How to Solve The Brother Printer Error Code 30


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Brother printer is a highly extensive printing device which is available in the market. They provide the users with the best printing services, which is accompanied by top quality fax and scan features. Even when the users attain optimum facilities while using Brother printer, there are certain issues which also come up. Malfunctioning is a common scenario which most of the electronic devices come across. One such issue is the error code 30 which is often seen on Brother Printer. The users can understand more in detail about this issue by going through this blog. These users also have the alternative option of connecting with Brother Printer  technical support phone number to avail professional assistance regarding the same issue.

Reasons which cause Brother Printer Error Code 30

Some of the most common reasons for facing the error code 30 on your Brother Printer is as given below:

·        When the printer head carriage has failed to come back to its home position, which is to the far right of the unit.

·        When the mechanisms located on both sides of the carriage are out of place.

·        When the cartridge cover is not locked accurately in their place.

Ways to fix Brother Printer Error Code 30

If you wish to solve the issue of Brother Printer Error Code 30, then you would have to take up some simple steps which would help you solve the issue easily. The steps that you would have to undertake are as given below:

Procedure 1:

·        You would have to open the cover of the printer using the tabs which are given on the printer. Buttons can be found on the left and right side of the machine.

·        Now you would have to shift the print head to the center of the machine.

·        You would now have to check and confirm that no piece of paper, staple or paper clip is found inside the machine.

Procedure 2:

·        The user would now have to hold the scanner cover by using the tabs of the cover of the printer. It is placed on the left and right-hand side of the printer.

·        Now slide the print head over to the right side under the cover to confirm that you have cleaned the whole encoder strip of the machine.

·        Further by using a lint-free cloth, you would have to tightly confine the encoder strip on both sides and scour the cloth down the strip from one end to the other, a minimum three times.

Procedure 3:

·        The users would have to check the position of the encoder strip and find whether it is accurately placed or not.

·        If you find any discrepancy, open the printer and then reinsert the strip again.

·        Finally, it is advised that you reset your printer and then take a text print to analyze the quality of the print.

If you find that you are unable to solve this issue using the above-given steps, then it is advised that you promptly get connected with Brother Printer  customer service phone number. This service can be accessed throughout the day and is completely free of charge.


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