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Chapter 1

There are varieties of great explanations why you will purchase a Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator. This is not only for lonely men and women, but is extremely good for husbands and wives too. You may be astonished at how a Wand vibrator can transform the world of men’s and women’s romantic endeavors. If you haven’t stood a vibrator for years, you’ll have that the variety of Hitachi Magic Wand vibrators available is extensive, giving everyone a thing that will enhance their sex life. I am talking about the most effective six why you should buy a cordless wand massager.


All people want to live hale and hearty, happy lives. Scientists have proven relations between better health insurance and having an orgasm regularly. Yes, you may use Hitachi Magic Wand massagers to help keep better health – with your vibrator is definitely as vital a measure for your health as exercising, having sensible food, and in many cases brushing your teeth. Following are two ideas and applications wand massager.


Wand Vibrators Do Doggy Style

Using a wand during sex can sometimes be just a little tricky. There isn’t much room between bodies plus wand toys are typically bulky. A rear entry position, however, is ideal for a threesome using your favorite wand. Simply hold it against your genitals while you’re penetrated from behind. The powerful vibration through the wand usually can be felt rather strongly through your penetrating partner too.


Scissoring and Wand Vibrators

Scissoring would be the act of intertwining your legs that has a partner and rubbing your genitals together. Traditionally this done between 2 people with vulvas, however, this tends to also be an identical opportunity sex move. No matter what sort of genitals both of you sport, a wand vibrator takes it to expert level. Place the head of a big wand involving the bodies and grind about it simultaneously. This position is undeniably hot and amazingly orgasmic.


Care and Cleaning

Massager is probably the trickiest varieties of sex toys to completely clean. This is because of the fact that the head of many of them cannot be removed. Furthermore, some vibes are non-waterproof as well as socket powered. Therefore, before washing you masturbator, browse the manual carefully to find out if it is waterproof.The first cleaning choice is viable for both non-waterproof vibrators in addition to all other forms of sex toys on the market. The idea is usually to simply use special wipes to clean up the vibe after and before each use. The whole process is extremely straightforward: require a napkin out of your pack, wipe gently but thoroughly then permit the vibrator to dry.


This method ideal for non-waterproof vibrators. It maintains the level of hygiene, in addition to minimizes the exposure to water. Therefore, there exists a much lower potential for damaging the vibe.

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