How to troubleshoot Brother Printer error TS 02


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Brother Printers have now incorporated the feature of wireless connectivity and it has taken the printing expedition to a new level. The users are now not required to connect the printer to the operating system via USB cable and can now use wireless printing techniques. Whenever a person purchases a printer, it is always expected to get the best result possible. Now coming to the Brother Printer error code TS-02, it is an indication that the access point of the router or WLAN to which your printer has been connected is causing some troubles while authenticating itself with the MAC address. In simple terms, it means that the access point or the Wi-Fi router cannot be located by the system. It usually occurs when you are trying to install or connect the printer in the operating system. There can also be other small issues behind the error which will be discussed later on. You can keep on reading further or can directly engage yourself with the Brother Printer  helpline number and get the error resolved through their remote service.

Some other reasons behind the error code TS-02

ô The printer has not been installed properly in the system

ô Any corrupt hardware which was detected was not deleted completely from the system.

ô Any presence or entry of corrupt system files.

ô The files in the Windows system was damaged

It is always advised to look for the actual cause behind the error and then apply the troubleshooting method in order to save your time and effort.

How to fix the Brother Printer error TS-02?

Step 1- The first thing that you are required to do is whether the Wi-Fi router to which your printer and system are connected is switched on.

Step 2- Now with the help of an Ethernet cable or built-in wireless LAN, you need to connect the printer to the internet connection and make sure that the access point of the WLAN works properly.

Step 3- Now either bring the printer close to the router so as to avoid any net connectivity barrier and issues.

Step 4- Now the printer kept within the range of 1 meter or 3.3 feet from the router, you are required to ‘RUN’ the printer’s temporary location.

Step 5- See that your Brother Printer is using the radio signals within the range of 4 GHz. If it will be within 5 GHz range, then this error will be displayed on the device.

Step 6- If the router is asking for MAC address filtering, then ensure that the Brother printer has allowed the filter.

Step 7- The range can be adjusted by going to the Control panel and then to Setup Wizard. One can also do it manually by providing the SSID and security information.

Step 8- After the procedure has been completed, you can restart the printer to see if the error has been fixed.

This can be a complex process for those who acquire very less technical knowledge. In that case, it is suggested that you contact the Brother Printer  phone number and take the professional help.


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