Skrill vs PayPal: The Best Payment Method in Canadian Online Casinos


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 Skrill vs PayPal: The Best Payment Method in Canadian Online Casinos

Choosing a perfect payment system for casino banking is the least exciting but the most important part of your overall gambling experience. Whenever you play in an online casino, you need to select a payment system you are going to stick to whenever you deposit or withdraw money to and from the casino. Usually, the choice is between PayPal and Skrill, and most players might wonder which one is better. A little spoiler here, there's no definitive answer as each of those payment systems is quite good. Today, we are going to take a look at the benefits offered by both Skrill and PayPal and find out which one might suit you best.


Talking about the versatility of the payment service, the first this coming to mind is the number of available currencies. As of now, Skrill supports 41 currencies and PayPal only 25. Canadian Dollar, though, is featured in both systems, giving you access to more options that is one of the major online casino trends these days. That is why it is better for services like this to support more options for withdrawals. You can find the reviews for the casinos that work with either Skrill or PayPal online to find which account is better. Skrill, though, gives you more diversity in terms of making deposits.

Depositing Fees

Everything is quite simple here - both PayPal account and Skrill account have no fees. You can make any personal transaction without having to pay for it, which is a perfect deal for those who deposit on a regular basis. It is good to have a service that charges no fees.

Withdrawal Fees

Some bad news for Skrill fans here, it has a withdrawal fee of at least 3.95 and decreases depending on your client status. They charge you for withdrawing money to your cards. VIP users, though, have those decreased, so you might want to become a VIP user too. PayPal has nothing of that sort, they allow you to transfer all the money you want for free. You can get any amount of money from the casino to your bank card for free, which is really great.

Cashback and Promotions

Good news for Skrill users here - they offer a bonus of 100 EUR after you become a VIP user. PayPal has no such bonuses, which is not much of a problem but it still is good to get some additional money on your account. You can also get some rewards from the Canadian Skrill casinos, so you need to check out some reviews on LeafletCasino to find out which ones give you the best bonuses for online gambling. There is a wide range of casinos where you can get bonuses by using Visa or MasterCard accounts.


Both Skrill and Paypal take pride in their security and reliability. You can surely trust both of these services with your money. They invest heavily in making sure their systems are 100% secure, so you don't have to worry about any finance-related process and just use them with complete confidence. Whichever option you choose, both are completely reliable.

Wrap Up

Before you start playing on any casino website, you need to pick the right system for all of your transactions. As you can see, both Skrill and Paypal are quite good and reliable, so you can surely use any of those. There are many other platforms you can use, but these two are probably some of the best ones out there, so you may want to stick to either Skrill or PayPal to gamble in Canada.

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