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Display Fridge Or Freezer As Cold Storage

Getting a new display fridge or freezer is an opportunity to show food and beverages in an outlet clearly. Choosing a suitable type is essential to increase sales. Here you can know more about its basic parts and how to make it efficient.

Features and Specifications of Display Freezers and Fridges

Refrigeration with glass doors has features to function well and keep cold food and drinks at the same temperature. Familiarize with them below: 

Design and aesthetics – These are more pleasing to the visuals than the solid door style. Seeing a transparent display of cold food and beverages entices the eyes to get. The form of equipment can affect the sales of the products. Glass doors are a clear way of knowing everything inside. 

Hinged or sliding door - Commercial display refrigeration with single or several doors can have this style. When access and the space are little, it seems that the sliding choice is the only option. Keeping it in a good condition is more difficult than the hinged way. Grime and dirt can gather easily and block the runners. These can cause a less desirable functioning. The best option is hinged.

Castors – Look for these at the back or as a full set on certain free-standing types. Cleaning the fridge or freezer is more efficient and general movement in changing the position. Since the commercial form is heavy, putting castors provide convenience.

Self-closing doors – When guests open and close commercial display fridges often, this kind of door is practical. It prevents the door from having damage and gives an assurance of always functioning properly. The temperature remains the same at all times and the efficiency is stable.

Temperature display with a simple control – The displayed items must be always stored at the same cold temperature. 

Lock – A business owner thinks of security for the stored food and drinks in the display fridge or freezer. Models with locks protect these when the establishment closes. 

Exterior finish – Depending on the type of business, this feature complements the design and décor of the outlet. Finishes vary and the owner can choose them.

Lighting – The displayed food and refreshments want a bright light. A clear vision of them is necessary to increase sales. 

Anti-mist glass – Guests look at the glass door and desire it without mist. In this way, the items are transparent.

Fixed or adjustable shelves – Display fridges have these and suit items that keep on modifying. The height of a shelf can vary depending on the products. Adjustability assures maximized use of space.

Decibels – At a commercial place, it is vital to hear noise from the equipment during business hours. The sound can go up or down to reach the desired volume. 

Maximize Efficiency

Since the purchase of display freezers is a huge business investment, maximizing its efficiency is necessary. Below are ways of how manufacturers do this:

  • Satisfactory insulation
  • Precision parts
  • Trial
  • Made of high quality
  • Contains high-grade materials

Glass door refrigeration will have Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS). 

The commercial fridge or freezer owner can do these:

  • Maintain cleanliness of the parts
  • Airflow surrounding the equipment circulates
  • Seek a qualified refrigeration engineer for regular maintenance

A business owner has to please the visuals of guests who get cold food and refreshments in the establishment. The commercial fridge or freezer does this and increases sales.

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