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Chapter 1

It was first day in school I was so exited about this year because I will meet some new friends. I saw a boy that was in my same class, he was so beautiful and I loved him from the first time. I was like I'm drunk in love, I loved him so much that all my friends knew because of my characters and expressions, I was always denying that I am in love with him. Then, I knew that he was in love with another girl from the another class. I was so upset and angry cause every time I tell him something he tell her to the girl and there's no more privacy and I used to hate this girl and I think that she hated me too and we had a fight all from him. I was always talking to him and I was telling him that she is not good enough to be with you and she doesn't deserve you but he didn't believed me and he knew that I was in love with him cause I told him that. He was my first experience in love, I've never loved a person such as him. He wouldn't care about all my love and my sentiments and in the same time he had a bestfriend from another school. I felt in jealous and I've tried to talk to her so I added her friend on Facebook and I took her number from Facebook and I talked to her but she blocked me. Many days later, I've sent her message that if I could talk to her and tell her some secrets of me, she accepted. I called her on viber and we talked. She was so nice and she gave me lot of advices. I used to talk to her everyday and to tell her what's happening with me. I always cried for him, every night, every day and even in school.

The year is almost done and I won't see him again cause he's gonna change school. Summer came, he got a problem with his bestfriend that I used to hate her and they broke up so I was happy but upset in the same time cause he didn't want that to happen. Summer is almost done and I wanted to be friends with all people so I talked to the girl I hated her and I asked her to forgive me, well she did. But in the same day she's again with that boy,I didn't believe it when I was talking to him and he tell me so I talked to her and she was trying to let my jealousy be. I made a group to end this story and to be friends and like nothing happened. Summer is done, no more problems with anybody.
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Chapter 2

 A new year has began and new friend are here too. Two new boys are here and I talked to one of them and we were too close but he used to tell every person that we're in relation ship but we weren't and he used to tell me that he wanted to kiss me French kiss but I'm not that type of girls so I didn't accept it and I just broke up with me and I blocked him because he talked of me behind my back. There were a boy that he is older than me in 1 year and my friend know him so I told him to do a group with him and he did. And that boy entered to the group another two boys. In our school there was a little trip and I did go for it and I saw one of the boys that he is in the group in that trip so every time I see him I salute him. When I came back home I salut him on whatsupp again and he laughed and everyday we talked to each other so I began to have a crush on him but I don't know if he had too. Another trip it was in school and he was going too. I did go, and I asked him for a selfie but he didn't accept so I've been walking behind him to take one and I took it. And in the last 30 mins of that trip I walked with him and with his friend. I think he was a little bit angry of what I did. I talked to him on whatsupp and I sent him the picture that we take it and I put it on my profile picture but he asked from me to remove it because he doesn't like and we had a litlle fight and I didn't talk to him to one week. 

After that week I talked to him and he was talking to me i don't know how like he doesn't want to. Every day I've been falling for him a little by little and our friendship is getting better and everything that happened to me I tell him and he defends for me.

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Chapter 3

 I knew that the birthday of my friend is close and we had a group with him and with another girl that she loved him, so she wished him a happy birthday against that she knew that he was in relation ship with a girl from her same class. Then, I wished him a happy birthday on the group. And I have talked to him private to wish him another wish but his girlfriend answered I was so angry that why she should answer and I am talking to him even though I don't like him and he is only like my brother. 

I've opened snapchat to see the stories of my friends and I saw my friend putting that she is in the birthday of this boy. My heart has been broke cause all my friends don't talk to me if they don't want anything from me. I didn't talked in what happened but I put an idea in my mind and I wanted to revenge and to stop being that little good girl that makes all what they ask from her.

I was never popular cause I am fat and I am ugly but nobody sees the light in my heart and nobody know my sooo they only love the body. I used to cry about this but now I don't care about anything that happened. 

If someone wants to do something let him do it cause I won't care about anything from now and on. I am a new person with a new mind and I don't care about anyone or anything that it will happen 

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