A Girl's Bittersweet Memory


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Each one of has our own bittersweet memory.

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A Girl's Bittersweet Memory

Leaning across my window again tonight,

Looking at the sky with the moon so bright.

I then remembered you in my head,

A bittersweet memory of a love long dead.

I remembered the first time I saw your face,

You winked at me and matched my pace.

I remembered the night you took me out,

Walking along the avenue with the lights all about.

I remembered the night you sang me a song,

I was speechless and my heart being beaten like a gong.

‘twas the night I finally said, ‘Yes!’,

I remembered that for my mind wasn’t a mess.

But remember when I saw you with someone else?

I turned a blind eye but cried in my dress.

Remember also when I knew you were courting her?

I turned the other cheek and loved you like it didn’t matter.

And remember the night I saw you two kissed!

I finally exploded! Yes, I did!

I was all fed up and broke up with you,

Yet you said that you loved me true.

I was done believing you and your lies!

So I left you with tears in my eyes.

You courted and pursued but me you haven’t gained,

For I was happy with us being over, I explained.

So tonight, I’m leaning out of my window

And singing our song with a key not so low.

I wasn’t that over you but I’m managing,

I still love you but I won’t be clinging.

Maybe this is what it’s supposed to be:

Me without you and you without me.

Maybe someday we’ll both see,

That our love was just a bittersweet memory.

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