How to Find an Interesting, Nature-Inspired Engagement Ring Online


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How to Find an Interesting, Nature-Inspired Engagement Ring Online

If you have been inside a traditional jewelry store recently, you know that many rings look exactly the same. Actually, this limited differentiation across bands and diamonds is nothing new. Today’s brick and mortar jewelers aren’t that different from 50 years ago, which is precisely the problem.


There are artisans creating beautiful, interesting pieces of jewelry and nature-inspired engagement rings, but jewelers don’t carry these options. Instead, they continue to show the same five settings from the same five companies. Therefore, if your partner is interested in a unique or artisanal engagement ring, you will need creativity to track one down.


Plunging Into the Online Sellers
To Buy Nature Engagement Rings Online is the only choice for many people. There are few artisanal, nature-inspired jewelry designers that can afford to own and operate an actual store. Certain towns and cities will cater to this market, such as Denver, Colorado and Jackson Hole, Wyoming, but these locations are few and far between. Therefore, most people will be searching online.


The biggest benefit of looking online is not being restricted by geography or location. It’s easy to search for an artisanal jeweler, such as Olivia Ewing, even if you aren’t in New Jersey. When you find a ring, it can be shipped all over the United States. This makes it much easier to be particular about the ring you choose because there are so many options.


As well, when you look to buy nature engagement rings online, it is faster to compare and contrast the different options. Rather than driving between four stores that have substantially similar merchandise, you can compare different designers and styles in a matter of minutes. That leaves more time for looking at rings you really love for that special someone.


While variety and easy comparison might be benefits for a lot of people, these aspects of online jewelry shopping can also be a disadvantage. Some people find it intimidating to even research an engagement ring online, much less make a purchase. A few tips can help make shopping for a unique engagement ring online much easier.


Tips for Shopping for an Engagement Ring Online
To avoid becoming overwhelmed by the options available online it is important to strategically eliminate the engagement rings that aren’t “the one.” This is easier if you apply the same logic as in a physical jewelry store. First, always shop for your loved one. While you are choosing the ring, it is ultimately a gift for someone else, and you want to make sure it is a piece of jewelry she wants to wear every day.


Before you begin shopping make a list of criteria that is important to her. This might mean talking about her likes and dislikes beforehand, or you can make a list based on other jewelry she owns and her style in other accessories, clothing, or art. Decide if there are any deal breakers that would keep you from purchasing a specific ring.


Next, rank these criterion from most to least important. This will help you compare rings that all meet the most essential aspects, and you can eliminate those pieces that lack those characteristics.


In addition to shopping with a preset list of criteria, it is important to be aware of your budget. One of the biggest problems with shopping online is it is easy to ignore price until checking out. If the ring you select is an obvious favorite, but way over budget, it is important to know before adding it to your online shopping cart. Consider this at the onset, and immediately filter the engagement rings on any site by cost before you browse.


Locate Your Perfect Ring from Olivia Ewing
If you want to buy nature engagement rings online, you must look at the selection from Olivia Ewing. Her fascinating collections are inspired by the nature of her home and other places across the United States. She utilizes recycled and recyclable materials, and each ring is hand-crafted. Visit to read more on Olivia’s mission statement and commitment to nature-inspired jewelry.


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