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Thinking Outside the Box to Reduce Tax on Your Investments

While it is drummed into us that we need to put a bit of money aside each month towards our pension, when you have a little extra to invest it can seem like a minefield.


There are so many companies telling us where we should and shouldn’t invest to get the best return on our money. Stocks and shares, CFDs, ISAs, high interest accounts, bonds… the list goes on. Sometimes though, it can pay to think a little outside of the box, or at least take a lesson from our ancestors.


This is a slightly unusual investment, but can be a great idea when you have a small amount of money available and you want something that will grow in value and make a nice present for a child when they’re older. For example, if you have a toddler, why not research the best wines available that were produced in the year of their birth? For a small investment, you could purchase a bottle and store it somewhere out of the way of temptation. When the child turns 18, the bottle of wine will not only make a great birthday present, it will probably be worth quite a bit more than when you bought it. If you can persuade the teenager to sell it rather than drink it (good luck with that), it might even go some way towards paying for a term’s tuition fees at university or an initial investment for them to start up their own business.

Gold coins

Another investment that is slightly more unusual these days is the gold investment, the purchase of coins. As you can imagine, in times gone by, this was by far the most popular form of investment. Nowadays though, with everything being done online and through banks, building societies and investment companies, coins have become rather a hidden gem in the investment world. HMRC are particularly keen to keep this little opportunity quiet. Surprisingly, if you physically purchase gold coins produced by the Royal Mint that qualify as legal tender, the coins are free of capital gains tax when they are sold. This doesn’t apply if you invest as part of an exchange-traded fund or other collective investment fund.


One of the most popular coins to purchase is the Britannia gold coin. This is released annually by the Royal Mint, and can be purchased through an authorised distributor at a price that is just slightly above the price of gold on the day you buy it. For example, if an ounce of gold is priced at £825, you might expect to pay up to around £860 for a one ounce Britannia gold coin on that day. You can either buy the coins singly or in a tube of 10 if you want to make a larger investment. Over time, the value of the coin will increase and you will see a good return on your investment. The added bonus is that when you sell the coin, you can keep the proceeds of sale instead of paying tax as you would on other investments.

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Gold and Silver Storage Options for a Worry-Free Investor

Gold and silver investment is being increasingly undertaken by independent investors in recent times. Due to their stability over the long run, these are becoming popular whereas stocks and real estate properties are being sidelined as the preferred modes of investment.

Promise of returns, stability during economic crisis, and a feeling of richness that comes with investing in these noble metals is what makes them so attractive. But, what worries gold and silver investors is the storage of these precious metals. There is a risk of theft which makes investors harbor a constant fear of losing them.

If you wish to buy gold and silver this year but are worried about their storage, note these options for tension-free and secure storage:

Home Storage

Storing gold or silver at home is the first option that will strike you, but that is not a very secure one. If you have a habit of frequently heading out on vacations or if your home is more prone to being robbed due to its location or vulnerable state, you must take measures to strengthen the security of your home.

Check if all the possible ways of entering your house have extra fool-proof locks and the space where you have stored gold or silver has locks that are unbreakable even with the strongest tools. The safe where you store these precious metals should be located in unpredictable areas of your home where the burglar cannot suspect precious metals to be present.

Some people are so paranoid about burglar theft that they prefer to bury their gold. This is achieved by burying it between the walls or beneath the floor where there are no signs of anything different. Burglars aren’t fools; they are smart and skilled people who use their brains in carrying out such activities. Some people like to hide their gold in furniture where the burglar is least likely to rummage.

Bank Storage

If you think it is risky to store gold and silver at home, you can opt for the bank safety deposit box option for a secure storage. However, you must take care to choose a reputable bank that is known for its ultra-high security. Many banks do not even ask you to reveal the contents of the safety box. This may sound safe to you, but in case of bank robbery, you won’t have any insurance, and all your bullions will be lost.

Gold Coins – Safer

Gold coins are considered safer than gold bars as the former occupy less space for storage and can easily be stored between other things without anyone’s knowledge. Gold bars are easily visible and will be quick to catch the burglar’s eye due to their bigger size and extra sheen. So, it’s preferable to buy gold coins than bars for safety reasons. The same is true for silver investment.

Installing Security Systems

You can install a spy camera or complete home security system consisting of burglar alarm so that if anything goes wrong, you can quickly catch the burglar and fix the situation. Trip wires and laser beams are installed by many for the high level of security they provide. Have your gold and silver bullions insured so that you can minimize the loss if they are robbed.

Whether you buy coins, bars, or jewellery, store gold and silver in such a way that nobody but you knows where they are. And if any prying eyes with negative intentions bother you, teach them a hard lesson by catching them red-handed with various security systems.

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