I Have Two Friends


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I have two friends

 Hey, have you heard what I've done? Well of course she said happily I hear everything you do. She saw that I was nervous, Did you do it right she asked impatiently? Of course of course I answered. I couldn't lie to her she always new when I was lying. Your getting better she said, better at caring. I cared a lot, she took advantage of that but I couldn't fight, what was the point it was so much effort to fight. She took that energy out of me every night, she kept me up till one o'clock talking to me so I could never fall asleep. It was no use I thought. It's easier to let go of an enemy, than someone you know so well she's part of me now. I mean who would I be without her, I honestly don't know we've been friends since as long as I can remember. We grew up together although I wish we weren't friends. It's rude to say that, I know. Everyone pretends to be her friend, but the ones that are, hate her cause she breaks them just like she breaks me. She is beautiful and she knows for a fact that I'm not. She tells me everyday that no one likes me, even your friends can't stand you she says, they hate you she says. But you could hide she says, like every other day just don't face it and then no fear can come your way. She tells me I must succeed for people will judge if I don't. She is the complete opposite of my other best friend who would rather I didn't try at all. He tells me I'm small I'm not worth a thing just give up now cause there's no point in trying, look at yourself your worthless he says I met him, when I turned 13. He consumes my modivation while my other friend she tells me if I don't do anything everyone will hate me everyone will hurt me, so I'm forced to know that everyone judges me but I have no energy to do anything about it. These are my friends who would I be without them? I'll never know I can't leave them, she tells me don't trust others he tells don't trust yourself. I've never considered the fact that they are wrong I just think there could be worse things in life than these friends. These are my friends he tells me to stay in my bed cause you can't do anything she tells me get up cause I should be able to do everything, and when I can't, when I can't do everything I'm a failure, I got 99% You could have done better she says I can't believe you tried he says. These are my friends she is anxiety he is depression I've lived with them all my life and I can't seem to throw them out of my head I guess I'll just deal with these friends till I'm dead.

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