Children of the Moon


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“Honey, have you seen this? You have to see this.”  Jack asked his wife. 

“Jack could you tear yourself away from the computer to help me bring in the groceries for a change?”  Cecilia had no patience left for his latest conspiracy theory.   She was juggling 2 bags and their 3 year old daughter Olivia. 

“Be right there” he said.  Jack kept his eyes on the computer screen as long as he could while he backed away from it.  Turning quickly, he snatched the bags from Cecilia’s arms and dumped them on the kitchen counter.  “Seriously, babe you have to see this.”

Before Cecilia could object, he had spun her around and sat her down on the couch in front of the computer screen.   

“Jack I love you but I really don’t care…..what in the world have you done?” she said.

“Me? I didn’t do this.” Jack said.  “Can you believe it?  It’s all over the place.  It’s just like the one Olivia drew.”   

All over the internet were images of the intricate design their daughter had drawn for them yesterday.   The drawing showed 7 children holding hands and looking upward at the moon and stars.  Inside the moon was the shadow of a treble clef, and the stars were arranged in strings of music notes.   The children’s mouths were open as if they were singing the song in the stars.

Cecilia could hardly believe what she was seeing.  And in the posts, people from all around the world were commenting how their children suddenly drew something so detailed at such young ages.  She had the same thought when Olivia presented them with her latest piece of artwork.  Her usual undefinable scribbles had advanced into this detailed and somewhat mystical drawing overnight.  At the time, Cecilia had chalked it up to Jack playing one of his tricks on her and convincing Olivia to play along.  But what she saw in front of her now told another story.

As she numbingly scrolled though the rest of the pages, she saw reposts of news articles from all around the world of this same phenomenon.  They had drawn on paper, on bedroom walls or on sidewalks the same image in the same timeframe.

“Check this one out,” Jack said. “It’s a video of kids drawing this picture together on the wall of their school in Paris and actually singing the song.”  As he turned the sound up, Olivia joined in the tune seamlessly.  She had never learned French but her accent was perfect. 

Jack clicked the translate button and Olivia joined in the English version:  “We raise our voices to the stars.  Create through us the promise of our new world.”

“What do you suppose that means?”  Cecilia asked.  An uneasy fear grew in her heart.  The sun had set, and as she and Jack looked out the window, they saw the treble clef in the full moon and the stars began to move into the shapes of music notes.


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