How to fix brother printer offline on windows 10


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Brother Printer has gained immense popularity in the technical world. They have now managed to make a name for themselves in the market. Brother printers are a product of the multinational electronics company that has its base in Japan. They are designed in a way, that they suit both professional and personal lifestyle. You can rely on this technology for giving you amazing print outputs and stunning effects. But, since it is a machine, one can sometimes come across some minor errors or issues while working on the printer. But they can be easily fixed with the help of some technical aid. One of the common issues that can occur in any printer and Brother is not an exception in this case, is the printer going offline when you are giving a command to print. You will see a message on the desktop which will show the printer status to be offline. This blog will help you with some easy fixes and common methods to help you resolve the issue. And for any kind of technical help, the toll-free number at Brother Printer  customer service number stays reachable all the time.


Some common solutions for fixing the Brother Printer offline issue on Windows 10


Solution 1- Verifying the printer connection:

·        Ensure that the printer has been properly connected to the operating system and power supply.

·        Restart the printer once, and wait till it has been properly started.

·        Check whether the USB cable has been properly connected and there is no damage.

·        If, your printer uses a wireless connection, then make sure that the Ethernet cable has been properly connected and the Wi-Fi router is working properly.

Solution 2- Checking the print status:


·        Restart the printer once.

·        Hold the Windows and I key together and then choose devices.

·        Select device and printers, and the icon which has a green tick mark choose that with a right click.

·        Now select the icon which says “See what’s printing.”

·        Select the icons which are grey in color.

·        Set your printer as default, if not done.

·        Uncheck the boxes that are next to “Pause printing and Use printer offline”

Solution 3- Updating the printer driver:


·        Press the Windows key or click on the start menu to select the option of ‘Devices and Printers’

·        Click on Remove device.

·        Select the Brother printer with the right click.

·        Select OK in the dialog box.

·        Update the printer driver either automatically or manually.

·        For a manual update- Move to the official website and choose the recent driver update. Select which is compatible with the Windows 10 operating system, and click to update.

·        For an automatic update: Download and install a third party driver download and an update tool, and update the printer driver accordingly.

If your Brother printer is offline, even after trying the above methods, then you must surely get in touch with theBrother Printer  customer support number

and avail their assistance. Their service can be availed via any method that is convenient for you, be it call, email or chat.


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