Secret Letter


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Chapter 1: The helper


         “Hey Rachel can you help me do something?” Said Jenny. Rachel was so kind enough she listened and helped, “Sure, With what?” Jenny started to blush, “I like Zach, So can you help me get him?” She asked. Rachel nodded, What a great catch Rachel has nice things and has lots of paper to write with! Zach passed by and Jenny acts all crazy and werid, “Are you ok Jenny?”Said Zach. “Y..Yes I’m sorry for acting Wired, I mean Werid!” Jenny covered her mouth and felt her face get more red. “Are you alright, your face..” Zach pointed to Jenny. 

“Yeah she’s is alright, Come on Jenny let’s go.” Rachel grabs Jenny’s hand and ran to the restroom. “What’s is the plan?” Jenny calms down and the redness goes down, “I give him a letter with my handwriting and you give him something good for Christmas!” Said Jenny. Jenny handed Rachel a note, “Read it!” Said Jenny. The Note said:

       Dear, Zach 

    You might have an idea of who I am? Anyway let’s get to the point! I REALLY like you since I first saw you, you have good looking hair but also your have a great sense of humor! To get to the point I like you and I will never stop until you figure out. Want me to give you hints of who I am? Hint number one, I like the summer and I talk to you! Have a great day 


                            Your secret admirer!

“Wow se hvem der er forelsket” said Rachel as she was laughing. “A what!” Said Jenny. “Look who’s got a crush!” Jenny laughed it off, It’s not Jenny’s first time to give a Letter to a crush. 

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 Wednesday: Brandon finds a case with  1,000,000,000 Dollars, Now Let's  see what he is going to do with the money

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