How to Get Great Gifts under $10


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Gifts Under $10

Gifts can consume your budget almost without knowing it and at the end of the year when you will be surprised to see how much you have spent on gifts.

Do not panic, since there are ways you can reduce you’re spending on gifts by a large margin. The guide for effective gift delivery lies in trying to see the perceived value of the gift instead of the actual value of the gift. Gifts that fall into that category can be reasonably affordable. The ten dollars should be your guiding light for gifts, especially for the category of distant relatives and distant friends.

There are several examples of cheap gifts under 10 dollars, which you can be reasonably sure, will have a real value of more than ten dollars.

Credit Card Light Bulb $8.99

Do you know someone whose wallet or purse is literally full of credit cards, gift cards, and other inexplicable things? Help them when they are groping in the dark with a credit card bulb. It is stored flat like a credit card but has a folding light, so you do not have to use your phone to see the recesses in your bag.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker $8.50

If you have a friend who is constantly asking for the aux or data cable, give him the gift of a portable speaker. This Bluetooth and auxiliary speaker features high-performance 5-watt drivers and a built-in subwoofer that plays melodies with super-clear, high-quality sound at all times. The recipient cannot go anywhere without it.

Grip Strip $9.50

If you have a friend who would enjoy sticking almost any object to the wall, this is the gift for them. Grip Strip is made of a polymer composite and, although it looks like a glorified car holder, it actually contains almost anything, anywhere: a car dashboard, a soda can for the wall or a pan for the roof.

Caffeine Mug: $9.80

If you have a nerdy caffeine addict in your life, this mug will surely keep you energized and entertained.

In addition, you can find many other cute cups for less than $ 10, and they are always useful to have around. Some even transform once their contents get hot!

Water Bottle Friendly Ice Cube Trays: $9.15

I love carrying a reusable water bottle, it is green and encourages me to drink more water. But traditional ice cubes do not go through the neck of the bottle, and sometimes my water gets lukewarm.

These ice cube trays solve that problem! Also, you get a set of two flexible, dishwasher-safe silicone trays for this price, so you can even keep one if you want. Do not worry, we will not say it.

Novelty Ice Cube Molds: $4:34-$9.99

OK, I'm a total geek, I know. But it turns out that you can find ice molds quite novel, and I, for my part, would be delighted that my drink is cooled with dinosaurs ($ 7.45).

What about Han Solo trapped in carbonite ($ 8.99)? Yes, please.

You can also find smiling faces ($ 8.49) and the Titanic and icebergs ($ 7.32)!

Molds for novelty ice cubes: $ 4: 34- $ 9.99

Handmade Soaps or Bath Bombs: $4.75-$9

Receiving handmade soap as a gift is far from insulting when the products look good enough to eat.

There are many options on Etsy (look how pretty it is!) Or at your local craft fair, but the high-traffic physical stores offer quality products at slightly higher prices.

Handmade soaps: $ 5.75- $ 9.5

Bonsai Tree Seeds: $8.99

Who knew that these were so cheap?

If you know a green thumb that is interested in making a new hobby of an ancient tradition, these bonsai seeds could be perfect, although the substrate and the container are not included. 

FingerPrint Bookmark: $7.50

Do you know a bookworm that often loses its place? No more with this elastic silicone marker, which will point to the exact line where you leave it.

Scarf Hanger: $8.05

I know I have problems with the storage tactics for my large amount of scarves, which have just been grouped in a storage box.

This hanger shows and organizes scarves in your closet so that they are easily accessible and without wrinkles.

Elsa Glass Tea Light Holder: $7.95

Or, you can mix and match with these table tea candle holders. Give your recipient the gift of a new light (yes, with a play on words) and a transformed living room or dining room.

Fancy Candles: $9

A beautifully scented candle can illuminate any space. If you are buying for 50 or more people, you can even check the lists of wedding favors and get a good pretty cheap gift (like $ 5 each).

French fry Dipping Cone: $4.99

Suitable for dishwashers and not just for French fries, this is a convenient and attractive way to serve appetizers and dip.

Less mess in the cheap! What could not be loved?

Flexible Pot Clips: $8.99

For your aspiring chef, he's still a little messy in the kitchen. Help him get organized and stop splashing chili on his countertops with this convenient gadget.

USB Flash Drive: $7.94

Everyone needs a portable storage device these days, and there are some really cute flash drives available in the market.

Even better: fill it with fun personal things, like photos of quotes or favorite songs. It's the mixed tape of the 21st century!

Final Thoughts

It does not matter how much you spend on a gift. What matters is that you thought about the recipient and tried to find a gift that would bring a smile on their face or a warm feeling in their heart. If you do that, you will give a great gift every time.

It does not take much money. It’s all about priorities and a little bit of love.

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