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 Whenever I feel down I remember the girl I met at my stay in the disability unit.

She had a sort of illness I can’t quite name but she was on the border of Down syndrome.

She had a bad temper and was always swearing.. she reminded me of myself lol

She gave me a hard time for the first 2 weeks and I couldn’t say anything in defence to her calling names of all sorts. 

Once she found out I could speak Arabic that finally broke thru the tension and told me her story.

She’s been there for a long time with very little and quite old clothing.

Her family had abandoned her as mine did and never came to visit.

We grew so much closer that she found a lot of comfort in sharing so much more and quite honestly her temper vanished and she just seemed at lot more at ease.

We went on a treasure hunt thru the old lost belongings in the “attic storage room”.

On my last day the thongs I had; pulled apart. She gave me hers  😣

I want to follow up and understand why her parents won’t let her live with them.

She’s more than fine to deal with.. actual sweetheart after just a little gentle attack of her bullying lol but she shouldn’t be left there without someone to love her and a home.

I’ll adopt her if so.

Quite honestly every girl I met was in the same scenario.

And it hurt me to find my way out but I’m going to expose these so called parents torturing their children into insanity to be abandoned into these places.

It’s really sad!!

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