For Better Or Worse Or Crazy


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Jacob Perez

 Jacob Perez was basically insane He is a 16 year old in a asylum and You were his doctor He listened to you as if you were his Owner and he was the puppy He caught feelings for you and you do the same..

 one day you do something So crazy and stupid you put people's lives in danger and at first you didn't care until it was your life on the line  You made him a life changing deal which was you'll be his ....His what ? You ask....Well that's just for you to find out

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Meeting Jacob

Journal ūüďst

Dear, journal today is Thursday March 2nd and I'm meeting my new client today and oh boy am I scared because my old patient died ....How? He broke out and got shot which makes me scared about today how crazy will my client be ? Is it a He or She ? How old are they ? How long have they been here? WHY are they here ? Are they completely insane ? and more questions are roaming through my head I'll check in later..


She walked to room 470 and saw a man and guess who was the doctor.....You walked in and introduced your self " Umm hello Mr. Perez how are u doing I'm Ms.Y/L/N " you said sitting down " LEAVE ME ALONE " he snapped then he looked at u and his eyes softened " hi how old are u" he asked turning over on his side " oh I'm 15 this is a program for college credit " you replied sitting on the little love seat he had ... You were surprised because the room was pretty nice a window with bars and curtains and small TV a love seat and a bunk bed and a table. " oh don't expect me to like you "  Jacob said turning over . You were shocked . " I'm here to help you because they've told me that you didn't get as angry when you had a therapist so that's why I'm here " you said and he turned over "whatcha wanna know " he asked " I just want a little interview"

"When did you get here "

"When I was 13 1/2 "

"Why are you in here "

"Because I was very dangerous I stabbed my sister because she made me mad I've thrown a stapler at my teacher I tried to kill myself "

" oh ok well what do You do here"

"I usually just walk around or talk to some friends of mine "

" how long to you have to be here "

"About another year "

Every thing he answered you wrote down in your journal because you had to know about your patients sadly your session was cut short to 15 minutes because on Thursday are short days and you got there late . You get your stuff and leave " Bye " you said and he did something u didn't expect " bye beautiful see you tomorrow " you blushed and nodded yes and you went home 

Journal :

He wasn't all that bad but he was super cute but I tired as hell and he scared me a little today was a short day And so are some mondays  so my descriptions will be better tomorrow 


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Daddy Jacob?

 Y/N walked to  Jacobs room and walked in when suddenly she got pushed against the wall and felt someone kiss her neck "mmmm j-Jacob " was all she could moan out "that's not my NAME !" Jacob screamed out "d-daddy j-Jacob " after u moaned that u pushed him off of you " umm ok " u sat down on his bed " Jacob we have to talk about that "Y/N said sternly "Ok I wanna be with you and love you and hold you and make u scream " you thought he meant sexual but in his head when he made you scream he would be banging your head against a brick watching you die " sexual ? " Y/N asked "No..... when u scream because of me I'll be banging your head in with a steel baseball bat " He said smiling evilly at Y/N and walking closer to her as she jumped back "MAYBE....... we could take a walk " Y/N jumped  up and said.  "sssuuuurrreeee" Jacob said smiling Evil you walk to the door when suddenly you feel a sharp pain in your back 

To be continued 

Watch who you trust .. They might stab you in the back 

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The next day Part 1

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Thinking ūüí≠

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