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    "Miss M, may I color, I can't sleep," came little Jodie's doe-eyed whispers as she tugged on her teacher's pant leg.

    "Yes, but you have to promise to be quiet and respectful," Mary replied with a smile, handing the shy girl some paper and a box of crayons. Jodie just nodded and silently walked back through the napping children to her desk, dumping her crayons on the paper in front of her.

    Mary's friend, and fellow kindergarten teacher, Abbie, hurried into the classroom, quietly closing the door behind her. Glancing around the room, little Jodie was the only one moving, ferociously scribbling across her paper, as if in a trance, while the rest of the children napped peacefully.

    "Have you seen?" Abbie asked, her eyes wide.

    "I'm turning it on now." Keeping the volume low, the two women huddled close to the t.v. leaning in to hear the story.

    "To those just tuning in, this is an on-going breaking news story," claimed the anchor, his voice grave. "Cell phone video footage was leaked this morning of a mysterious artifact brought back by our own government from within the mysterious pyramid structure that was detected on the otherwise flat surface of the dwarf planet, Ceres. Keep in mind that what you are about to see has been confirmed as authentic."

    The story cut to a shaky video being aimed slowly around a corner in some dark government facility. Zooming in, a strange, rectangular artifact could be seen, attached to a plethora of wiring, foreign runes glowing along cracks in its surface. Someone can be heard yelling before filming abruptly ends.

    "Protestors all around the world have brought forth their theories regarding its origin. One such group has received a tremendous amount of attention from the media regarding the matter. We go live to Amy in Atlanta." The two women watched as another anchor began reporting from outside an active protest. The two women stood, entranced, as they watched a protestor jump in front of the camera and start ranting.


"The reason this group has gotten such attention, John, is because of the pictures that are currently flooding in from all over the world from concerned parents and teachers everywhere. Kids with seemingly no previous connection all drawing the same thing."

    A picture flashed up on the screen of a boy's paper. It appeared to be a normal triangle but instead of points, it had circles connected by a blue outline. The inside of the triangle....black...just black. There was a tug at her pant leg.

    "Miss M, I need more paper," Jodie whispered.

    "You used all your paper already?" Mary asked in disbelief. Following the little girl to her desk, she saw the papers littering the floor, scattered about her feet, all with the same dark shape looking up at her. Jodie looked solemnly up at her under long lashes.

    "They're coming."


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