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Chapter 1

In my listing of my favorite sex goddesses of the silver screen, you might notice that I have omitted information such as when the ladies were born or perhaps died. That's because I don't want to spoil the magic provided by the film making and the mythology behind it. These actresses will always be exactly as portrayed in their movies so I have no desire to lessen their immortality or eternal beauty.


Ava Gardner was a beautiful North Carolina belle who was discovered in a classic Hollywood fairy tale. As a teenager visiting her sister in New York, she was photographed by her brother in law. The portraits on display at the family photo shop caught the eye of a bogus talent scout who offered to get her an appointment with MGM in exchange for her phone number and a date. Somehow the lie turned into reality and she was signed to a contract. Her lack of talent and experience was overcome by her extreme beauty and flirtatious southern accent. She played bit parts for a decade before hitting her stride with "Showboat" and "Snows of Killimangaro." Her skills were honed by the time she appeared in "On the Beach" with Gregory Peck. 
That end of the world epic showed that Ava had become a serious actress When she went a few rounds of sparring with Richard Burton in "Night of the Iguana", she left no doubts that she had developed into a major league hitter..Ava had a diverse taste for men, attracting Mickey Rooney, Howard Hughes, Frank Sinatra, and bandleader Artie Shaw. She had a thing for bullfighters, which led to her living in Spain. She retired gracefully to London where she wrote a memorable biography.


Brigette Bardot was a French born fashion model, singer, and aspiring ballet dancer who also had a modest film career until she was thrust into international fame . Her husband, Roger Vadim, featured her in "And God Created Woman" (1956) which was a wickedly sexy film for it's time. There is no doubt that she would have reached even greater heights, but she refused to spend much time in Hollywood. Of her almost 50 films, only a few were in English. Her reputation as a jet setter and celebrity party girl later transformed into an animal rights activist and an outspoken anti- immigration French national preservationist. Maybe she feels the right to express her view point since she was, after all, voted to be the face represented on a famous statue of French Liberty. She did get some respect from her various boyfriends who included Marlon Brando, Warren Beatty, Mick Jagger and Sean Connery. Maybe Kirk Douglas is on the list too, although that one didn't make the papers.


Julie Newmar was born in Los Angeles and is remembered as the Catwoman of the 1960's "Batman" TV show.. Before that, she was primarily a dancer. She was one of the dancing sisters in "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers".Her scene stealing Broadway appearance as "Stupifying Jones" in the show "Little Abner" and later in the 123movie version would have assured her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 
What ? She does not have one ! Now, that is a crime! 
She will be remembered as The Catwoman above all others who have worn the costume. It was her work on other television shows through the years that kept her name on the tongue of the public. Of course, that silly movie with Terence Stamp and Patrick Swayze in drag didn't hurt. Miss Newmar has done well in the Real Estate business and is a "purr-fectly" logical environmental activist against the use of leaf blowers.


Ann Margret became an immigrant to the USA from Sweden. From the frozen landscapes of the far north, she arrived and on her first night in town was taken to the Radio City Music Hall. She was a natural singer and dancer who seemed destined for show business. A chance encounter with Marilyn Monroe on the Reno set of "The Misfits" was a source of inspiration and advice. 
She performed in Las Vegas and was discovered by George Burns. Ann became known as a mild mannered girl offstage who knew how to howl once the curtain was opened or the camera started rolling. Her lead up roles in "State Fair' and " Bye Bye Birdie" culminated in the cinematic blowout known as "Viva Las Vegas". 

RCA Records saw her as a female Elvis and contracted her to sing in his style. 
Ann Margret matured, but was no less provocative in "Carnal Knowledge" and the infamous "Tommy". 

Her orgasmic ballet with the pork and beans can never be forgotten. Tura Satana is a name that will be remembered by fans of the Russ Meyer's 1965 cult classic, " Kill Pussycat, Kill, Kill!" To say her looks were exotic is an understatement. Her DNA cocktail of Japanese, Filipino, Scotch-Irish and Native American Cherokee created a unique human being. Dressed in asset revealing clothing and wearing gloves, Tura became a leather jacket wearing, karate chopping, sports car driver and a formidable burlesque dancer. She dated and was proposed to by Elvis, although she declined his offer. Tura was on television shows and some small rolls in big pictures. Her identity as "Varla" was exploited in other zany flicks like " Astro-Zombies." Tura Satana was, in real life, a woman both sexy and scary at the same time.


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