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Chapter 1

Read any article, editorial or a feature story to find “what is an essay”

Broadly speaking any news story you read is an essay. However, when it comes to the specific definition of, “what is an essay“, students would discover that an essay is a short piece of written text that has a topic and writer’s viewpoint on the same. However, definition of academic essays would get further broadened with the classification of essays into various categories, like argumentative essays , or persuasive essay and other types of essays that require different skills to write them. For example, it is necessary that students have enough convincing talent for writing a narrative essay in an unbiased manner.

However, the presentation of the essay requires that it should be very interesting for the readers while breaking the information in different parts by type of At the same time, the focus of the completely written text should be on the topic of the essay. In addition, the essay statement or the hypothesis of an essay should literally drive its contents.

Therefore, to understand the meaning of “what is an essay“, students must learn about the essay structure. While the essay parts would include essentially an introduction, main essay body and conclusion, the papers like thesis documents or dissertation essays would also require an essay outline along with the chapters on research methodology, discussion and results of research etc..

A brief description of essay structure is given below for helping students to write a meaningful paper.


This usually is the first paragraph of a five-paragraph essay. The introduction should highlight the viewpoint of the writer on the selected topic, while making an essay statement, in a couple of sentences. However, it is essential that students manage the use of words in the introduction part of the essay, very wisely, because they are not supposed to give details of the issues and subtopics in this paragraph. At the same time, an introduction should be written in such a manner that it keeps the readers hooked, while dropping hints on the information that can follow in the main essay body.

Essay body

This part of any essay represents the best definition of “what is an essay“, as students should try to describe the relevant issues related to the topic in the main body, as per the reference given on the outline page.

Usually, normal essays will comprise of a three-paragraph essay body that should give enough information on the related issues, while being focused on the topic, throughout. However, students must remember that the contents of this essay part should flow freely from one paragraph to another, while maintaining the transparency in writing it.

At the same time, it is important to follow the rules of the prescribed essay format , so that external sources can be cited and referred, properly in the essay body and on the bibliography page.


This part should affirm the position taken by the writer in the introduction of the essay, when the essay statement was presented.

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