burst through the classroom door, yelling way too loudly for a classroom environment. Behind him, a mischevious blond haired boy began began a long laugh from the classroom doorway.

"Yeah, the same tricks everyone learnt months ago, you just want to flaunt your muscles in front of the girls," he declared. Ren, the messy haired boy, looked eagerly towards the girls waiting for a response, ignoring the blond’s comment. 

"Oh get lost," Satomi responded as Yuki nodded towards Ren simultaneously. With Yuki working at the cafe and Ren studying with Satomi to improve his grades, Yuki would never pass up a spare opportunity to watch Ren do just about anything.All eyes turned towards Hina to make the final decision. Seeing the desperation in Ren and Yuki's faces, Hina agreed. Satomi grudgingly rose from her chair and followed the rest towards the basketball courts. 


As Ren and the blond boy otherwise known as Aoi, fought over which basketball to use, Yuki and Satomi seated themselves in their usual spot.

Meanwhile, in the store room...

"This one."

"No this one bro."

"Are you stupid? That one's obviously deflated."

"Are you blind or-"

"JUST PICK ONE," Satomi snapped, curling her fists. Yuki laughed as Aoi and Ren quickly choose a ball. You don't argue with Satomi unless you want to be humiliated. Aoi knew this well seeing as their mothers have been close since middle school, meaning Aoi discovered Satomi's temper the hard way.

Once the boys picked a decent ball, Ren called Yuki over to start the game. Grabbing the ball, Yuki closed her eyes, counted to three and threw it in as high as she could. The chaos began from that moment...

"Oi! You're not allowed to do that, dumbass," Aoi yelled, grabbing Ren by the back of his shirt.

"Pretty sure you're not allowed to do that either, stupid," Satomi snorted, leaning her head on Yuki's shoulder.

"You wanted to watch this?" She drawled, running her small fingers through her soft, satin locks. Yuki grimaced. She looked down at her hands awkwardly. 

"Well, we've never seen just the two of them play so I thought it would be fun," she said sheepishly, instantly regretting her decision.

"We are both to blame for this one, don't worry Yuki," Hina giggled sweetly, covering her pink lips with her beautifully manicured hand. "Next time we listen to Satomi."

"Are you guys even watching?" Ren pouted.

"Not really, no," Satomi yawned, closing her eyes. 

Ren's mouth hung upon. He was pretty much speechless. 

"B-but..." before he could finish Aoi threw the ball at Ren, hitting him smack in the head. 

"Yes headshot!" Aoi cheered manically, throwing his arms up in victory.

"You bastard!" Ren shouted once he'd processed what happened, rubbing the back of his head. He sprinted straight to Aoi, grabbing him in a headlock. 

So much for a basketball game.

"Truce! Truce!""Apologise fist!"

The boys continued to argue, missing the bell and showing up late to class...as per usual.


"Everybody, settle down now please. Lesson has started!" Yuki’s favourite and incredibly stylish teacher, Mrs Arai called out to the class. "Today, you'll be glad to know, we shall be studying the Shakespeare classic, Twelfth Night!"

Yuki noticed a few heads drop onto desks in what seemed to be disappointment. However, she couldn't contain a smile at the prospect of talking to Mrs Arai about anything literature related. 

Slyly, Satomi leaned in towards Yuki's desk. "Sometimes you're really sad, you know that?" She whispered with a smirk.

Yuki was one of the three students who were by far the most passionate about Literature in the class and this showed in their top grades. The three girls were always the first to answer Mrs Arai's questions and the last to miss one of her lessons.

The rest of the lesson consisted of complaints from Ren and a few others about how pointless studying Shakespeare is and everyone trying to figure out who the Malvolio of their class was. The answer to this question remains a mystery but Yuki has her bets on Haru, the quiet and apathetic looking boy who sits at the back of the classroom. 

As the bell rang to signal the end of the lesson, Mrs Arai called Yuki up to her desk. 

"Yuki! I've been meaning to ask you. What has Ryu been up to? It feels like it's been a lifetime since your brother was sat in my classroom." She asked.

Yuki smiled at her. It always pleased Yuki to see how caring and genuine Mrs Arai was. Everyone deserves a teacher like her in their lives. 

"He's great, Mrs Arai! He's studying at university right now and still plays rugby."

"That's a lovely to hear, Yuki!" She responded as her face lit up. "You remind me of Ryu, so hardworking and trouble free. Anyway Yuki, I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day. If you want to borrow any more books from my classroom, feel free to take whatever you would like!" Mrs. Arai finished before welcoming her next lot of students into the classroom.

"Bye, Mrs Arai!"

With that, Yuki Nakayama skipped happily to her next class, eager to catch up with her two friends. 

Hi! Thank you guys very much for reading and welcome to Yuki Yuki! ❤️ We really hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed writing it 😊 - Sara and Selena 🍒

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Chapter 2 - Highschool Drama To Keep Me Entertained On Shift!

 Yuki Nakayama had a part time job at her lovely, local café which she absolutely adored since the place was crawling with cute kittens and the like. 

But before that, she needed to survive a painfully long hour of mathematics, her own personal hell. 

Stood outside her next class, Yuki groaned and cursed in disappointment. Next, was maths class. 

Fortunately for Yuki, she wasn't the only one that sucked at maths. Ren did too. Ren actually sucked worse than Yuki, he was basically at the bottom of the class. Yuki and her fellow mathematically challenged classmates had formed a pretty strong bond. It was necessary for times like this.

"Yuki!" A familiar voice called out from behind, it was one of the so-called challenged students. Running over to Yuki’s side, the pretty girl wore an incredibly grin expression. 

"I didn't understand the homework one bit," she wailed, holding on to Yuki's arm in desperation. Yuki smiled sympathetically.

"Me neither, but hopefully Tomoe's got something,"Yuki pleaded. Ren arrived too, his face also a worried mess. Guess he didn't either, Yuki thought, Tomoe, you're our only hope.

As always, Tomoe was the last to arrive and the least prepared but somehow this guy had natural talent. The only problem was he didn't know how to use it.

"So you did understand it though right?" Ren pestered, helping Tomoe search for the 'missing' homework.

"Sure, sure, it wasn't even that bad!" Tomoe grinned, "But anyway RenRen, I heard you guys lost the game last week," he said pinching Ren's cheek. Ren slapped his hand away, crossing his arms in defence.

"It was a practice game against the top school you idiot! And where the hell is your homework?" He fumed, avoiding eye contact. Must've been a harsh game.

Before Tomoe could answer, the bell rang causing the students to groan in annoyance.

"Like we should ever rely on this doof again," the pretty girl, Nanako, said through gritted teeth. Tomoe smirked, bending down to face face head on. The guy was over six foot. 

"Awww were you waiting for my help little Nanako?" He teased, poking her hair clip. Nanako wasted no time in slapping him away, even raising her foot ready to kick his knees in.

"Nanako, let's go!" Yuki said grabbing the girl's arm. Although Tomoe had failed them this time, Yuki still liked the guy and didn't want him dead just yet.


Walking through the entrance of the cafe, Yuki was greeted by the sight of her bubbly co-worker, Hana chasing one of the cafes regulars around the shop.

"Eiji, stop! I just want to feed you. I bought you some of the best cat treats the shop had to offer. Oh Yuki, help me catch him would you? Ms Sato will go crazy if she sees I let him in again and he's running wild in the store!" Hana shouted in between breaths. 

Yuki couldn't help but laugh at the ever reoccurring situation as she helped chase the brazen cat around the shop. A couple of frantic minutes later, Eiji was caught and peace had been restored once again in the cafe. 

Eiji was one of the many cats who lingered by the café, considering it their personal food supply. 

"So Yuki, how was your day, anything interesting happen" Hana questioned brightly staring at her intently with those big, warm eyes of hers. 

"We began studying Twelfth Night today!" Yuki responded with a hint of excitement to her voice.

"I said interesting, Yuki," Hana replied whilst rolling her eyes. "Come on, there must be something. Any drama? Has Ren confessed his undying love for you yet?• 

Hana shifted her gaze from feeding Eiji to Yuki's eyes, enthusiastically awaiting her response.

Yuki looked down at her legs, "Um...no. Everything is the same in that department," She mumbled.

"That better not be the same damn cat again, Hana!" Ms Sato, the cafe shop boss, called out whilst glaring at the two girls, her hands furiously placed on her hips. 

"I'm sorry, Ms Sato!" Hana pleaded. "Look at his little face. I'd have to be evil to not let him into the cafe when he's looking at me like that!"

Relieved by Ms Sato's interruption, Yuki picked up Eiji to take him back outside hoping that Hana would have forgotten the conversation by the time she got back. Yuki loved Hana lots, she was a dear friend. However, all her current advice for Yuki revolves around having a more interesting last year at high school because, according to Hana, everything gets serious when you start university. 
Yuki walked back inside to find Hana waiting out front for her. Hana prefers to work at the back unless she's playing her koto for the cafe so Yuki knew she had something to say. 

"Yuki," she whined. "Please, please, please go do some crazy stuff at school. Your best high school memory cannot be studying Twelfth Night, you gotta do better than that! Plus, I want some juicy highschool drama to keep me entertained on shift." 

"We'll see, Hana," Yuki responded before slumping herself behinds the tills where she spent the rest of her afternoon till her shift ended. 

As the clock struck 7, Yuki picked up her belongings, waved goodbye to Hana and Ms Sato and began her journey back home. 


Yuki's favourite part of the day finally arrived; going home.

Home sweet hom-

"Yuki! Get dressed and come help me make dinner!" Mrs Nakayama called from the kitchen, busy chopping up the vegetables for tonight's meal. 

Yuki sighed. Why couldn't her sister just do it? 

But Yuki knew there was no point in arguing.

"Coming!" She answered, slipping off her shoes before making her way upstairs. She decided to stop by her little sister, Natsu's room on the way.

"Hey, why aren't you helping mum cook?" Yuki questioned, her arms crossed. Natsu raised an eyebrow and pointed to the textbooks sprawled across her bedroom floor.

"Because unlike you, I actually study," she stated, her eyebrow still raised.

Next top genuis or something, Yuki mentally scoffed, rolling her murky green eyes. 

"Is dad home yet?" Yuki asked, perching on the side of Natsu's bed. Natsu shook her head, gripping her pencil in frustration. Looks like she was stuck. 

Yuki smirked.

"Yuki!" Ms Nakayama called again from downstairs.

"Better get going," Natsu mumbled, her gaze never leaving the textbook. 


Returning home, Yuki’s father, Mr Nakayama was greeted by his three precious children. 

No, not Yuki or Natsu, but his beloved furballs, Sho, Miki and Riku. 

Climbing up Mr Nakayama’s legs, Sho meowed incessantly, begging for the cat treats he knew were stashed away in Mr Nakayama’s coat pocket. 

Greedily, Sho snatched the packet of tuna filled delicacies with his sharp teeth, shaking it open furiously. 

"That's not fair, you would've flipped if I did that," Yuki grumbled once her father sat down. 

Whilst shaking the packet open, Sho had spilled the treats all across the carpet floor, crumbs flying everywhere as he munched messily on the stolen goods.

Mr Nakayama nodded.

"I like them more than you," he simply said before digging in. 

Yuki’s jaw hung open, turning to her mother for support.

"They are cuter, Yuki," she said apologetically. This earned a giggle from Natsu. Yuki shot her a death stare. 

"And their hair is softer," her dad added, 
reaching for the water jug. Yuki's eyes bulged. That one hurt.

"Oh Yuki, Ryu's coming back soon!" Natsu interjected excitedly.

"Why are you so happy?" Yuki asked raising a suspicious eyebrow. Natsu tapped her nose cheekily.
"He promised to take me and Saki to watch that movie remember! And he's taking us to get some ice cream too!" Natsu exclaimed happily, almost falling out her seat. Yuki grunted, Ryu was never that generous with her she thought.

As if reading her thoughts, Mrs Nakayama laughed.

"Don't be silly Yuki, Ryu always takes you places too."

"I know that," Yuki mumbled under her breath. In fact, she did miss her brother since he had gone away to study at university in another city. But like hell was she going to admit it.

"Well anyway, he's coming back home in a few days," Mrs Nakayama informed with a small smile. 

Mr Nakayama, however, sighed.

"I hope he's been studying," he grumbled, taking off his glasses before leaning back in his chair. 

Yuki laughed, "You already know the answer to that one dad."

Natsu put down her fork, a worried expression on her face.

"But you'll still let him take me and Saki to the movies right?" She asked, summouning her puppy dog eyes. The Nakayama couple had a soft spot for their youngest. 

"Of course darling," Hiroshi smiled, ruffling Natsu's short brown hair. Yuki chuckled, knowing that Ryu was probably playing way more rugby than studying. In fact, she would bet her life on it. But she was excited for him to come home, because that meant her uncle would swing by too and probably take them to a rugby match as celebration for having the whole family together.


Once dinner was over, Yuki happily skipped to her bedroom, grabbing her phone. She sighed contentedly, glad to be home and warm in bed. She was so happy, she decided to send her brother a message.

Heard you're coming back soon. Bring me some of that cake from last time. - Yuki

She grinned as she placed her phone on the nightstand, guessing he was probably with his teammates. They were always practicing late, pushing themselves further and further with each day, determined to win first place in the upcoming tournament. 

Yuki’s pink phone dinged mere seconds later.

Get some yourself midget - Ryu

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Chapter 3 - I’d Rather Be Dead Than Caught With You

In the rugby club changing room...


Heard you're coming home soon. Bring me some of that cake from last time. - Yuki

Ryu read the message from his little sister with a small laugh. Of course that's what she was after.

Get your own midget - Ryu

He grinned as he typed up his reply, knowing Yuki would be mad. She deserved it, using him for cake all the time. 

Ryu put away his phone before stretching his sore muslcles. Practice was extra hard these days seeing as they had a tournament soon and their captain wasn't joking around. 

With a loud, rowdy entrance, the rest of the rugby team barged into the changing rooms, immediately arguing over who gets the showers first. 

This was the daily routine.

"Oi! I bagsied this shower yesterday!"

The boys screamed and tripped eachother over, all rushing to the nearest shower.

"But you always take ages!"

"That's because he flexes his muslces in there man."

"Respect your elders and get out the way!"

One the older members pushed his way through, puffing his chest out.

"Move it, I've got a date tonight, I'm going first," he declared. The other boys howled in laughter.

"As if bro,"

"What do you mean ‘as if’ jackass! The ladies love me!" 

"Not with that face,"

The fighting continued for another couple minutes or so, until the captain arrived. Then, all was silent.


Back at Yuki Nakayama's household...

Yuki began her weekend by deciding to visit her local grocery store. She chucked a jacket over her shirt and shorts, slipped some flip flops on and set off. 

The cat food isle was her only stop this time as she placed an unnecessary amount of cat treats into her basket. The brunette was determined to get her cats to like her the most in the family, even if she had to bribe them with their favourite snacks. 

As she payed for her items at the till, she spotted a poster behind the cashier brandishing a new cafe that had opened in the area. She wondered if Satomi and Hina wanted to visit the cafe with her later that day, so she sent them a message eagerly hoping they'd both agree to go. 

During Yuki's walk home she heard a familiar voice call her name.

"Hey, Yuki! It's me, over here!" Ren yelled from the nearby park, bouncing a basketball between his hands.

Yuki walked in his direction, instantly regretting the quick outfit she had tossed together that morning. 

"Hi! What are you doing here?" Yuki said, a little flustered. 

Ren laughed as he lifted the basketball up high for her to see. "Exactly what it looks like! What about you?"

"Oh, just buying some essentials from the store," Yuki responded quickly.

"You know, you should come to my games more often, Yuki. It sounds odd but I do better when you're there, you're like my good luck charm," Ren said, producing a large smile.

"I would love to, Ren. Just tell me when," Yuki replied. 

"You can bring Sato-"

"HEY! How long are you gonna stand there talking to your girlfriend? We got a game to play, you know!" One of Ren's team mates shouted. 

Both blushing intensely, they said their farewells and took off in opposite directions.


Later that afternoon...

Yuki arrived at the cafe first, shortly followed by Satomi. The girls seated themselves in the corner of the cafe and browsed through the menu as they awaited Hina's arrival. The cafe reminded Yuki a lot of the one she worked at. It was cosy, filled with kind people and even had its own cat roaming the area. Their cat was a lot less mischievous though. 

"Hey, Hina!" Yuki called out, snapping Hina out of her thoughts. "We're sat over here!" Yuki gestured her over to their table.

"Hi guys, I'm sorry but I can't stay long. I have a date with Issei this evening," Hina said to the two girls.

Satomi rolled her eyes as she twirled blonde, satin strands of her hair through her fingers. "Hina, I hate to pry in to your love life but you can do WAY better than Issei. He's as toxic as they come."

"You just don't know him as well as I do, Satomi. He isn't that bad. You know what I mean, Yuki? Some people, like Satomi, think Ren is slow-witted and too in-your-face but you still like him," Hina claimed, fiddling with the silk, red ribbon tied to her wrist. 

"Hey! You make it sound like I hate Ren," Satomi grumbled. "I happen to actually see a good side to Ren. All of Issei's sides are horrid. You're being awfully quiet, Yuki. Tell me you agree?" 

"As long as you're happy with him Hina then I'm happy for you," Yuki said quietly, avoiding eye contact with Satomi. 

"Sometimes you're too nice for you own good, Yuki. Anyway Hina, you better still give us all the details on what happens," Satomi commanded.

The three girls smiled and laughed together before starting a more trivial conversation as they drank tea and ate dainty looking desserts. 

However, not long after, Hina spotted Issei's blacked out car pull up to the curb outside the cafe.

"Oh, Issei is a bit earlier than i expected. I've got to go," Hina said apologetically. "I guess I'll see you two on Monday." 

"Bye Hina, have a good date!" Yuki called out the window as Hina climbed into the concealed car. 

Yuki and Satomi sat in silence for a few seconds, finishing off their drinks. Satomi set her drink down and stretched her arms behind her head.

"Ahhh, I should get going soon, I've got to tutor Ren later," she said, grabbing her phone. Yuki blushed.

"Oh, I ran into him this morning on my way to the store!" She said. Satomi raised an eyebrow.

"So he wasn't studying?" She sighed, resting her head on her hand. Yuki giggled, finally finishing her drink.

"Give him a break," Yuki laughed, feeling slightly bad for the messy brown haired boy.

"You wouldn't say that if you had to tutor him," she groaned, pulling out her purse. She politely called over the waiter to collect the bill. Once the girls had paid, they hurried over to the park to have a go on the swings before kids began swarming the place.


Later that evening...

Ren hurried over to Satomi, throwing himself down in seat next to her, his breathing heavy and forehead beaded with sweat.

"Sorry I'm late," he panted, attempting to pull his textbooks out from his bag only to find nothing inside. 

Ren froze.

He gulped, zipping and unzipping his bag again in a dazed state, fumbling around haphazardly, looking for anything educational at this point.

"Um.." he began-

"Yeah, I figured," Satomi said, pulling out the textbooks he needed from her bag. Ren sighed in relief, mentally scolding himself.

"Thank you, Satomi. Sorry, it won't happen again," he said sheepishly, although this wasn't the first time. Satomi let it slide, not in the mood to argue.

"Okay, let's review last weeks lesson," Satomi said, handing Ren the textbook. 

The messy haired boy desperately racked his brain, trying to remember what on earth they had studied last week.

"Sure" he said, blindly flicking through the textbook.

As time passed by, Satomi did her best to help Ren answer at least one question right and control her temper at the same time. It wasn’t an easy task. 

When the clock hit 6pm, the two students got ready to leave the library.

"I'll walk you home," Ren said, slinging his bag over his shoulder. Satomi shook her head.

"It's not dark yet, but thanks," she declined. 

Before Ren could argue, his stomach rumbled pretty loudly. His eyes widened as his face flushed. Satomi couldn't help but laugh, immediately covering her mouth remembering they were in a library. Ren pouted.

"Haven't you eaten?" She questioned, still laughing. Ren hung his head.

"Kozue's out of town," he groaned, deeply missing Kozue's home cooked meals. Kozue was the lovely, headstrong girlfriend of his eldest brother who lived with the Hashimoto boys, but was currently out of town. Satomi couldn't help but feel a little bad for the boy, so she decided to cancel her relaxing evening plans.

"Let's go eat over there," she said, pointing to the burger shop across the street. Ren's eyes lit up.

"Serious? You wanna eat with me?" He questioned, grinning. Satomi instantly regretted her proposal.

"I'd rather be dead than caught with you," she spat, crossing her arms.

"Oh, come on, why else would you be here?" He flashed her a wide smile, "You love spending time with me," he insisted confidently. Satomi scoffed, elbowing him in the side.

"Ok, ok, sorry. If anyone asks, I'll tell them I paid you," he moaned, holding his side. Satomi nodded, satisfied with his answer.

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