The Other Side


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The Forest


      “Mike get ready to race!” Said 12 year old Sally. “No not today!” Said Mike as he frowned. Sally scoffed, “How much does it pay for you to race me?” Mike looked up and smirked. “Ready Set..” Mike had a couple of pennies  in his pocket, “Go!” He ran but ran right into a old lady, lucky for Sally she didn’t take that way. “No fair!” Shouted Mike who was on the floor, Sally was already at the end of the block. “Haha Loser!” Sally was laughing and then came along Ellie Steven, Sally had not experienced any kind of crush on any girl. Only For Ellie, “Mike hurry up we got to go!” To late, Ellie got to Sally. “Hey Sally!” Ellie gave a warm smile, “Oh hey Ellie!” Sally tried to wave but Mike had moved her away from Ellie and down the street.

“Oooooooohhhh!” Smiled Mike, He already knew what was happening. “You got a crush?” Sally blushed, “Shut up you got a crush on Lilly mallard!” Mike Stop, “So!” He looked upset and angry. Sally runned around Mike and grabbed a book from his books. “Stephen King?” Sally laughed, “Is it?” Mike looked at her, “What do you think?” Mike grinned, A note appeared in the one of the books. “Dear Parker mind if we can study together I do great at volume And you do great at multiplying  which I’m not good at! so please take this invaluable invite as a treasure! Love, Mike herllad. “What is this letter for?” Said Sally looking at Mike, “Oh it’s nothing” He took the note away. “Mike do you wanna go to the Park with me?” Sally asked Mike. “Sure!” Mike was looking at the sky and said “What a beautiful day isn’t it?” Sally nodded and ran up to the park, “How’s about the Forest!” Said Mike. “Mike, you know my mother doesn’t let me over there!” Said Sally with a frown

Mike started to laugh, “And so, Your mother isn’t here!” Sally’s mother was sometimes very, VERY awkward and protective and was always seeing who She was hanging out with. “It’s kind of ridiculous how you think she is EVERY WHERE!” Said Mike laughing. She blushed and entered the forest, “Come on Sally! Wait for me!” Said Mike. The forest was beautiful and different from all the other forest, “This is beautiful Mike!” Sally was touching the leaves and the branches. “Mike who do you like?” Asked Sally

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I am eggs

Wonder who Mike likes! C;



“And why do you wanna know that?” Asked Mike who looked confused. Sally blushed, “Just wanted to know the truth, Like there shouldn’t be any secrets in this friendship? Right?” Mike looked at his watch, “Yeah sure Sally, Time for us to go.” Sally walked out of the forest before Mike, “Wait Sally!” Mike yelled. Sally felt she needed to cry, NO! Sally don’t cry! Mike just had enough of this, Just CALM down. 

Sally got home and took off her jacket and bag, “Hello mother!” Sally tried to smile. “AND WHERE WERE YOU AT!” Said Ms. John. “I was with mike and we where just walking to the house, that’s it.” Sally didn’t want to explain why she was in the forest her mother would kill her! “Where is Kristina?” Said Sally to not raise suspicion, “She is over there in the room just coloring and waiting for you.” Sally walked into Kristina’s room and gave Kristina a hug, “I missed you Sissy!” Said Kristina smiling, 

Kristina is only 5 years old, She likes to draw and waits for her sister everyday but is very curious of everything that Sally does. “Wanna draw with me?” Kristina asked, “Sure just let me finish homework!” Sally only really smiles when she is around Kristina, She never got to see her dad she was very young when he passed away. She also has a sister, named Alex.  

There was a red truck with the things of Alex. Sally and Kristina only open the trunk, “Kristaina do you wanna open the box?” Kristina nodded and ran into Sally’s room, “looks it’s not there no more!” Kristina looked all over the room, “Where is it?” Sally wanted to ask her mother but she’s would be in trouble for opening it but she’s just wanted to touch the stuff gentle and see Kristina smile.

“Um mom what happened to the trunk?” Asked Sally, she looked around and asked again. “Why do you wanna know Sally?” Her mother glanced at her, Sally’s face was red. “Oh Kristina just wanted to admir it?” She said. Her mother pointed to a Corner in the living room, Sally got trunk and ran to the room. “We can open it now!” Kristina closed the door

“Alex’s dress!” Kristina wanted to try it on, Kristina grabbed it and got naked and put it on. “Does it look beautiful?” She asked. Sally nodded, “Alex liked that dress me and her would fight for it but it does look beautiful Kristina.”

“Does it really sissy?!” Sally nodded and took the truck away and hid it. “Why are you hiding it?” Asked Kristina, She grabbed her stuffed animal which had one button off. “What are you doing with Garry? Anyway Mom said it’s time for dinner let’s go!” Sally got up and walked up to Kristina and put her necklace on. “You’re still pretty like Alex” Alex had Blonde hair like Kristina and had blue eyes like Alex.

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“Sally ask Ellie if she wants to go to the forest! Or are you to CHICKEN!” Mike did this weird chicken sound and laughed. “SHUT THE HELL UP MIKE!” Sally screamed! She tried to grab Mike but he dodged and grabbed Ellie by the shoulders. “Are you okay..?” Ellie coughed, “What do you have to ask me?” Sally stared around for a while and said quietly, “Do you wanna go to this forest?” Ellie picked up her bag and said, “Um, is there anything interesting there? If Not I’ll still go I like the nature anyway.” She ran to the park and turned around to the forest. “This one? Let’s see!” Mike and Sally ran into the forest, “Ahhh! What is that creature!” Mike screamed. Sally jumped up and wanted to touch it.

Mike checked his time, “We only have 1 more minutes until we have to go home before..”  Mike lost his words. Ellie looked amazed, “Touch it Sally!” Sally nodded and gulped, Sally put her hand on the creature, it was as smooth as a baby bottom. Also had been gazing at Mike, “We got to go!” Mike ran out and Sally too. Ellie wanted to stay even more, “We got to go!” Yelled Mike. Ellie ran out and catches up with them. When Sally got home all she heard was crying coming from her mother. 

Sally got into the room and tried not to cry, but when Kristina is not there to smile she lost her tears which rolled down her check. The phone rang, “Come Sally! It’s for you!” Mama Wiped her tears. It was Ellie, Sally got down to quiet mode and hanged up. Ellie heard what happened and said she “All you need to know is that Kristina is safe. She’ll turn up, Mike also knows and he lost his mind and started to cry and felt your feelings.”

“Mom!” Sally looked around and ran to the restroom to see Her mama eating the “pills.” Sally grabbed her bag and shoved her clothes in, Jackets, Underwear, Shirts and pants. Running away! She thought, maybe this is suppose to be done to find Kristina and her Warm smile

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