Should I start playing casinos with minimum deposits?


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Chapter 1

Mere looking at the adverts and offers from online casinos, you might think you require a full truck sum of money to qualify for a win in your gambling escapades. But in the real sense, you may even discover that it is the other way round. 

You can start with minimum deposits and find yourself with exciting rewards enough for you to shop around with. Usually, you can find offers of minimum deposits between $5 and $20, which is quite sufficient to get you tournament entries, free spins, and a wholesome welcome bonus. 

If you are a starter, you need to be fully equipped to prepare for each level of online gambling. There are strategies you must understand to take advantage of every odds to favor you. In this article, you’ll be what minimum deposit is all about and if it is a good idea to start with one as a gambler.

What Are Minimum Deposits?

First you have to understand what minimum deposits mean. A casino deposit is the sum of money that is loaded into an account. This is a required payment that will top up your bankroll and enable you to play casino online games. 

You can load your money onto your accounts through various payment methods depending on a minimum or maximum deposit amount. Payment methods include; E-wallets, Vouchers, Crypto wallets, Bank Transfer, Debit and Credit Cards, or Instant bank transfers. 

That being said, a minimum deposit is a minimum or lowest sum of money that a casino can accept as a deposit in your bankroll. The amount or size of the minimum deposit varies but is usually an average of $10. Most casinos accept a minimum of $5, while some accept nothing less than $50. However, at LeafletCasino you can find a $ 1 deposit casino that accepts a minimum deposit of $ 1. This can be seen as a truly rare and generous offer.

Now back to the main question, should you start playing casino with a minimum deposit? It is advisable to start with payment of lower or smaller sums of money at an online casino, especially if you are a beginner. This will help you to build your confidence gradually. For instance, it is safer to play at a $1 deposit in casino, where there aren’t many risks, and you can still enjoy promotional offers than a casino with higher stakes. 

Once you get comfortable with payment protocols, customer care and support, and the risks involved in dealing with big hands, you can increase your deposits, confident in the knowledge you’re experienced enough to handle the risks. 

Besides, when you play at a $1 deposit online casino, you get to take advantage and enjoy the privileges of free spins and other bonus incentives from such online casinos. Usually, casinos offer extra deals together with their matched bonus deals. Some even offer a welcome bonus even before you make any deposits. 

You get to enjoy these benefits with a relatively small amount of money. Many Canadian online casinos offer 100% matched welcome deal with incentives.

Some of the extra incentives you get to enjoy as a minimum deposit casino player include:

  • Free spins: This is a widespread strategy used by online casinos to attract and reward new players. These free spins can range from 10 to 100 real cash spins, usually on one or two specific slots. There are usually conditions attached to these free spin offers. They have a cap on winning, and most offers require play-though. As for you, search for slots with deals that will turn your little deposit to chances of winning big jackpots.
  • Tournament entries: in tournament entries, you get to compete with other players in a time regulated contest. They are usually free to enter and can give you a chance to win real cash prizes.


For starters, there is nothing wrong with playing with higher stakes in online casinos. However, as a beginner or someone who wants to tread with caution, it’s better to start with minimum deposits online casinos. However, it is important to note the terms and conditions attached to these benefits—e.g., playthrough requirements, restricted games, restrictions with payment methods, non-cashable bonuses etc.

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