The Boy That Braved The World


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A Short Story: The Boy That Braved The World

Long, long, ago, there lived a handsome prince, who ruled the world. He had knights and beautiful horses, and a beautiful princess named- Wait. That is not my story. Can we please switch back to me now? Thanks. Alright. Let's give this another try. There once was a boy named Carson. His dad is the richest person alive and they lived in a mansion in mexico- Okay, seriously? We need to get back on track. This isn’t my story either. Alright. Ready? 

  Hi! I’m Jacob. I’m from nowhere. Absolutely nowhere. You see, the only thing I know about myself is that my name’s Jacob. The only reason I know that, is because when I woke up here, I saw a box on an old wooden table called Jacob. Whatever lives on inside the box, still remains unknown to me. You might be wondering where I woke up, but the truth is, I don’t know. I do know that I woke up approximately 3 minutes ago.

   I don’t know much. So now that I think about it, why are you even listening to me? I’m just a boy that knows nothing about himself except that his name is Jacob. This is probably a stupid story. Go ahead, leave. Leave this book, and go do something useful with your time. 


 You're still here? Oh. I guess I’ll continue then. So, as I was saying, I know close to nothing about myself. What I do know is that I live in a shack. I know my shack very well indeed. Why don’t I give you a tour? Okay. So to start off, we have wooden logs stacked up together to make four walls around me. On top of me is a roof. Inside my shack is a little old table with the box named Jacob sitting on top of it. 

  Well? How do you like my shack? I love my shack. My shack and my name is all I know. And is all I will ever know. I don’t plan on leaving my shack. Ever. What walks on the earth? I will never know. I know my name. My name and my shack. Hey, I think I've got an idea. What if I give my shack a name. How ‘bout big Bertha? I like that. Big Bertha is nice to me. She provides a shelter which keeps me stowed away from the world. Anything that is outside of big Bertha, I would rather not know. I don’t like the world. But then again, how could you not like something before you've even seen it? Still. I will never leave my shack. Ever. 

4 Minutes Later...

Okay so remember how I said that I know nothing about myself except for that my name is Jacob? Well, I’ve really been thinking about this long and hard, and have decided that being a Jacob isn’t so easy after all. A couple seconds ago, my stomach made this weird rumbling noise and I told it to shut up but it didn’t. My stomach is a real jerk. I’ve decided that my stomach should have a name just like big Bertha’s. I ended up naming him Johnny, because Johnny had the same first letter as “jerk” did. It made sense in my small brain that knew nothing about myself except for my name. 

  So anyways, I told Johnny to shut up but he made the same noise again so this time I told him that it would be best if we didn’t talk anymore so that we wouldn't get into an argument. 

“Don’t worry Johnny, we can still be friends,” I reassured him while rolling my eyes and looking at the ceiling above me so that Johnny couldn’t see it. I knew Johnny thought that I was being rude, but I sure felt the same way about him. 

27 Seconds Later…

So I’m beginning to get a bit bored in my shack now. It has been approximately 10 minutes since I woke up here. My mind wanders around the room. 

I wonder if I’m the only Jacob on earth. I wonder what’s inside the box called Jacob.

I stare at the box called Jacob. He stares back, and if you ask me, he seemed a little impolite. I raise one eyebrow but the box called Jacob doesn’t even flinch. 

“Great friend you are there buddy,” I sarcastically said to him. “And I thought friends were supposed to be fun,”

7 Minutes later...

  Alright, alright, so if you were wondering, I apologized to the box called Jacob for calling him a boring friend. I also apologized to Johnny. In fact, I apologized to my ceiling for rolling my eyes while staring at her, and I also apologized to the floor for walking on him. I sat on the desk so that I wouldn’t stand on the floor, but then I realized that sitting on the desk would be rude too. Doing this human thing is kinda hard, you know. 

  I got off the desk but then realized that I was standing on the floor again. 

“Well that's just great,” I sarcastically say to my brown shack. Sarcasm is very entertaining indeed. 

I need a way to stop hurting my shack but to do that, I would have to leave it, and we all know that I will never leave my shack. Ever.

3 minutes later…

  My hand rests on the door knob, ready to leave, and before you get all, “Oh my gosh I thought you said you were never going to leave your shack!” Let me explain.

You see, as humans, we need food to survive, and my shack does not provide food for me, so I need to go get some, from the dangerous outside world. Johnny agreed with me, and after I told him my plan, he stopped grumbling. We both are good friends now by the way. 

  I grabbed the box called Jacob, and stood on one foot while doing so, so that I would do less damage to the floor. The box was a bright neon pink, not one of the colors I enjoy, for your information. When I opened the box called Jacob, I saw something I have never seen before. It was a whole entire baloney sandwich. My all time favourite thing in the whole wide world unlike the neon pink box called Jacob. I showed Johnny my new baloney sandwich and he smiled. I could tell. After I ate it, I decided that maybe I should still go into the outside world because this baloney sandwich won’t keep me and Johnny satisfied for eternity. 

  After me and Johnny scarfed down the sandwich, I turned the knob to the dangerous outside world and closed my eyes. Soon, I slowly opened one eye, and when I opened the other eye, I thought they were both going to pop out of my head. My shack was sinking! My poor shack was immersed in gross, slimy, swampy water! Thank god me and Johnny got out of there in time!

I look around for food but see A except for mossy, but mighty tall mountains surrounding my beautiful shack immersed in gross, slimy, swampy water. 

  “Bo-ring” I whisper to Johnny. 

It seems like the tall mighty mountains go on forever in both directions. My beautiful shack immersed in gross, slimy, swampy water, Johnny and I, seemed to have lived in a mossy and swampy valley ever since I woke up here. I’m so glad that I didn’t leave my shack until now because the world is stinky and I don’t see any baloney sandwiches in sight. 

23 minutes later…

I think I’ve had enough of the outside world now it's time to go save my shack, although telling Johnny that I couldn't find any baloney sandwiches would be hard. I just about turn around to make an epic entrance back to my shack, but instead I get rudely interrupted by a frog. 

  “Hello mr? Yes, um my name is Sir. Winsley and I’m here to escort you to your new place-” He tells me. I notice that Sir. Winsley is wearing glasses. 

“Wait a minute… aren’t you that annoying guy that was trying to be my narrator at the beginning of my story?” I ask him. I know that voice anywhere. 

“Yes and I am back to take you to the story about the handsome prince who had beautiful horses and a beautiful princess named-” He answers. 

“No thank you. I like this story and you interrupted me right before we were getting to the good part so if you’ll excuse me, I need to continue this. Thanks,”

“But sir-”



“Nope. Never. Don’t wanna hear it. Ever,”

3 minutes later…

Alrighty guys, sorry ‘bout that. Time to get back to my story. Anyways, I didn’t find any news but-

“Jacob, right? Yes well, I am back to inform you that a small shack back there has sunk underneath the swamp water,”

It was that stupid frog narrarator again. 

“What?! We need to go save it! Come on! Help me!” 

The frog narrator hops back and I run. Having human legs can be an advantage once in a while. 

  I swim underneath my beautiful shack and try to push it but it's too heavy. I swim back up, take a deep breath and-

“Sir. Winsley I’m not strong enough! Come help me!”

  I never knew just how strong a frog could be. Sir. Winsley and I both swim underneath and lift the shack back up to the surface. Sir. Winsley pushes it on land so that no more accidents like this can happen again. 

I was just about to thank Sir. Winsley and say goodbye but instead he makes me follow him. 

“Where are we going?”

“A beautiful place,”

“Pfft! The world isn’t beautiful! It's just stinky and swampy!”

“Not all of the world looks like this. Trust me,”

And so I do. I trust Sir. Winsley and we walked in a straight line through the valley for what felt like hours. 

  Sir. Winsley tells me to close my eyes and I do because he told me to trust him again and the least I could do for him is trust him. After all, he did save my shack. 

  I continue walking in a straight line until Sir. Winskey tells me to stop. I open both my eyes. 

“Wow.” That was all I could manage to say. It was so beautiful I could hardly blink because then I would miss it. 

  We stood on the edge of a gravely cliff and more than 100 feet beneath us was crystal clear water with rushing waves. Mountains that weren't covered in moss surrounded the beautiful ocean but left a small gap straight across so that the water could say hi to the water in the big open ocean. 

  “I’ll be right back,” Sir. Winsley tells me, and he scurries away. I didn’t even flinch. The view was so beautiful and magnificent that I couldn't close my mouth because I was drooling too much. 

8 minutes later…

Sir. Winsley comes back and is holding two things. In one arm, Is a stack of endless baloney sandwiches, and in the other, is my shack. 
  “ I decided to bring your shack here so that you would have a beautiful view every morning when you wake up,” He smiled.

“Sir. Winsley you didn’t have to do that…”

“It was my pleasure,”

“But I don’t deserve any of this,”

Sir. Winsley sighs. 

  “My dear boy, You deserve so much more than baloney sandwiches and a shack. You braved the world. The world is a dangerous place, and you had the courage to leave your shack and explore the world,” He smiles again. “Life has challenges. Many of them actually. But You don’t have to be a Jacob to face them. Jacob’s are smart and brave, but so can anyone else be if they try. When life fails you, you can’t lie down and give up. You must get right back up and try again. Jacob, you did not fail to get back up, you hesitated, but in the end you did it. I couldn’t be more proud of you.” He finished. 

  I don’t mean to be a cry baby or anything, but I think a tear of joy traveled down to my chin, and dropped onto Johnny. We are living the good life now, and so can you. 

The End

Life’s a climb, 

but the view is great. 

- Lucas Till

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