It is possible to change jobs during quarantine. The experience of ordinary people


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Where to find a job in quarantine

Quarantine has dramatically changed plans in all areas of our lives. But is it worth being afraid of changes and not looking for a new job during this period? Ordinary people who changed jobs during the quarantine shared their thoughts.


Anastasia Verchenko, ex-barista


Before the quarantine, I worked for 8 months as a barista in a coffee shop, I quit just right next to the quarantine regime, I already started looking for a new one in quarantine, so the atmosphere around me pushed me to find a remote job. At least one of its advantages — you stay at home and do not put yourself in danger.


Now I work as a sales manager at a theater school and do various kinds of freelancing. Yes, the sphere has changed dramatically: in addition to new responsibilities, I make coffee only for myself, and live communication with people has been replaced by phone calls and chats.


I introduce people to the product, look for potential customers, collect feedback from those who have used the services of the theater school.


I can not say that it was difficult to find a job, in general, I am in search of the perfect one. The difficulty was only to combine work and a lazy home schedule, not to work in pajamas in bed and not to run every 15 minutes to the refrigerator.


From the advantages of remote work, I can highlight that the cost of coffee, manicure, and transport has been significantly reduced.


Whether to change jobs during quarantine or not depends on the situation. For example, for office introverts who are tired of people, now is a great opportunity to change the environment.

For me, the current conditions are an ideal environment to gain new knowledge / specialty, to adapt myself to a different context. Trying to change your life for the better is always a good time! But it only my story, for example my boyfriend is very talent grafic desinger lost his job and still looking for the new one. His CV here:


Igor Omelchenko, lawyer


I worked as a lawyer in a financial company-I managed the litigation department. The company reduced the salary by 50% and was going to transfer everyone to the remote. This was one of the factors why I accepted an offer from another company.


I have been developing strategies and supporting legal disputes in all instances for 10 years. I moved to a similar position, now I am engaged in more interesting and complex projects, plus the salary here is more.


If there is a chance that in the coming months you will have to sit at home without a job or work with a greatly reduced salary, then you can take the risk and change jobs.

My girlfriend works in a dental clinic that was closed a month ago - with the beginning of quarantine. It's good that my salary is still enough for the two of us. Who knows what the situation would have been like if I had also been sitting at home without a job.

Alex Pryimachenko, a former waiter


I used to work as a waiter in the event industry. Therefore, in quarantine, I had to look for a new job to feel financially secure, and to have something to do.


Now that the constant travel has stopped, I was able to pay attention to those offers that implied a stable stay in one place. Now I am engaged in posting information about European football on social networks. I didn't feel much competition for this position — they chose between me and another guy, and the internship lasted only 3 days.


I can't say that I have changed the sphere much, because this is also communication with people, only now on the Internet, through posts.


I think that after the quarantine I will continue to work here.


But everyone has to choose between a comfort zone and change.

And who knows what awaits us after the quarantine. I found an interesting guide about work in this article

Alina Trubacheva, Business Development Manager


My position was called "Lead Generation Specialist". On the first day of quarantine, the company announced that the entire department I work for is going on unpaid leave until everything is over. So I immediately accepted an offer from another company, which was made to me shortly before the quarantine. I am now a business development manager. My main responsibilities are to find new clients, present our company and services to them, communicate with potential clients, qualify the client and generally understand whether we are suitable for each other.


In my new position, my tasks have become broader, I work more autonomously, without a strong attachment to the team. The scope of responsibilities hasn't changed too much, just more responsibilities.


You should change your job if you have confidence in the stability and reliability of the company you are moving to. And in general, the quarantine is temporary, so if there is a good offer, then you should not lose the chance.

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