Why Revs Check is a Must for You?


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Chapter 1


Buying a used car can provide you incredible value for money. You can get premium features at a fraction of the market price. However, if you don’t do proper research, you can end up buying a lemon too. A revs check service should be undertaken to get complete details of the car you plan to buy. You can get a revs check report by providing the registration number or VIN number of the car and paying a nominal fee. A revs check is a must before buying a used car due to the following reasons: 

Encumbered Vehicles

The first thing which you should check before buying a used car is its encumbered status. If the car has been purchased by its owner on a secure loan with the car as collateral, then you should check if the loan has been repaid or not. If the owner has not repaid the loan, then the balance liability has to be paid by you, failing which, the car can be taken back by the lending institution. Every 1 in 6 cars in Australia have outstanding loan liability on them. Getting a revs check done provides you with the detailed car history report. It will provide you details of whether the car is encumbered or not. You should only buy the car once the owner has settled the outstanding loan liability. 

Getting Correct Valuation 

Buying a used car can be challenging as there are chances that the owner may hide important details about the car which can affect its valuation. If you are not buying from accredited sellers, then you need to be extra cautious. A revs check report provides you details about the important car parts, any major accidents, etc. which help you to assess the correct value of the car. Some sellers can also wind the odometer to reflect fewer miles on it than actual. Revs check report also provides you the correct odometer readings and ensures that you don’t pay more for the car. 

Written-Off Vehicles 

Buying a written-off car can be disastrous for you as you can lose your hard-earned money. A written-off car is one which has suffered serious damage and the cost of repairing it is greater than its actual cost. One in every 16 cars in Australia is a written-off vehicle which necessitates getting a revs check done. The revs check report will provide you details of whether the car is a written-off vehicle or not. It will protect you from buying a lemon and wasting your money. 

Stolen Vehicles 

Car theft is a major problem in Australia with a car being stolen every 9 minutes. Buying a stolen car can land you into trouble. The previous owner of the car can claim its possession back at any time and you will have to forfeit it to them. If the person who stole the car has accumulated any unpaid dues on it, then you will have to repay those dues. You will have no legal support or protection if you buy a stolen car. It is imperative that you get a revs check done and get a detailed car history report before buying the car. The revs check report will indicate whether the car you are planning to buy is stolen or not. 

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