Lost in Stars


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Chapter 1: The Beginning

I opened my eyes and groggily got out of bed It's 7:00 AM. It was a normal day, birds were singing, my brothers were fighting over the last bowl of Captain Crunch and I was as moody as ever. My mom calls up, "Deborah! Get dressed now!" I quickly get changed. Finally done changing, I grab my scarlet bag and run downstairs into the kitchen. To say our kitchen is spotless is an understatement, my mom is a neat freak. Everything in it's place all the time.  I take a seat and pour myself some cereal. Mom looks at me with proud eyes and I know she's proud of me graduating. I finish eating and say goodbye to my family. Walking to my car, I see that someone left Skittles in the car. Great, now I can eat melted Skittles, I thought sarcastically.

Pulling into school, I head to my first class. Mr. Elkins is trying to teach us about kinetic energy but nobody's listening. I turn to my best friend, Liz and we begin teasing Mr. Elkins for wearing plaid. Plaid is so last year.

Soon, it's graduation time. Graduation goes fast and soon we're driving through the streets of town with my car's top down. Next is college, and then picking a job. Suddenly, out of nowhere a UFO appears and anything electronic is shut down. The aliens announce that their taking over this planet and have no intention of leaving.

That was 17 years ago.

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Chapter 2: Secrets

I  wake up and head into the alien dogs' room. Their terrible teeth dripping blood and flesh from the night before. I cry quietly as I toss human flesh to them. If only the people I loved didn't have to disobey the rules. Once I'm done, I walk into my room and plop onto the bed.  Exlta buzzes me and I obey her command. "Deborah, trim the hedge!" I think as I do my chores, There has to be a way to avenge my loved ones. At least, the aliens took me in instead of killing me.  I just need to behave for a couple more days and then, my plan will be set into action.


I found myself pacing my bedroom at home.  Suddenly, my ears fill with the sound of screams. Running down the stairs,  I gasp at the scene before me. The aliens have arrived and my family is on the ground, blood everywhere. Before I can ask what's happening, a bag has been thrown over me.  Once we reach the White house, the bag is taken off and a laser gun is pointed at me. An alien walks forward and says, "Your loved ones have made a grave mistake and have paid. You are now our servant." 

I wake up, my body soaked in sweat and scream. "NO!"

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Chapter 3: Incognito

I sneak through the alien headquarters and take out my dagger. Creeping up carefully behind the head of the department, I stab him through the heart. The alien begins to bleed a purple liquid and I catch some in a small vial. Heading back to my bedroom, I tuck the vial away in my cloak. 

Once I've arrived, I find Extla there. Her face is no longer it's cheerful blue. She speaks in a raspy voice, "Hand over the vial, you servant scum!" I reply my voice furious, "Never, you took everything I cared about from me." With that, I stabbed her in the heart and killed her. I catch her remaining drops of blood in a a spare vial. Her blood is pink.  

Stepping over Extla's disfigured body, I walk to my potion desk. I open my notebook and pour the blood of the first alien into the beaker. Next comes Extla's blood. The blood mixes and turns magenta. I gently cut my finger and add a drop of my own blood. The potion changes color from magenta to a very dark plum color. Putting on a bandage, I reference my book on potions and see that one more thing is needed. I look around the room for a dead fly, and pull off it's wings. Mixing the potion together, I add a hair from one of the alien dogs. Now, I must let it sit for a week as it is stirred periodically. 

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Courtney Dozier

Whoa. I'm so curious as to where this is going. First she kills a couple aliens, and now she's making a potion out of their blood? I can't wait to find out what this potion will gain her. Perhaps a means of escape? Anyway, this is awesome!

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We'll see... ;)

Chapter 4: Escape

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Chapter 5: The Voyage

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