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The Story of Hitman Games

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Hitman games revolve around a clone assassin known as Agent 47, who gets hired by Contract Agency to kill their targets. There are different games, but each has a storyline, but it is a continuation of previous ones. Hitman, Zuma, Bejeweled, Street Fighter, and Plant vs. Zombies are some of the popular video games that became casino games and all these slots available if you will make 3 euros minimum deposit at this site online without registration.

Hitman Slots Story

The Hitman games portray an assassin who goes worldwide, killing targets once he gets hired for the job. The storyline and the video game's popularity has inspired many and eventually became a casino game. It offers a gaming thrill like no other, which many players have loved.

The slot game has a soundtrack from the classical film, ailments, and weapons the same as those in the video. The versions keep getting better, and below are some of the Hitman games you can enjoy playing at Betiton casino online. 

Codename 47

Launched in 2000, Hitman: Codename 47, it did not have the same experience it has turned to be today. It entailed a running and gunning game, but even with the flaws, it had its fun moments. It had its competition in the same year with assassins such as Cate Archer of No One Lives Forever, JC Denton of Deus Ex, and Joanna Dark of Perfect Dark but Agent 47 still lives on.

Silent Assassin

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin is an upgrade of Codename 47 without the previous mistakes. It is one of the bestselling in the Hitman's series thanks to the improvement, giving you the first version's thrill but with more delight. You can explore different tactics as the Silent Assassin allows you to do that.



The Hitman: Contracts feel like you are reliving the previous attacks. Agent 47 relives his past works, and you have to replay them though you do it in reverse in this version. If you had fun playing the first series, you would find this one exciting as well. 


Blood Money

If you have ever desired to be a movie director, scriptwriter, and star in your movie, then Hitman: Blood Money will make your dreams come true. As you play the game, every role comes out, and it is even better than the Silent Assassin, which also gives you epic gaming experiences



The hitman games may have been around for two decades now, but the experience keeps getting better. The beauty of it is that you do not have to understand the storyline to start playing. You can also start from any sequel and enjoy the thrill and fun that each game's version offers every player.

Hitman Slot Review
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