How Humidifiers Affect Your Health


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Chapter 1

There are a lot of benefits you can enjoy from owning a humidifier. You get to breathe in air with the right humidity level; you avoid conditions arising from dry air; like cracked lips and wrinkled skin; there are a lot of them. As much as the benefits are, there are dangers you may possibly face from the use of humidifiers.

Do not fret, as I am not a bearer of woes. Relax as I show to you the types of humidifiers you may choose from, the few dangers and how to avoid them. I think that can pass as good news.

There are three general types of humidifiers. They are:

• Cool mist humidifiers

• Room humidifiers

• Ultrasonic humidifiers

Cool Mist Humidifiers

In the view of a lot of people, cool mist humidifiers are the best type of humidifiers available. Their vapors are cool and soothing, and their handling is safer. The danger of burns associated with other humidifier types is totally eliminated. Thus they are safer and user friendly than others. There are other advantages though, and sure, disadvantages. One of them is; they might not be suitable for cold regions. However, comparing the pros and cons to that of warm mist humidifiers, a lot of people will go for the cool mist types.

If you want to get one, you can choose between ultrasonic humidifiers or evaporative humidifiers.

Room Humidifier

Room humidifiers were developed with the size of the room in mind. Thus, you need not worry about your room’s size; whether it is too large or too small. They are made to provide the exact amount of humidity your room needs.

Room humidifiers come with different built-in functions. Some come with humidistat; it helps to regulate the humidity in your room. With a digital humidistat, you can pre-set the exact humidity level your room need. It will emit just the right amount of water vapor.

Ultrasonic Humidifiers

While it’s true that you cannot find a completely quiet humidifier (the only way to keep them quiet is to switch them off), you can find nearly quiet ones — ultrasonic humidifiers. This humidifier type uses high-frequency sound vibrations to release vapor. This technology completely reduces the buzzing sound that comes with other humidifiers and doesn't disturb your restful sleep. If you love your peace and quiet, you should go for them. Remember I mentioned them earlier as a type of cool mist humidifiers.

Humidifiers and your health Dangers

Well humidifiers can pose great risks to your health. There are two major avenues through which this can occur.

• Germs can build up in humidifiers

• Humidifiers can release poisoned vapor contaminated from minerals in water.

Let me explain better.

Everybody knows that germs breed in stagnant water. Well, the water in your humidifier tank is stagnant. If you don’t change it often, germs will build up in it. They’ll patiently wait for the moment you use your humidifier. Then, they come out with the water vapor, mix with air you breathe, and then go straight into your body through your nose.

The second means is more serious.

There is something known in medical terms as “hypersensitivity pneumonitis”. In plain language, they are called “humidifier fever”. They are caused from the mineral content in tap water. In time, fine white dusts are formed in the humidifier. Your guess is as good as mine; they are released in to the air. Breathing air contaminated by these fine dusts is very poisonous.

Asthmatics, people with allergies, as well as healthy people can run into serious health problems when they inhale hair contaminated by this various impurities.

• The prevention

You don’t to suffer from the above if you take certain preventive measures. I will mention some of them below.

• Avoid filling humidifier tanks with tap water.

Since the fine dusts come from the minerals in tap water, it is safe not to use tap water at all. Instead, use distilled water or water that has been de-mineralized. This lowers the chances of contacting “hypersensitivity pneumonitis” or “humidifier fever”.

• Put in new water to your humidifier tank everyday

Changing the water in your humidifier tank everyday reduces the chances of germs growing. You get to breathe in air free of germs. You should also clean your humidifier regularly; every three days.

• You can install a UV light system

UV humidifiers are a type of cool vapor humidifiers. They work by killing germs in the water using ultra violet light. You can buy a UV humidifier or install an ultra violet light system in your existing humidifier.

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