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Brother can be regarded as one of the most famous manufactures when it comes to the making of technical products such as printers, laptops, and computers. The printer models stay in high demand. You must be familiar with the fact that now a range of wireless printers are coming in the market which has made the lives of the users quite easily. They don’t need to connect the printer to the device with the help of the USB cable in order to print. But can give commands directly from their computer, laptop or even via their smartphone for the printer to print when a Wi-Fi connection has been established. This blog will help you to connect the Brother printer to your available Wi-Fi by shooting with some basic steps. But to do so, you are first required to connect the printer to any local network and firstly install the printer drivers. If they are already installed, then you must update them, if it is required. You can also get directly in touch with the technical support from Brother Printer  customer support and do as they guide you. Take a look at this blog and proceed further.


What are the requirements that are needed for the connection?


F First of all, you need to have the network name and the password of the wireless network.

F Secondly, the printer and the computer should be switched on.

F And lastly, you need to restart the Wi-Fi router once again before you begin the setup process.


Once they are done, you can move to the steps of connecting the printer to the Wi-Fi connection.


What are the steps that are required to connect the Brother printer to the Wi-Fi?


F Double click on the menu button and then move down to Network.

F Once done, select ok and choose the WLAN option

F After that select the setup wizard.

F Now press okay and begin the device search process.

F Once the device has been located, select the Wi-Fi network. If it asks you to use WPS, then select “No”

F Provide the Wi-Fi password and tap OK

F Apply the settings by confirming.

F After that, if the password is correct, the connection will be automatically established.

The setup process for Brother Printers is quite easy and can be achieved in a few easy steps. You just need to know the password and the network name. But if you find, that even after the successful setup, the printer is unable to print, then you need to catch up with the Brother Printer  tech support for further assistance.


Source URL: How To Connect Brother Printer To Wi-Fi.


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