Differences and Similarities Between Blackjack and Baccarat


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Differences and Similarities Between Blackjack and Baccarat 

Many players believe that Blackjack and Baccarat are the same game or that they have same odds. However, this is a myth. In reality, these are very different games that have different gambling styles. Keep in mind that casino can give you bonus for either one of these two games. Below, we will see similarities and the differences between the two.


Almost all online casinos offer blackjack and baccarat in their offers. They are always placed in the same category, casino table games. This is the first similarity. Both of these are table games played with cards. Both games are played with a dealer and they can help you win real money. Probably the best-known similarity is the fact in both games a player should have a stronger (higher value) hand in order to win. Even house edge is similar in both games.  

For both games, a casino may give you no deposit bonus. This is free money which can be used to place bets on these games and win big time. Finding the best online casino is tricky and may be complicated. Luckily, thanks to LeafletCasino you can find countless reviews of the best online casinos, pick one you like, and enjoy. All of them are properly tested by professionals.


Both casino games come with card value feature. This means that each card is calculated and the sum is used to determine the bet. Cards between 2 and 10 have the same value as the number on the face. Cards above are valued at 10. In online blackjack, ace can be 1 or 11, while in Baccarat it is always calculated as 1. In Baccarat only the second number in the sum of 2 cards is used. For example, if you have 5 and 7, the total count will be 12, but you remove the first number, and you are left with 2. In Blackjack full sum is used.  

In Blackjack you have the ability to bet on yourself and win. In Baccarat you can bet on yourself, on a dealer, or on a tie. A player has more options in online baccarat and the payout for tie is 9:1. It may sound confusing, but Baccarat is easier game to play. There are no complicated strategies here, while a layer needs to use basic strategy in Blackjack to win. We should add that in both games using a strategy is allowed and there are no risks involved. Players can easily win Baccarat if they use a few simple tips and tricks that are actually used by experts.


To win in either of these two games, you need to have a higher card count. In Blackjack it is 21 (if you get this count you have Blackjack) while in Baccarat it is 9. In Baccarat you can use third card at the end of a session if you have natural hand (8 or 9 from 2 cards). In online version, the card is automatically added if this happens. There are specific rules for this matter and they depend on the casino and the variation of the Blackjack.

Player bets in Baccarat are high. This is considered a high-roller game. If you play with a limited amount, a high-stake version, a single loss can be very problematic. In Blackjack, the situation is completely different. Bets here are much lower and they start at $1 or $5, depending on where you play.

The final word

A player has a chance to win in either of these two games. Both of them are considered as some of most popular casino table games on the web and both of them are played by beginners and professionals, who want to win real money. However, there are more differences than similarities and now you know all about them. 

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