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Brother Printer Error code 71 is displayed as ‘Print Unable 71’ on the printer display screen and is associated with the mechanical malfunction of the printer. This error code is related to the laser unit polygon motor. The polygon motor runs on the power of 20 to 40,000 RPMs. It depends on the version of the machine that you are using. You must first understand what the actual reason behind this error is. The polygon motor runs at its set operating speed depending on the machine that you are using. If it is not able to attain its acquired speed in the set amount of time, Print Unable 71 error starts displaying on the unit. Sometimes the motor gets jammed and needs a quick fix. This blog will help you to solve the issue if you intend to do it manually. Rest, if you acquire remote help and technical assistance, dial Brother Printer customer care number and have a word with the techies.

Manual solution to fix Brother printer error code 71

Ø Switch off the printer and unplug it from the primary power source

Ø Open the rear door and remove the polygon motor from the bushing

Ø Apply some lubricating oil on to the motor and clean it.

Ø If you find that the motor has wearied off, kindly replace the unit. (The best way to judge that is when the unit becomes too noisy or gets locked)

Ø Once done, insert back the motor and secure its place.

Ø Now connect back the printer to the system.

Ø Go to the official Brother Printer website and look for the latest firmware and install it in the system. The printer must be working on correct settings

Ø Update firmware and once done, switch off the printer and after 20 seconds, switch on the Power button again.

Ø If you find that the date and time are appearing on display, the issue is finally resolved.

The Brother printer can remain powered off for up to 4 days and still it won’t lose the faxes in the memory. But if the error message keeps on popping, again and again, it is suggested that you transfer the faxes to another fax machine. Make sure that the user settings are appropriately configured. If by chance, this error keeps on reoccurring, it is advised that you consult the technicians at Brother Printer customer support number. They will help you to resolve the error. The number remains in service 24*7 and is toll-free.


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