What are the Best Double Din Head Units?


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Top 5 Double Din Head Units

Buying the best double din head unit is a difficult task because there are a plethora of products available in the market.

To solve your problem, we have come up with the top 5 best double din head units that can provide you the best quality.

Lets start with the review!

1. Podofo - Best Double Din Head Unit 2021

Podofo Double Din Car Head Unit

Bigger with the oversized 9” of the touch-based screen shows everything in clear and crisp quality with the highly-viewable and standard screen resolution of 1024 x 600 backed by 2GB RAM plus 32GB built-in ROM that takes on to operate through multiple programs without slowing down the system responding faster than ever allowing the launch the apps real quick.

Programmed in with the built-in GPS receiver ensuring the online and offline navigation to work at the optimum level, it offers the free version of the North American Maps powered offline that works like Google Maps do for you without needing to connect to the internet using WiFi and the hotspots.

And when you have an internet connection at your disposal, you are presented with the perfect weather conditions on the road, traffic statues and the parking place offers to ride smoothly all around the country.

Integrates with the Bluetooth 4.0 with the stereo sound system that comes with the microphone backed by the Bluetooth technology of A2DP supporting the hands-free calling and automatically loading the phone books and playing the music with pre-setting the equalizer to transform the best sound quality to increase the bass to the level never heard and never experienced.

Installed with free LED backup cameras of more than 12 backed by the waterproof wrapping and the night vision of IP68, you can securely park and reverse no matter how dark the spot is.

Backed by Android version 8.1, that lets you freely enjoy the unit just like you do your android phone where you would not need to get versed with knowing and learning everything about the unit first to operate while on the go.

Powered by 4 x 45w, that takes to power up the speakers to perform into the acceptable levels while producing the high-quality music and the bass to enjoy the long road trips without fading and turning bored even after straight driving for hours.

Do NOT know English? That is all okay, where you can ultimately switch to over fifteen languages to lock on your local language, making it usable anywhere in the world.

Made of the tempered glass, it is almost unbreakable no matter how rough you drive the off-road car conditions to focus on the road and nothing else.


  • Built-in GPS receiver.
  • Bluetooth 4.0.
  • Night vision rearview camera.
  • Supports multiple languages.


  • The system does not shut down after the vehicle is turned off.

2. EinCar

EinCar Double Din Head Unit

Okay, a double din head unit should never be anyway degraded in the features because they do not usually skip a feature or two for you to add into your car, which makes it pretty expensive for the car owners to bring and install separately manually.

Even if some goes with the same route for the fact they cannot afford to add in the double din head unit, it is best advised NOT to combine the separate devices for each feature as the installation may turn clumsy if you jump to the new car electrician for some fixes and end up making it rolled out of order.

To converse you from ever jumping in the middle of such a situation, this EinCar double din head unit can turn out to be your ultimate device to upscale your modernity to add even in the outdated and an older car you own.

Frankly speaking, it is NEVER recommended to NOT add it into the old-fashioned and the carby cars where the people often take it should ONLY be inserted into the modern and computerized cars to look fancy; so, if you got the same approach with your old car, just lose it right away.

The first thing that we can get to observe is the integration of the Bluetooth functionality, which is the core of the feature a double din head unit cannot skip. Turning it the whole hands-free experience to switch through the music, commanding the voice-based actions up on your mobile device, making and receiving the phone calls to listen to wirelessly; that is made entirely possible when you have installed this double din from EinCar in your favorite car.

And the in-dash navigation system EinCar offers, it brings the 3D building models with the voice guidance receiving the strong GPS signals to pinpoint the accurate position within seconds, it is hooked up with 8GB of SD map card which holds all the settings and the viewed maps in its record to access to even being offline.

The touchscreen backed by capacitive multipoint is more sensitive than ever. It observes the little push made on the screen to operate accordingly while offering fantastic visuals to enjoy the screen and the videos you play up. And that makes it a super user-friendly unit to control everything from the touch of fingers being simplified by the UI design the EinCar unit holds for its users.

Turn on FM or AM with inserting the CD into the DVD players. The support of more than 1080P of video quality gives you the cinematic experience to watch your visual entertainment stuff on the go to feel like seated on the home couch.


  • Offline maps with 3D buildings.
  • FM/AM radio channels.
  • Super easy to install.
  • Responsive HD touch screen.


  • Dark scenes do not show well under the daylight.

3. Podofo Mirror Link Supported

Another double din head unit from Podofo that we brought for you, but this one is little… what… different in the make and the size that adds the extreme modernity into your vehicle equipped with all the necessary and core features the standard double din units do hold.

Backed by the android operating system of version 8.1, that never opposes installing the most-latest and the complete range of applications from the Google Play Store without any discrimination.

With the screen size of over 7 inches coupled with an LCD touch screen, this android stereo system is pretty dynamic and straightforward with the capacity to get it securely fit for the perfect installation, which does not tremble, turn loose, and shake despite the driving style.

Good to mirror with the functionality which supports Android to iOS mirror link to watch the videos right from the stereo system after the successful connection.

Get to enjoy the most-updated, trustable, and the latest of the era’s Bluetooth technology version 4.0 keeps up with the unit to outperform the latter version by a vast margin.

And that Bluetooth takes you to answer the call, sync through the audible songs right from your phone, and access the voice prompts without any trouble.

Pre-installed with the rearview camera, it supports recording everything from the rear to instantly switch to the reverse camera when you lower the gear to the reverse.

Warrantied for 30 days of money-back guarantee and the worry-free guarantee of 12 months of replacement so that you spot anything terrible with the unit, you are good to replace and change whenever you want with no question asked.

Installed with built-in GPS receiver and the WiFi to instantly switch to the WiFi you have in your car, or the hotspots turned on the phone to get it readied with connecting through the internet to download any of the apps that you want.

Programmed with 1GB of RAM with 16GB of internal storage, it takes on storing multiple high-quality videos to play on 1080P resolution to view more than the HD quality videos right from 1024 x 600 screen resolution.


  • Mirror link for iOS and Android.
  • 30 days of the money-back guarantee.
  • 1080P HD resolution.


  • Hard to sustain Bluetooth connection.

4. Camecho

Android Double Din Car Radio

The cheap does not resemble what they should lack in the quality. You may get to find the highly-effective and the robust double din head units that can significantly outperform the expensive ones by the widened margin.

And we are exponentially talking about Camecho that comes with 7 inches of screen that conveniently support high definition 1080P video format shown right from this digital capacitance and fully touch screen delivers the never-seen visuals.

Being equipped with dual USB and the RCA input and output to connect up the different audio and video peripherals without needing to make the custom alterations done by your car electrician.

The built-in GPS for the accurate navigation plus WiFi makes the perfect combination to knock down the longer routes without asking the people to inquire about the directions. Just tune in your WiFi or the hotspot to enjoy online and offline maps to explore North America's whole.

Align the mirror to match the iOS phone with this android-based unit to display the telephone as a one-way projection to operate the whole of your apple phone with additional convenience. While it comes with the connecting options via USB, data cable allows you to support the mobile phones in a two-way connection to operate the connected phones from either device.

Having the built-in Bluetooth 4.0 backed by A2DP technology gives the entire hands-free operation to receive and make the phone calls, play and download the music, and listen to audible commands done from a distance.

To add more to the features, it holds the built-in FM and AM radio having over 18 preset stations, camera input, and the DVR input making your life super adaptable and simplified to do everything right from your fingertips.

In last, owning 12 months of warranty with the timely response to the support inquiries responded within 24 hours takes all the worries off of you.


  • Bluetooth with A2DP technology.
  • Built-in GPS with WiFi.
  • Steering wheel control.


  • Does not mirror with the phones.

5. Eonon

Eonon Double Din Head Unit for Money

On the number sixth, we bring up this larger and an oversized (not so common that you can see hooked up into the car in general) screen size that touches well over 8 inches, which are considered huge for a vehicle to hold.

And the larger screen means it needs some crystal clear and the crispy visuals backed by the powerful screen technology to put up the graphics together NOT to spot a little of degraded results even though how sharply you try to notice.

Backed by the incredibly gorgeous IPS display, this 8 inches of display screen brings the true-to-life colors regardless of where you see it from various angles turning everything crystal transparent and brighter. And the responsive touch reacts as immediately as the finger makes contact with the screen to gain the immediate control of the whole screen with convenience where you would not have to make the hard-pressed onto the screen’s surface to register the touch.

The built-in Apple car autoplay mechanism takes you to hook in your iPhone while on the drive to control everything of the car stereo display to get your maps in your control, make calls while sending and receiving the messages without a problem. And put up your favorite music by uttering a word that takes you to stay focused on the road, and no distractions steer you away from the way.

Powered up with Android’s latest 10 version and 32GBs of internal storage lets you store countless quantities of data (music and the videos) to access them while on the go. And hooking up with the internet turns out to be increasing its power beyond the expected levels where anything you can download off the Google Play Store and access them without a wait. That means nothing is going to wait and get outdated while you have the most updated version of Android at your hand.


  • Installed with latest Android v10.
  • Autoplay system to navigate using Apple’s iPhone.
  • IPS display.


  • Somewhat expensive.

If you are looking for some more recommendations about the best double din head units then we recommend you to head over to https://speakershunter.com/best-double-din-head-units/ because this website has covered the high quality double din head units that can provide you incredible results plus the sound quality going to be awesome.

Let us know in the comments if you have any questions or concerns about these products and we'll be happy to answer them.

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