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Wonderful World of Writing

Hook your readers with skillful writing and hold them with your information. Read more about writing and writing help at Do My Coursework For Me For Cheap | 1custompapers.com service, that provide this article for you.

Writers give voices to the universal experience. They shock sensibilities, pierce emotional barriers and envision future possibilities. Each author faces unique challenges, both artistic and personal, and the story how writers face those challenges enriches the student’s understanding of literature and life. 

The online world demands your best techniques to hold your reader’s interest, because tempting distractions are always just a click away.   

Your writing style must engage the brains of your readers as well as their hearts. Use the following suggestions and have whale of a time to hone your writing skills. To start with, your content should follow a sequence, touching on the following emotions:    

Negative: A painful problem, fear   

Positive: Relief from a problem, imagine a better future  

Neutral: Rational, logical, analysis of facts  

Curiosity: Desire, imagination  

Objections: Reasons why and why not

Trust: Social proof, statistics, case studies, personal stories

Scarcity: Urgency, proof of consequences    

Call to action: Clear next steps, reassurance, guarantees, security 

Title of the article    

The title of the article is essential to ensure its quality and should by all means attract readers.  

  A good title, builds expectation and again focuses attention. As long as the rest of the piece lives up to its early promise, you can be sure that your efforts at the very best receive close inspection and hopefully much more!   

 Variety in Sentence Beginning 

You can’t start every sentence the same way because it drives readers crazy! It also makes writing hard to understand. Why? Because readers start paying more attention to the repetition of the sounds than they do to the meaning of the words and also they easily get bored.    

Variety in Sentence length and structure

Just as using sentences with different beginnings helps make your writing easier to read and understand, using sentences of different lengths and different structures helps too.  

Rhyme, Alliteration and other ‘sound’ effects  

The English language has got sounds and you can’t help noticing at times how writers put them together in interesting and unusual ways. Remember to use commonsense sparingly. Sentences with similar sounding words can be hard to understand. 

   The word ‘Convention’ has many definitions in the dictionary. To writers, it means, ‘tried and tested method’ or ‘mechanics’. To me, writing correctly is hardly a ‘mechanical’ process; it takes a lot of human thought and ingenuity to do it well. Conventions guide the reader through your writing by telling the reader when to stop, when to go, when to speed up, when to slow down and so on. They make your writing sound just the way it sounded to you when you wrote it down. Without convention, writing would be messy and muted. It would fail to capture the complexity of your thinking or the rich rhythms of human speech. Conventions are a powerful part of writing and you can tap into that power with something as simple as a comma or a part of quotation marks. Your ideas are important. They deserve to be read and to be understood exactly the way you intend. 

Conventions are tools, not rules. They help us to hammer out a precise idea, nail down a topic and chisel away at ambiguity.  

Effective Writing Styles    

Your writing technique should be full of energy and to phrase it better, it should be lively. Your language should have rhetorical questions, vibrant diction, vivid imagery, effective syntax and content that appeals to both reason and emotion.    Your diction should be top notch. Your vibrant words allow the reader to visualize the atmosphere, objects and people and they help the reader hold a better idea of the writer’s tone.  

You can express imagery through description and similes.   

Hooking your reader with a good beginning presses a subconscious alert button in the reader’s mind that marks up the writer as a professional who knows his or her craft. 


We’re asking the reader to invest their precious time. This is a big ask. Investors ask for promises, they want to see returns on their investment. They want to be entertained, informed, gripped, emotionally engaged and taken on a roller coaster of ideas. You should prune, trim, discard and mercilessly rip bloated passages to shreds. Act like a chef trimming all the excess fat to produce a lean meat. Your writing should invite readers to share your vision and version.    Writing is personal. You can be guided but not taught. It is just that, in the stiff world of competition and low attention spans, you’re competing for readership with an MTV approach of fast cuts, quick edits, so in order to gain a foothold, sometimes these steps help. To quote Benjamin Franklin’s words, “If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins”.  

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