If We Survive


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I sat in Social Studies trying to pay attention, and not think about Axe,  Axe, Axe, Axe, all my mind could focus on.

"Now, we are going to talk about how the constitution was writter, and-" Ms. Pepper was cut off by screaming.  No one moved, but we all clenched out jaws.  Ms. Pepper made a confused face and walked to the door peeking out the window.

There was a bang, and she let out a blood curdling scream.  Alyssa jumped up and looked through the window, and her face went pale, as her shaking hand locked the door, and backed away.  The boys lept up and looked at the window.

"HOLY CRAP!" Matt yelled, and jumped back, and tried to pry open the window to go outside.  I cautiously got out of my seat, and made my way to the window.  My face dropped at the scene outside.

Kids raced around screaming, papers flew in the air.  Books flew across the hall, trying to hole them off.   Anything that could hurt them.  Scissors.  Pencils.  


The people.  The puke green people, with red warts on their faces, and scraggly clothing.  They had little whisps of hair on top of their nearly bald heads.


I screamed, and felll backwards as one appeared, and screeched.

Matt pried at the window.

"It won't open!!" he cried.  

My heart pounded.

This was not happening.

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We had been in the room for an hour, trying to figure something out.  Since Ms. Pepper was still passed ou t(she got jump scared by another zombie) Alyssa was in charge.

"We already sent people through the vent and they still aren't back!" she exclaimed, studying the school map the artsy girls had drawn up.  I sat at my desk, thinking out my own plans.

I had to get out of her.  I couldn't stay here any longer.  Everyone was anxious, and talking.  I was hungry and tired.  Really hungry. I tried to think about my options.

1. No vents. 2. Windows are closed.

And that's all I knew.  I tried to think back to stuff I knew about zombies... literally nothing.  I bit my lip, thinking hard.

Then I got it.  I looked down to see I was wearing all black clothes.  Perfect.  I looked around the room to for something to use for a temporary weapon.  I finally found a lamp.  If I took off the shade, and ripped the cord, and took off the bulb, and it could be a sword like... thingy.  I walked over there, making sure no one saw me.I looked behind me to see everyone gathering around the map.   took a deep breath, and crept to the door.  I made sure to lock it back up, as I slid into the hallway.  I gasped at the sight of it.

Vines wrapped around the lockers, and ran up the walls.  A light fog had set in.  The scariest thing was there wasn't a single sound.  I took a deep breath.  I slide my head band down to only show my eyes.  I held my 'weapon' in my shaking hand.  

"HELP!" I heard a voice yell.  I whipped around to see Jackson corned by a horde of zombies.  I was about to run, but he already saw me.

"HELP! PLEASE!" he yelled.  My mind tried to scan for any reason to risk my life for him.  He wronged all of the people close to me, and didn't even fell bad.  He kicked at a zombie.

"PLEASE!! HELLL-" his voice was cut off as a zombie sunk it's teeth into his leg.  His eyes grew wide, and slowly-but surely-his skin began to go green and peel.  The zombies made laughing sounds.  I gulped.  Jackson's eyes met mine-blood red like the rest of the zombies.  My heart thumped aganist my chest, and I ran.  I ran passed the cafeteria, trying to think of somewhere to hide.  My mind raced as I heard the pounding of feet behind me, and the moaning of zombies.

But zombies don't run! my mind thought.  Even though I couldn't admit it, deep down I just knew.

There was something different about these zombies.

I pounded down the hallway, and rushed to the gym.  I jumped over the massive vines, and luckily heard the thudding of the zombies falling.  I finally made it to the gym and rushed to the storage room.  I waited to make sure I heard nothing---and rushed inside.  I flicked on the lights, and immediatly shoved the hockey stick cart, and the jump rope cart in front of the door.  I dropped my lamp shade, and took a deep breath.

This could not be happening,  my mind told me.

Well, didn't you see zombies?! my eyes argued.  I sat on the cold floor, trying to sort out my thoughts.  Then I heard a beeping noise.  Confused, I got up to see a desk with three computers lined up on it.  I clicked it on and the screen brightened.

"Hmm?" I wondered aloud, and sat into the chair.  Image flickered onto the screen.  Secrutiy cameras?  

Secruity cameras!!!

I yelped with joy!  I could see the whole school from here!!  The main hallway, the side hallway, cafeteria, gym, entrance to the locker rooms... everything!!  I then noticed the beeping was still going.  I also saw a red flashing light on the side hallway.  I clicked to make the screen bigger, and watched.  There was a horde of zombies, watching something.  Confused, I zoomed in.  As I did, on the side popped up a page.

Jackson K. Brunner-8th Grade.  6 zombies

I zoomed in closer to see it was Jack!  He sat aganist lockers, trying to fend off the zombies with... with a... a laptop?!  I groaned in annoyance.

Jack had never been the smartest, and this just confirmed it.

  I watched the scene unfold, and knew I had to do something.  I looked at the cart, and grabbed two hockey sticks, and rushed out the door.  As I exited the gym, I heard the zombies moans, and Jack's girly screams.  I ran down the side hallway.

"Hey, corpse breath!" I yelled.  The zombies all turned to me.  They made a series of grunts and noises, before three came to me.  I tried to stand my ground.  I tried to think of anything I knew about killing zombies.

Fire?  No that's vampires.  Silver?  Werewolves.  Why did I watch so much Twilight and not more of the Waking Dead?! Then I had it.  Cut off their heads.  The zombies approached, and in one split second there was a shlump!  and three zombie heads laid at my feet.  I almost gagged, knowing exactly who these zombies used to be, and at the fact that they were oozing green chunks, and liquid.

"UM!! GETTING BACK TO SAVING MY LIFE PLEASE!!!!" Jack yelled.  I rolled my eyes, and slid him a hockey stick.  He completely missed it.

"Are you completely helpless!!?" I cried, and rushed over there.  I had the zombies decapitated in two seconds flat, restulting in Jack being covered in goop.  I grabbed his wrist and thrust him up, and began to walk towards the gym.  He rushed up towards me.

"Um, I do not appreciate being called helpless, I'm actually more-" he snapped.  I pulled down my head band revealing my face.  He paused.

"Oh... um... hi Roxy. Thanks," he stuttered.  I  smiled.

"You're welcome." But that was cut short, when I heard footsteps.  I spun on my heel to see a figure slowly moving through the fog.

"OH MY GOSH A ZOMBIE AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Jack screamed.  I slapped my hand over his mouth, and the figure stopped.

"JACKSON KERR BRUNNER IF YOU GIVE ME AWAY AGAIN I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" a familar voice whisper screamed.  I peered in the fog to make out Liv Oshin.

"Liv!! Oh my goodness are you okay?!" I screamed, and rushed to hug her.

"Roxy?!  You're still alive?!" she exclaimed.  I glared at her.

"Thanks for that," I scoffed.

"We better get out of here, I just lost a horde of zombies," Liv exclaimed.

"Oh, hey I'm hiding out in the storage room!  Come on, it's awesome!" I cried, wanting company for the night.  Liv bit her lip.

"Um... me too. Me and... Charlie," she murmured.  My face dropped.

"HOLY CRAP THAT WAS AWESOME BABE!" I heard a voice call.  Charlie.  Charlie Castors, rushed through the fog and up to Liv putting a hand around her waist.  Liv gave me a half hearted smile.

"HEY!  I'm staying with you tOoO!" Jack yelled, marching over to stand by them.  He better be with someone!  He was scrawny, with flopped over thin brown hair plopped on his head.  I rolled my eyes.

"Yea, it's okay.  Um... I have my phone... so keep me on speed dial?" I told her.  She nodded.

"We're staying in the band room, if you need us.  And there's lots of food in the cafeteria, and it's easy stuff to make," she added.  I smiled.  I hugged her hoping this wouldn't be the last time to see her, and we parted ways.  I rushed to my 'house'.  I slid into the chair to check the cameras.  Nothing.  

I should text Emmy, I thought.  My brain froze.  What were all my friends doing?!
Emmy.  Axe.  Kyli.  Maddy.  Alana.  Lyssa.  What had happened to all my friends.  

Axe.   My heart stopped, and my breaths shortened.  No, no, no, no.  Axe, could not die.  If he died... no.  I stood up.  Axe would not die.  No one I cared about would die.  I looked to all the gym equitment.  I looked at the game equiment, the paint, the jerseys, the computers, and began to think.  Yes.  I would safe anyone I could. 

No one would die.

Not if I had something do say about it.

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I slipped cautiously into the cafeteria, tip toeing.  I had to get something for breakfast.  I checked to the 100th time to make sure the hockey sticks were secured on my back.  I made sure the knife was in my pocket.  I opened the door, making sure to not let it creak.  I tip toed to the pantry, and pulled it open, letting the smells out.  I grabbed muffins, crackers, juice boxes, water bottles, cereal, put them in my bag, and then moved onto the fridge.  I put the bag on my shoulder, and peeked into the fridge.  I grabbed turkey, and some bread.  I opened the freezer to see ice cream... and lots of it.  I grabbed five pints, and found a small cooler to through it in.  I filled the cooler with ice, and continued on.

I sighed with relief as I shut the storage room door, locked it, and blocked it.  I shelved the cupboard goods, and unpacked the mini cooler into the mini fridge.

Success.  I turned to the computers.

"Dove on," I called, going back to the box of crackers, and tearing it open.  

"Hello.  Welcome back.  What would you like to view?" the computers voice rang out.

"Pull up the security cameras, and add a special alarm for when the faces of Emmy Scram, Braxton Morgan, Kylie Anderson, and Alyssa Trees come up on camera," I replied.

"Okay, setting a voice message to tell you when they come up.  Anything else?" Dove sang.  

"No, thanks Dove," I said.  The screen brightened signaling she was happy.  

I climbed into the hammock I had suspended in the air, and laid their thinking about how much had happened between a week ago and today.  

I had decided to reinvent myself.  I'd safe everyone I could.  I had painted anything I needed black.  The hockey sticks black, and my jersey black too.  I fastened the jersey on my back, and slid the hockey sticks into the jersey.  I found a knife too, and stitched a pocket into my leggings,and slid it in there.  I don't know how but over the past week I programmed the computer to speak (maybe from watching Iron Man too much?) and I had binged the Walking Dead (which was not a good idea, due to it keeping me up all night).

I found some cloth I could covered my face, and head, only leaving my eyes.

I laid in the hammock thinking about these things.  My eyes fluttered closed, and everything went dark as I drifted off into sleep.


BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!  The sound blared over and over.  I groaned wanting to turn off my alarm.

But then my eyes snapped open and I realized something.  That was not the sound my alarm made.  And this was not my bed.

"Mam!  Alyssa has been spotted!! Alyssa has been spotted!" Dove blared.  I jumped out of bed, and rushed to the computer, wiping the sleepiness from my eyes.  I clicked on the flashing security camera, and zoomed into see Alyssa in the main hall.  There was a tall row of desks blocking half of the width of it.  Alyssa was on the open part, trying to fend off the zombies with a chair. I kept and eye the computer while grabbing the hockey sticks, and knives.  I looked to see zombies coming from everyone on the one side of the hall.  

I needed back up.  I grabbed my phone, and dialed Liv.

"Hello? HELLLLOOOOO!" Jack's voice screamed.

"Gosh Jack!  Put Liv on!" I yelled.  There was a few shuffles, and then she came on.

"Hello? What's wrong?  Jack stop whinging you fine!!" Liv's voice rang out.  I explained to her the situation, and she agreed to head their right away.  I pulled on my maks, and ran.  I could hear Alyssa's screams, and Liv's footsteps.  I ran to the hall intersection, and saw it.  Alyssa was trying to whack the zombies with a chair.  I pulled out my hockey stick just as I saw Liv coming out of the floor.  Jack came scrambling out after her, and Charlie after him.  Charlie looked battle ready.  He wore a gray tank top showing off his muscles and his brown, thick hair swept over to the side.  His jeans were ripped, and he pulled out a long stick with a kitchen knife on the end.  I ran.  I slashed off the first zombies head, and went on to the next.  Liv was over there, slashing zombies anywhere she could with a... a cleaver?  


"Um... honey that would kill us all," Charlie said.  He punched a zombie, and then sliced off it's head.  Jack trying to kill the zombies with his... 2x4.

"OUCH!  I got a splinter!!!" Jack whined.

"WHO GIVES A CRAP WE'RE ALL ABOUT TO DIE!" I screamed, slashing off off three more zombies.

"We have to block off the zombies!" Jack called.

"How in the heck would-wait.  OMG JACK!" Alivia called, smiling.

"You had a good idea!!" Alivia called.  He gave his annoyed face.  

"Hurry use the desks!" Alyssa yelled.  Charlie fended off the zombies, and pushed them back.  We pushed all the desks, and tried to stack them.

"I can lift a desk!" Jack called triumphantly.  He went over to lift him, and a zombie growled.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!" he screamed, and scurried away.  We rolled our eyes, and put on the last desk and chair.  I pulled off my mask, and sat on the floor.

"Roxy?" Alyssa cried.  I gave a small smile and wave.  She came and sat down beside me.

"Okay, I need to go," I said, getting up.  Alyssa got up too.

"What colony are you in?" she asked.  I made a confused face.

"Colony?" I asked.  Charlie came up to me.

"You don't know?  There's colonies now.  The top floor are the Mains.  The basement are the Undergrounders, and the main floor band and choir room are the Brokers.  They got to the good stuff first, so the Mains and Undergrounders trade a lot.," he exclaimed.  I twisted my face in confusion.  I had no idea.  

"What are those who don't live anywhere?" I asked.  Charlie's face darkened.

"No one should be living alone," he snapped.  I gulped.  I looked at my phone.

"Okay, I should um... get going.  For... food... stuff," I stuttered.  The face Charlie had made bugged me.  We waved goodbye and Alyssa went with Alivia and her group, and I ran the opposite way to the gym.  I rushed into the storage closet, and shut the door.  I sat in the hammock, and just waited.  Waited for something to happen.  Literally anything.  What were you supposed to do during the apocalypse?

I clicked on the computer and watched Marvel movies for a good four hours.

Then my computer beeped.

I  jumped in of my chair in excitement.  The security camera in the cafeteria flashed.  I clicked in on.  Oh no.  I saw Matt running through the cafeteria, being chased by zombies. 

I noticed the zombies were running.  I also noticed they looked like people we knew.  There was Jamie, his brother leading the group, and a few others.  He stopped int he corner, the doors being blocked off by more zombies.  

I clicked it away, trying not gag.

The more people who get bit, the more zombies.  The more zombies the less people.  The less people, less hope of getting out.  I took a deep breath.

I was going to survive.

We all would survive.

Or so I thought.

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