Silent Love


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Even if you're not allowed to speak, there are many other ways to show your love and admiration. Diane and Emma learn this as they start a week of silent reflection. Follow along and learn how our other senses can be used during our most passionate moments.

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Diane lay back on her mat with her arms straight down at her sides. Her eyes were closed, her breathing deep and soulful. She tried to clear her mind and listen to the sounds of nature around her. Other women lay around her, each on their own mat, trying to find the deep, peaceful meditation within them. Occasionally, the soft, smooth voice of the instructor would offer soothing words or explain what to do next. Right now, she was silent, letting each woman relax and clear their mind.

Diane was on her second day at the retreat. She had seen the advertisement for it in one of her women's magazines some time back. She hadn't thought much about it at the time. When life threw her a curveball, she remembered the retreat and decided that now was a good time to take a break from life. She had met with the leader of the retreat upon arrival yesterday. She was explained the purpose of being there and all of the rules while being on the property. It was evidently very important to the people that put this together that everyone understand why they do things the way they do them here. The outside world didn't enter this piece of isolated land.

After meeting with the leader, Diane had given them an emergency number to contact in case anything was to happen to her. She had to give them her cell phone and computer which she would receive back when the retreat was done. There were no phones in the rooms and no televisions. She had found a variety of books in her small room when she had arrived there the morning before. Each one sounded like a peaceful, calming story, in other words, boring. She placed the books back on the small shelf and looked around the room. There wasn't even a radio here to keep the bad thoughts out of her mind. But she had been given a small portable music player along with headphones which had soft, gentle music on it.

Last evening, they had all been sitting around a fire. No one spoke. Only the sound of the crackling logs and the creatures of the night could be heard. Diane had looked at the other women that were sitting like her, staring into the fire. There were all types here. Some were older women who had lived a full life, and young women who were just starting out. Tall, short, thin, full, there were all types and sizes of women that needed to find their peace, just like Diane did. She had noticed the woman that was seated next to her around the fire. She was shorter than Diane and had a nice full figure. She had the curves that Diane always loved to see on women. Her long blond hair had been loose and wavy as it hung down her back. When the woman turned and smiled at her, she saw the deep, brown eyes that seemed to hold many secrets.

The same woman lay beside her now, on her own mat in her own world of silence. She seemed to be staying close to Diane, which she didn't mind at all. The view was nice, and it made Diane feel a bit of a connection to one of the strangers that she would spend the week with. As Diane continued to lay there trying to keep negative thoughts from entering her mind, she felt the slightest touch of a finger against the side of her hand. She moved her pinky just enough to let it touch the finger that reached out to her. As Blondie's finger slid over hers, she felt the finger curl and wrap around her finger. Diane curled her finger around Blondie's in a childhood promise of what, she wasn't sure. But it somehow made her feel better to have the link with someone she would never really know.

Emma kept her movements slow and gentle as she slid her fingers under the hand of the woman next to her. She had noticed the woman the night before as they sat around the fire. Emma had noticed her because of the fire that reflected off of her glasses. When she had turned to look at her, she found a librarian sitting next to her. Her long dark hair was pulled up off of her neck and wrapped in a bun. Her dark slacks and top, along with her glasses, made her look like everybody's fantasy librarian, the ones that were soft spoken and nerdy while in the library. But as soon as you got them home, the glasses came off and the hair came down, and they became everyone's wet dream, wild and insatiable in bed. Emma decided right then that she would get as close as she could to the sexy librarian before the week was over.

Emma hadn't made the decision to come here on her own. It had been her sister and friends who had signed her up for it and told her the week before. She liked her life in the city, and the thought of being at a retreat with no connection to anyone or anything seemed like hell to her. Her older sister had sat her down one night and explained that her life in the fast lane was going to wear her out, or worse. Emma worked hard during the day and played even harder at night. Whether she was at the clubs or heading home, she always had a woman on her arm and a long list waiting in line. She lived hard and played harder. After much urging from her sister and close friends, she agreed to go on the retreat and take a week to relax.

Diane kept her arm still as Blondie's hand slid under hers and teased against her wrist. It was a simple touch of hands, but the fact that it was being done behind the back of the instructor made her feel a bit rebellious. With Blondie teasing her, it even increased her feeling of naughtiness. When the instructor's gentle voice sounded, both of the hands stopped, and they listened to her instruction. As both women pulled their arms up and straightened them above their heads, Diane turned her head enough to see the smile across Blondie's face. She left her head turned just enough to steal glances of Blondie's chest as it rose and fell with each deep breath. When Blondie turned her head and caught her staring, Diane gave her a wide grin and moved her eyes back up to the light blue sky.

When the instructor finally gave them the word that they were done, Emma sat up and looked over at the librarian. As she pushed up and gathered her mat, she pulled her head away and hinted for the librarian to follow her. They had the next hour free until lunch, and they could spend it however they wanted as long as they obeyed the rules. Emma led the way down to the edge of the lake.

Diane spread her mat out on the sand and took a seat, leaning back on her hands with her legs stretched out straight. Blondie was sitting beside her, close enough to see and feel with enough distance to look normal. She saw Blondie's finger go down to the sand and spell out her name in the sand. Blondie's name was Emma, and she smiled at Diane as she wiped her name away. Diane brought her own finger down into the sand and spelled out her own name. She looked up at Emma and went to remove any evidence of their silent communication.

As her hand glided across the sand, Emma's hand came down and settled on top of hers. Diane moved her hand over the ground, and Emma's hand moved along with her. She slid her hand close to her leg and ran her fingers up her thigh. Emma's fingers moved with her and pressed against her just enough to let her know she was interested. Diane pulled her hand up the side of her thigh but slowed her movements. Emma's hand took the lead and slipped down onto her tensed leg. As Emma's hand continued its maneuver, the muscles in Diane's leg clenched against her teasing touch.

Emma let her fingers wonder down the thinly covered thigh. As she neared Diane's knee, she slipped her hand over to the inside of her twitching leg. Emma curled her fingers and ran her nails up Diane's leg. Her nails pressed into the material of the thin capris pants that Diane wore and scraped along the skin as she inched her hand closer to Diane's heated juncture. She could hear Diane's increased breathing and could see her body’s response to her stimulation across her chest.

Diane slid her arms out at her sides and lay back on her mat. Emma's hand slid off her thigh, and she followed Diane's movement. Since they were lying down and were hardly visible, they both turned their heads and could finally look into each other's eyes without worry. Diane was once again enamored by the dark brown eyes that stared back at her. She could clearly see the passion in Emma's eyes, and it became even stronger as Emma slid her hand up under her own shirt.

Diane watched as the hand slid farther up and over her breast. The hand tightened, and Diane looked back up at Emma's face. Her mouth was open, her lips wet. Her chin thrust forward as her hand squeezed her breast. As her fingers tightened around her nipple, Emma's eyes slid shut. Her back was arched up off the ground, pressing into her gripped hand. As Emma's other hand slipped beneath her shorts, Diane turned over on her side to watch the beautiful blonde masturbate in front of her.

Emma slipped her hand under her panties and into her juicy folds. She glided her fingers down through her soaked pussy and teased them against her tight opening. She circled a finger round and round as she slipped further in.

Diane couldn't see exactly what Emma was doing, but by the action of her jaw, she pictured her fingers working their way inside. Emma's jaw finally fell open, and Diane knew that she had finally pushed all the way inside of herself. She saw Emma's teeth clench and looked down to see her hand moving between her legs. When her eyes moved back up to Emma's face, her eyes were open and watching Diane. Diane didn't pull her eyes away again. If she wanted to know what Emma was doing, all she had to do was watch her. Emma's face reacted to everything, and Diane found it easy to imagine what was going on.

As Emma continued to slide her fingers into her pussy, the other hand was twisting and rolling her nipples. She was imagining Diane suckling at her breast as she rammed her fingers into her pussy. She could almost hear Diane's voice whispering nasty words to her as she fucked her. When Emma finally brought her thumb down on her clit, it was Diane's tongue that was pressing into her.

Diane's thighs were clenched. While she wasn't obviously touching herself, with her hands clenched in front of her chest, Diane was able to run her thumbs across her nipples. It wasn't direct stimulation, but she found Emma's actions to be plenty to keep her aroused. Diane saw Emma's eyes get large and heard her ragged breath starting to catch. Diane turned over on her stomach, pulled herself the rest of the way over to Emma, and lowered her lips on hers in time to catch her scream of climax. Diane felt a small pulse course through her groin as Emma's mouth moved against hers. When their tongues finally slipped forward enough to touch, Diane felt another surge between her legs.

The dinner bell rang, which meant they had fifteen minutes to get to the food hall. Diane pulled her lips back and stared down at Emma, who was still hazy from her orgasm.

"Go," Emma whispered as she pulled her hand from between her legs.

Diane reached down and pulled Emma's hand up to her mouth. She wrapped her lips around Emma's two fingers and sucked them clean, her tongue teasing up each side. When she pulled them from her mouth, she kissed the tip of each finger before pushing herself back and up off the sand. She grabbed her mat and made her way quickly to lunch. She giggled to herself as she ran up the small hill back towards the buildings. She and Emma still had five more days to get to know each other before the retreat was over.

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Diane and Emma had spent the rest of the second day staring at each other and stealing touches when they could. But they had no real opportunity to be close until the afternoon of the third day. After lunch was their private time. Each person was to find a place on the island away from everyone else and spend the time in quiet reflection. Counselors would make rounds around the island checking on each one of the guests and would talk quietly if someone was troubled over something.

As Diane made her way down a path with her mat tucked under her arm, she heard footsteps behind her. She turned around and saw Emma. Emma brought one finger up to her lips, telling Diane to keep quiet. She then shooed Diane on ahead of her. Diane smiled and turned back around to find a place along the trail. She saw a large spot ahead of her, a spot large enough for two mats. Diane knew that they were taking a risk, but she was willing to risk it if Emma was. Diane stepped off the path and laid her mat on the ground. Emma walked up to her, brought a finger up, and trailed it across Diane's bottom lip. Diane let her tongue reach out and flick across the tip of Emma's finger.

"I'll be right back. Don't start without me," Emma whispered to Diane. She stepped back onto the path and found a spot further down the trail to leave her mat. She made her way back up the trail and found Diane lying on her side on her mat. Emma stepped closer and lay down beside Diane facing her.

"No talking. We don't want to get caught. Yesterday you got to watch. Today we get to touch." Emma unbuttoned her shirt and pulled it open just enough for Diane to see that she wore no bra. Emma reached out for Diane's hand and pulled it up to her neck. She laid Diane's palm against her skin and pulled her hand away to let Diane explore. Emma slid her hand up under Diane's shirt and discovered she wasn't wearing a bra either. Emma wrapped her hand around Diane's ribs and lightly skimmed her fingers across her skin. Diane wiggled from Emma's light touch but didn't say a word. Emma slid her hands back down to the bottom of Diane's shirt. She quickly released all of the buttons, exposing naked breasts to the cool air.

Diane slid her hand down Emma's neck and onto her chest. She laid one finger on a collarbone and ran her finger along its length. She moved to the other side but lowered her lips down and kissed along the collar bone. She let her tongue slide along the protruding bone until she reached Emma's shoulder. Diane brought both hands up, laid them on Emma's chest, and slid down slowly across her breasts. She stopped and used the palms of her hands and circled over the top of the hard nubs. She finally moved her hands down and caught both nipples between her fingers. She pinched her fingers together and rolled Emma's nipples between them. She heard Emma's quick breath and saw the desire rising in her eyes.

Emma brought a finger up to Diane's mouth and slipped it between her lips. Diane immediately started sucking, licking, and sliding up and down the length of Emma's finger. Emma leaned forward and lowered her head down to Diane's chest. She slowly let her tongue glide across one nipple, circling, teasing, and nipping at it until Diane's breathing had increased. Emma finally wrapped her lips around Diane's hard nipple and sucked it into her mouth. She kept sucking until her lips were wrapped around Diane's areola. Emma pulled her head back and released her hold, letting all but the nipple slip from her mouth. Emma started sucking on Diane's nipple like a baby, pulling it between her lips over and over again.

Diane managed to keep herself from moaning, but there was no controlling her ragged breathing. She kept Emma's nipples trapped in between her fingers and pulled them away from Emma as she twisted them. She increased the pressure with her fingers and twisted them harder. She heard a small whimper from Emma, but the look on her face let Diane know it was a whimper of pleasure. When Emma pulled her head back away from Diane's nipples, Diane used the opportunity to bend down and start tonguing one of Emma's nipples.

Diane's tongue circled and flicked across the hard nub until it became even harder. Diane then wrapped her lips around it. She let her teeth bite down gently and started flicking back and forth across its tip. She heard a whispered curse word escape from Emma's lips, but her hands were wrapped in Diane's hair holding her close. Diane kissed across Emma's chest and started lavishing her other nipple. Tongue, lips, and teeth, she used them all on Emma's nipple until she was panting and squirming beneath her. Diane slid a hand down Emma's stomach and pelvis and into the loose shorts that Emma was wearing. She slipped her hand underneath her panties and found a fountain of fluid between Emma's shaking legs.

Diane laid her hand flat against Emma's mound and slid her entire hand down and through the wetness that leaked from Emma's core. Diane took her time and explored all of Emma's pussy with her fingers. She finally pulled her wet covered fingers up and across Emma's clit. Emma's hips bucked against her hand, letting Diane know she was definitely ready for what Diane was offering. Diane pulled the hood back from Emma's clit and placed a finger on either side. She pinched and slid her fingers up and down Emma's throbbing clit. She watched Emma's face the entire time.

Emma's breathing increased, her eyes started getting wider and wider, and as Emma's hand gripped around her arm, her breath stuck in her throat. Diane covered Emma's mouth with her own and muffled the scream of her climax. Diane kept flicking her finger over Emma's clit, causing more screaming and moaning into their kiss. Emma finally stilled her hand and pulled her lips back from Diane's.

Diane brought her head up and listened. She heard footsteps coming toward them. "Fix your shirt. I'm going to your mat. I'll be back after it’s clear." Diane pushed off the ground and started buttoning her shirt as she ran down the trail to find Emma's mat. She found it around a couple of turns, lying in a small spot by a tree. Diane made sure her shirt was buttoned correctly and sat down on the mat and leaned back against the tree. She slowed her breathing, closed her eyes, and tried to portray calmness.

When Diane heard footsteps coming toward her, she opened her eyes and smiled up at the female counselor heading toward her. Diane closed her eyes and bowed her head at the woman who smiled back at her and kept on walking. She closed her eyes again and leaned her head back against the tree. When she was sure the woman was a good distance away, she stood up, grabbed the mat, and headed back towards Emma. She found Emma lying on her back with her eyes closed. She looked like she was asleep. Diane eased forward quietly and lowered herself down over Emma. Diane suddenly found herself flipped over and on her back with Emma lying on top of her.

Emma started unbuttoning Diane's shirt again as Diane released the button and zipper on her Capris pants. Emma's mouth captured a nipple and started teasing it with her tongue. The other nipple was being pinched and twisted in Emma's hand. Emma started sucking on Diane's nipple and felt Diane tilting her hips up against Emma's pelvis. Emma slid a hand down inside of Diane's pants and slid right into the wet folds of her aching pussy. Diane's hips were already moving, trying to let Emma know exactly how desperate she was to cum.

Diane pushed her pants further down her hips as Emma started moving against her pussy. "I want you inside of me," Diane whispered. Emma listened to her request, and after sliding her fingers through Diane's wet folds, she pushed two fingers up inside of Diane's pussy. She started out slow to make sure she wasn't going to hurt Diane. She was plenty wet, so Emma picked up her speed and started pushing in and out of her faster. Diane's knees were pulled up, and she pressed down on Emma's fingers every time they pushed into her.

Emma watched as Diane slid a hand into her pants and started flicking her clit as Emma fucked her. Emma smiled down at the amazing woman and kissed her hard. Emma molested Diane's mouth with her tongue, shoving inside and finding every hidden spot. Teeth, lips and tongue, nothing was left untouched as Emma continued kissing her. Emma was ramming her fingers into Diane hard, and Diane was pushing down on her fingers with equal pressure. Diane's hand was moving at an alarming speed across her clit. When Diane reached up and pulled Emma's mouth even tighter on hers, Emma knew that she was close.

Diane took a few quick breaths, and then her body let go completely. She screamed against Emma's lips and her hips kept thrusting against Emma's hand as she rode her climax to the end. She pulled her lips back and stared up at Emma in unbelievable shock. She pulled her hand out from between her legs and brought it up to Emma's mouth. She took it greedily and savored the flavor that was Diane.

"That was amazing," Diane whispered as Emma pulled her hand out and lay down beside Diane on the mat.

"You’re amazing," Emma said and leaned over for another kiss.

"What's on the menu for tomorrow?" Diane asked as she pulled her pants back up and got her clothes in order.

"Taste and smell. I am going to sneak to your cabin after lights out. We are going to be in a bed completely naked. I’ll get to taste you from the source, and I’ll be able to smell that delicious scent that is only you." Emma adjusted the collar on Diane's shirt and fixed the buttons that she had connected wrong.

"That will make for a long day tomorrow, having to wait all day until I get you to myself. But it will definitely be worth it." Diane leaned forward and kissed Emma softly.

Both women looked up with they heard the bell gong.

"Go ahead, I'll be behind you shortly," Diane said.

"Until tomorrow," Emma said. She gave Diane another kiss and headed back toward the cabins.

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Taste and Smell

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