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Why, do you think, people, even losing money, return to the casino again and again? What attracts and attracts people to the world of gambling? I'll touch on the topic of the different types of casino players: what types are there? How do they differ from each other and what to expect if next to you is a player of one of the described types. I will consider them from the point of view of psychology, I will describe their thoughts and feelings while playing in the land-based casino or online casinos like eCheck online casinos. First of all, this article will be useful to those players who plan to visit real gambling houses in the near future.

Types of casino gamblers

There are several types of casino players who were at different stages of gambling addiction: some of them came to the casino as to work, some only in a state of strong intoxication, and some only from time to time.

But they all always returned to the casino game. I will try to deduce the classes of players that are usually found in almost every casino. We will go from bottom to top so that the dynamics of the movement of players through the levels, depending on the amount of money being played, is clear.

Main fans or players at minimum stakes

This type of player is definitely there in any casino. Having already lost everything, they are the ones who worry the loudest about other people's bets, heartily congratulate the winner and ask for a few chips "for luck". They usually play the longest games, usually poker, at minimum stakes and consume a huge amount of free intoxicating drinks and food. Usually, trying to avoid exactly the neighbourhood with this type of casino players, big players go to the VIP-hall.

Experienced professional player

You may have seen how on the roulette table one of the players very quickly and professionally calls out oral bets and shouts out the names of the series that the dealer puts up. He is smart with chips and plays in the middle of the stakes. As a rule, professional players prefer to play heads-up with the dealer. The reason for this is that they load him with tasks to the fullest. Of course, they could have put the chips on the required numbers themselves, having previously exchanged them, but then they do not feel like professionals.

This type of casino player knows perfectly well the names of all series, the order of numbers on the roulette wheel and when it is necessary / not necessary to take a card in blackjack. They prefer to play quick games, where they can show off their knowledge. Such players very rarely go to the VIP-hall (only if there are no free tables), since in the presence of spectators they feel even more professional. As a rule, it is this type of casino players that is the main source of income for the previous type of players.

Aggressive player

This is the most capricious and aggressive type of casino player. They already know for sure that the casino will be lenient with their behaviour for the money they lose. Often the pit boss is forced to separate them from the rest of the players, sending them to the VIP room, since other players should not see their rudeness and the degree of the patience of the casino staff.

Everything can be here: ashtrays and chips flying at a dealer or a waitress, rude foul language addressed to the staff and the casino in general, spilt drinks and even spitting in the face of dealers. These players suffer from delusions of grandeur or star fever.

Advanced beginner

This is the type of casino player who has entered the gaming hall for the second or third time. He is extremely polite to staff and others. He often asks and clarifies the rules.

He's lucky. He usually plays roulette or blackjack.

He was already here and won a large sum. And it happened somehow by accident. He bet on numbers and the ball fell exactly in them.

A newbie who plays at the casino for the first time

Here he is - the newbie player. Usually, this type is accompanied by devilish luck. Whatever game he starts playing, he wins. Not fully understanding the rules, making illogical and stupid bets, he continues to win. Every time I watched this phenomenon, a primal horror began to stir in me - there is something of the wicked in gambling.


Play is a very seductive thing. In human nature, there is a craving for risk, adventure and money-making, a craving for recognition and confirmation of individuality and uniqueness. The casino gives the players all this. At a time when our exploits in everyday life are limited to trips to the store and the cinema, gambling at the casino for money gives us a huge surge of adrenaline and a strong emotional shock. Very often this becomes the first stone in the foundation of gambling addiction. Now that you know what types of casino players exist, it will be easier for you to navigate the jungle of money gambling.

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